The Story of Muzh:  An Expository Analysis

The Story of Muzh: An Expository Analysis

A Chapter by Leumas Relwood

The Mage of Wit observes his new environment and deliberates several tough questions.

The Story of Muzh: An Expository Analysis

I sat at my work desk all night analyzing the extensive maps that Logzh had calligraphically arranged earlier in the day. When the sun began to peak over the distant hills and light crept through my high castle window, I rose from my studies and moved to look out of the land. The sight I saw was stunning, and it brought much joy to my uneasy heart.
Below me, I watched Rokzh as he erected a courtyard wall around the sprout, which had miraculously grown into a sapling overnight. Cyrzh had descended from her lunar position and was resting among the field of daisies farther out. Curiosity captured me when I noticed Logzh ascending the mountain that Is. I dismissed my worries, however, for I figured he was doing something of significance.
Suddenly, I heard a shrieking Banshee’s call from above. With fear gripping my heart, I looked up and prepared for disaster. To my great relief, I watched Borzh tame a fiery dragon. I had heard commotion near the mountain all through the night�"it must have been involving that beast.
That whole scene was magnificent. Borzh in all his glory mastered the creature with a whip of lighting in his right and a spear of ice in his left. The dragon on which he rode was angry in it behavior, but fool and swift in its flight. It had eyes of ruby, teeth of obsidian, and talons of magma. Its hide was lava and its tail was a million candles. Fury poured from its mouth in a devilish manner. The combination of fearless master and furious beast made for an incredibly deadly pair.
After a courteous salute to me and a ceremonious fly-by to those on the ground, they were off. Borzh flew the dragon at full speed towards the dark forests to the south. Before long, he was out of sight behind the tall, dense trees, with nothing but faint contrails confessing their former presence. I noted to myself to inquire about that strange creature when Logzh came down from the mountain peak, which he had now fully obtained.
Off to the side�"in the empty plains to the East�"I noticed Nhuv and his wife working the fields. They had plotted an area in which they would grow a fruit orchard. I caught a whiff of a faint cooking fire. Carrots and Potatoes, I reckoned. I was glad to see our human counterparts get to work and provide for themselves. If Nhuv kept up this positive energy, his children and their children would be extremely successful in the future civilizations.
Mr. and Mrs. Bhar, however, were not working, but were walking. It seemed they were headed towards the base of the Mount that Is. It must have been ignorant curiosity that drove them to the rocky feature; maybe it was the lust for something greater than them. I concluded that they could not cause any harm, so I let them wonder on. I was, though, slightly annoyed at their insubordination to the chain of power and refusal to invest in their future.
I remembered Hhund and peered around out of my window to see the southern brush. Hidden within the gnarly limbs of a shrubbery patch was their shabby hut. It resembled a poorly crafted piece of art�"a crudely drawn painting of an untalented amateur. With a frown I saw them both slothly wallowing in their filth. It was well past sunrise by then, and they still had not wakened up? They were the most insipid pair I’d ever seen. How, I wondered, could two lazy pigs like Hhund and Hhunda profit as a nation later on if they continued living in this sorry manner? I hope they do better, I mumbled to myself.
Having observed the morning activities of my peers, I decided it was time to get about my own duties. I retreated from my vantage point and retrieved the atlas from my desk. Logzh did his best to draw it with exact accuracy, but it was now my obligation to perfect it. Also, I needed to analyze it and plan out an expansion scheme.
Borzh, being the strong-willed leader of our tribe, had made the decision that we must expand throughout the world. Exactly one month from day one, he ordered, the humans would have to travel out to make a home and the mages would reside in a temple of their own. I took the responsibility of examining the known lands and determining which families would do best in which areas according to their strengths and weaknesses.
After perusing the world on paper, I formulated a final list that I would present to the tribe. I located a fertile valley in the east in the bosom of two tall mountain ranges for Nhuv to prosper in. I chose a distant, mysterious island off the northern coast of the mainland for Bhar to live in inquisitive solitude. For Hhund, I spotted a dark mountainous forest on the northern peninsula; he could wallow in eternal filth there. Because we mages are wiser than humans, I decided to let the other four go where they pleased. I would personally craft a Sky Palace in the clouds�"a refuge from gravity and earthly sins.
The major dilemma I faced then was what to do with the baby. So far, Lad Cyrzh had kept him under her wings of nourishment. She could not have protected him forever, though, and he must have eventually been given a human family for childhood. I struggled with a solution to this problem; whoever I chose to give him to would change the outcome of the world. I finally resolved to consult Borzh when he returned�"if he returned before too long from his expedition. I was convinced he’d know exactly what to do.
Later on in the evening, after I’d messed with some interesting mechanisms and the others had completed various chores, Borzh returned from his aerial voyage and called us all to convene for an important meeting. Slowly, the twelve of us gathered together in the courtyard around the adolescent tree, which had grown significantly since my morning voyeurism. Ten of us were oblivious.
Logzh and Borzh stood together with somber expressions, seeming to nervously await the telling of grim news. When we all were arrayed in front of the solemn pair, Borzh broke the silence and spoke.
“I brought you together this evening for two things. First, I’d like to congratulate all of us for the great work we have done in the past two days.” The sky shifted in it late hour into a dreadful blend of red and purple. In a more grave tone, he warned us. “On my flight beyond the horizon, I saw signs of other life forms: the entire western rainforest has been razed and uprooted be evil.” The company was shocked.
“Prepare yourself, my friends!”

© 2013 Leumas Relwood

Author's Note

Leumas Relwood
I may have made up a few words. Again, do you feel engaged in the world, or is it just me that's feeling the imagery?

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