Origins: The Land of Equila

Origins: The Land of Equila

A Chapter by Leumas Relwood

The prologue; a short exposition describing what the world is and introducing the characters within.


  Origins: The Land of Equila

        Darkness.  A vast barren plain expanded throughout existence.  The universes were devoid of life, save one being standing on a single mountain peak. Is. How ‘Is’ appeared in the nothingness no one knows; just how he was.  He stood alone, unique in his consciousness, for an immeasurable amount of time.  Whether it was several seconds or dozens of eons, he stood, polluting the pure and complete darkness with his flame of thought.

          At one particular instant, however, he acted.  His eternal thoughts were incarnated and his mind became creation.  In one moment’s moment, the world became; from a dark barren plain into a vibrant globe of color and life.  With our planet came the heavens"an infinite, undiscoverable realm of the celestial powers.  With a greatness surpassing everything and a magnificence outdoing everyone, ‘Is’ Was.

          The epicenter of this Supernatural activity, Equila, was the cradle of life (particularly that of mankind).  In that valley below the peak that Was, all of nature was born.  Forest trees tightly bound together in mystery and wide prairies delicately adorned with wildflowers surrounded the primitive residence of our oldest ancestors:  a tribe of Twelve. 

Comprising this dozen were three men and three women to populate the world, five wise mages infused with special powers for construction of the new world, and one baby boy to become whatever the world might make it.  These primary life forms stood in a circle around a single sprout rooted in the ground; they were formed that way.  As soon as the breath of life entered their bodies, they began to work.

All of them except the baby worked diligently to lay the foundation for a village, which would lead to a city, which would lead to an eventual global society.  Their visions were audacious and optimistic, and they knew it all started with what they did that first day of life. 

The oldest and most scholarly mage, Logzh, was granted the powers of wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.  He used these skills to take inventory of the nearby resources and land features.  Anyone that needed to know a fact quickly referred to Logzh for every bit of information"relative or arbitrary.

The strongest, most hardy mage was capable of enormous feats of labor.  Wielding a magnificent magical power, Rokzh felled forests, moved mountains, dug lakes, forged hills, and morphed nature to the will of the tribe.

Cyrzh was the most beautiful and graceful of the mages.  Her face shone with glorious joy and perfection; her whole being was lit with happiness.  Dashing from place to place in her white robe of purity, she sprinkled bits of love and ordained the land with festivity.  She was the epitome of a Lady, and she made the world glad with her presence.

Muzh was artistic and intelligent beyond comprehension.  His genius mind conjured ideas and inventions that baffled all the others.  Not only did he build machines, architecture, and systems of marvel, he also wrote the most beautiful poems, composed the sweetest songs, and sculpted the most detailed artwork.  It was his propensity towards curiosity and discovery that greatly expanded the boundaries of the tribe’s knowledge.

          The last"and perhaps most important"member of the Five mages was Borzh.  He was a hero; he was a leader.  With unquestionable courage and insurmountable bravery, he did anything, backing down from nothing.  He led the tribe with authority and rallied it with boldness.  He wielded a sword of fire and shield of ice.  He defended justice with a holy mandate and spent his life furthering the causes of good.

These five mages were undoubtedly striving for the good of the universe with every bit of power they were endowed, but the men and women were different.  They were human.  The three men, Bhar, Nhuv, and Hhund, were stupid, weak, naked, and imperfect.  The three corresponding wives, Bhara, Nhuva, and Hhunda, were also flawed in their appearance and vain in their personalities. 

The one major characteristic trait of humans that the mages didn’t have, though, is that of eternal persistence.  Some fiery ambition forever burned in the humans’ souls.  What this ambition in each of these six humans was striving for would determine the future of the world; it would determine the demeanor"or misdemeanor"of that little baby boy by the single sprout of Equila, the land of peace, neutrality, and the realm of that which Is.

© 2013 Leumas Relwood

Author's Note

Leumas Relwood
I understand it isn't the most descriptive, but is there something here for me to work with, or what?

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