The Story of Borzh:  A Duel of Fire

The Story of Borzh: A Duel of Fire

A Chapter by Leumas Relwood

The heroic warrior goes on a quest to claim his quite animated prize--one that he will wield to serve Justice.


The Story of Borzh:  A Duel of Fire


          The evening of the first day was peaceful; at first anyway.  While Cyrzh was radiating in the black sky, I heard a noise…a voice.  It sounded distant and longing.  “Obey me, son.  Travel to my mountain’s peak and you will find a stone of light.  Use this gem to Traverse from your world into the next.  Claim your prize then return to your people.  Trust me, for I Am.”

          Strangely, I did not doubt the smooth, fatherly voice.  I hastily departed the castle grounds and headed for the mountain, sword in hand.  The climb was shorter than I had expected, or perhaps magic expedited my work.

          The summit was lonely and dimly lit with a strange ambience.  The air was mild, stale, and still.  With each breath, I felt an internal abnormality that indicated I was no longer in a mortal realm.  Presently, I noticed the stone that was foretold by the voice.  It seemed a faint figment of my mind but I knew I must interact with It.

          With a tentative caution, I approached the translucent white gem, embedded in an altar of Onyx.  I questioned whether or not I should grab a hold of the crystal, for I did not know what would happen to me.  With an instant of courage I reached forward�"I flash and a rush of wind.

          All of a sudden, I was standing at the end of a rock pier that jutted out into an angry lake of fire.  I nervously examined my surrounding and saw nothing but the flame of fury.  “What is this Hell, father!?!  Have you banished me to this prison of pain? What For! Where Am I?!”  My cry of inquiry was answered only by a taciturn echo off the massive cavern walls that imprisoned me.

          What was my fate, I wondered; rejected from my world of peace, harmony, and love into this chasm of lonely fear?  I prayed to fate and all that was for deliverance from that hateful place, but it was in vain.  I stood alone, my skin burning and my eyes melting, for what seemed years.  Finally, in one last burst of pain and anguish, the lava of the lake stirred.

          Something evil was amassing in its depths, so I wielded my trusty Blade and prepared for death�"either its mortality or my own.  With a deafening roar, a claw burst through the firmament into the steaming air.  Following it, a massive head, body, legs, and tail emerged from the incendiary drink.  This beast of Inferno ushered fear into my soul; I fell to the ground in utter despair.

          “Stop your groveling, you mighty mage of Equila!” The beast spoke with unquestionable authority, but he was also clearly agitated.  “Pick up you arms and fight me; we must see who masters who�"who is best.  We will fight!  If you conquer me in this duel, the worlds will know you are stronger and I will serve you in your quests.  If you fail, however, and I become the victor, then you must become my subordinate and fight for my insidious causes.  What do you say, honorable Borzh?”

          “I accept this challenge, and you shall be slain!” I hastily responded, withdrawing my fear from being expressed.  “You stand no chance against a mighty warrior of Good.  I will serve you Justice with my Saber of Righteousness and you will no longer terrorize my people and me!  What is your name, that I may shout it in boast to all the world of my glorious victory?”

          “You are so arrogant and confident in your skills?  We shall see what you have to offer in due time.  I am called many things by my subjects:  fear, despair, anger, death�"but you may call me Korzrok, prince of the Inferno, realm of the Fire Dragons.  Now, quit delaying your inevitable demise:  let the battle Begin!”

          The creature of the underworld towered over me, a mountain of furious power.  Its head was a bright orange boulder studded with 2 blades of flame.  Its forked tongue danced around like a mad Rancher’s whip lashing out at insubordinate cattle.  Teeth of obsidian razors gnashed beneath its glimmering ruby eyes.  Hot steam uncontrollably poured from its flaring nostrils.

          A thick, serpentine neck led down to a massive torso.  Along its back were fiery knives and along its belly were impenetrable stony scales.  Mighty arms and legs branched out, each ending in four fatal talons, capable of clutching and destroying any humanoid figure.  Two great wings exploded behind the demon’s front and overshadowed the arena with undistinguishable flame.  A bolt of lightning shot out behind; its tail struck with instant death.

          Faced with the overwhelming reality of how powerful this Korzrok was, I quickly prayed for power from the forces of Good, drew my Blade, and lifted my shield.  The key to winning this battle, I realized, would be accuracy, swiftness, perseverance, and efficiency of attacks.  I searched its body over and over, hoping to find a weak spot in its armament.  There seemed to be no vulnerability; every bit of the dragon had either inexorable weaponry or impassible armored hide.  Finally I found a target:  the mouth.  If I could stick my sword through its fragile mouth into its skull or spine, it would have no chance of survival.  I knew not how I would accomplish this audacious task, but it had to be done.

          Suddenly, the dragon struck.  A bolt of bright yellow electricity struck my shield, ricocheted off, and blew a gaping hole in the cavern wall.  The magnitude of my foe’s attacks was incredible and the precision of his shots was unbelievable.  Again, an arrow of shock came at me, but I managed to roll out of danger’s way.  I flanked down and found a burn on my sword-arm; it had grazed me.  Korzrok had drawn first blood, and it was time for my vengeance.

          The battle was quicker than I had expected.  After a few swings of my sword and a couple of dragon-fire burns, I had gained the advantage.  When his cumbersome size had betrayed him, he fell to the ground and I rushed in to strike him dead.  For the first time, I saw fear in his once angry eyes and I held back my mighty thrust.

          “You have lost, venerable Korzrok.  I will not disgrace you as I’d planned, however, for you have proven your skill in battle worthy of reverence.  Come with me, mighty dragon�"not to serve me in punishment but to serve with me in adventure.  Be my steed and let me be your knight; let us fight alongside each other for Justice.  Life or death, Prince Inferno?”

          “You too, great man of Fire and Thunder, have shown yourself a warrior of both honor and skill.  I feel that my empire here in the pit of Sheol is diminishing�"my people are dying and our strength is waning.  I believe it best if I let another wiser Prince take this land and replenish its old Glory.  My calling now is that of adventure, independence, and a life of no regrets.  I accept your offer, courageous Borzh:  you have my Wings.”

© 2013 Leumas Relwood

Author's Note

Leumas Relwood
I fell that the word Justice has to capitalized, no? Should I work on the battle scene more--is it wimpy?

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