A Poem by Erudite Boredom

A good portion of my life is devoted to my faith. I write prayers prolifically, some short, some long, some for children, and some for any who need them. I will post them occasionally. Here is a short sampling of them.



Queen of Heaven


Sacred Mother of all that is life
Light watching over Heaven and Earth
Watch over and guide my steps this day
As you have all my life
And the hour of my birth.



Holy Ishtar
Goddess Divine
Protect that which is sacred
To me and mine.
~repeat as needed until comfort comes to you~


~For children~


Bless my mother
Bless my Father
Bless each and every
Son and Daughter.
Bless my hands
And bless my feet
Bless each and every
Person I meet.
Bless my family
And my home
Guide my path
Wherever I roam.



Lady of Shining Brilliance


Lady of Shining Brilliance
Immaculate, Patient, and Wise
Grant me the forbearance
Of your ever-watching eyes.


Daughter of the Moon
Womb that quickens the Earth
Grant me the tenacity
That we all have at birth.


© 2008 Erudite Boredom

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Thank you for sharing these with me, they are certainly very pure and touching. I am sure "she" would feel very moved by the gentle words you present as prayers.


Posted 17 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 18, 2008


Erudite Boredom
Erudite Boredom

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