A Poem About Coffee

A Poem About Coffee

A Poem by Andrea

This is an old poem of mine that expresses my love for my most favorite drink...coffee.


Who I am today can be explained

in a coffee cup.


Today I am smooth and delicious,

almost sensual how sweet I can be.

You cannot get enough

of the melting caramal taste

that perks up the attention of your taste buds.

you try to put me down

but you just can't bring yourself to do so.

you look at me and across your face, a smile.


Today I am bitter.

almost too much for anyone to handle.

It sounds bad to say it but I know that right now

I discust you.

Sorry to say this, Sweetheart, but I really don't care.

If I could make anyone suffer

simply from my bad taste.

I'm happy It could be you.


Today I want to be a bit of a spazz.

I am six shots of esspresso.

I am bouncing off the walls

talking eight miles a minute.

and this is just after one sip.

a few more sips, a few more screams

my six shots seems more like tweleve

but then I crash in your arms, and fall asleep.


Today I am my childhood.

Chocolate sauce, whipped cream toppings

no longer a grown up drink

to just keep awake all day.

I am a little blonde with pigtales

drinking coffee for the very first time.

I am so sugar coated and playful.

so innocent and fun.

© 2012 Andrea

Author's Note

Please let me know what you think :)

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Great poem! I always prefer a half package of hot chocolate mix in every cup! This was a very tasteful poem. Intact, I must go make a cup right this instant!

Posted 8 Years Ago

What a great idea to liken your moods to different ways to take coffee!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love how you did this. Very good :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

nice take on coffee - shame you didnt get an instant verse in there

Posted 10 Years Ago

You are a rainbow - shades and flavors...
and each a smile.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love coffee ; ) This is wonderful,
Nice write

Posted 10 Years Ago

I never knew coffee could be so...kinky. I've been enamored with coffee from the ripe old age of four.
Aside from a few misspellings ("discust" was a new one for me), this is a very clever write. Even though I love coffee (and in many cases, need it so that I don't kill people), I had never given it that much thought.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is such a cool poem, I wish I had wrote it. Very creative in how you took the types of coffee and applied it to each mood. I just noticed one thing you did not spell twelve correctly. Only trying to help.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love it! You should print it and bring it to a coffee establishment and tape it to there counter....then those waiting for their morning push can read it while waiting and be as entertained as I was reading it! Good idea?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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