Chapter 14- "I love you"

Chapter 14- "I love you"

A Chapter by Esther Night

  Hi Jake

I know I haven't written to you in a while...but it's not like you've written back. So I've been living with my English teacher for a while now. Tony (that's his name, but I sometimes refer to him as Donovan), isn't that strict, but he makes sure I do at least some of my homework. And I've been going out with every girl could get. But I of course keep my relationships short and painless about a week or two. I pretty much have figured out the perfect routine: discuss gossip and fashion over burgers, a little making out in public, and then a bad boy goodbye. Meanwhile my best friend Matt has been dating his future wife Alfreda for like a month or so now. It feels like forever.

I mailed another letter.


"I said I love you. I told Alfreda I loved her." Matt told as we walked to math class.

Hearing those words brought back my incurable sickness.

I couldn't believe it.

Wait, I could believe it. I could believe that he say it her.

What I felt wasn't shock.

I felt...I felt mad...because...because...I couldn't say it.

"Why would you do that?" I smirked.

He smiled, "Alfreda is like the most beautiful  girl in the world. She's smart. Classy.  Just everything, I could want in a woman."

"Did you mean it?"

"Of course I did. Why would I say it without meaning it?"

"I don't know, maybe like to get her in bed."

He gulped, "We are no where near that. I'm not really interested know."


"Yea...but the funny thing is, that she didn't say it back."

"She didn't?"

He shook his head, "She just changed the subject to our next vocabulary quiz."

And for a minute I thought, "what if", "maybe", and "we should".

Maybe Alfreda didn't love him, she didn't say it. So...? And I could care for him way better than she could. But I was just thinking out of my a*s.


Donovan was helping me get though a pile of homework when the phone rang.

"I'll get it. You look over those vocab words." He said getting up.

"Calamity, a disaster or tragedy" I read.


I quickly dropped the paper and ran to get the phone.


"Hey son what's you doin?"

"Just some homework"

"That's good…that's really good"

"So did you find mom?"

"No, I'm still lookin."

"Well…do you know when I'll see you next?"

I looked over at Donovan. He nodded like he understood.

"I'll go check the mail" he whispered leaving the apartment.

"I don't know son."

"I miss you Dad."

"…um" He went silent for a few seconds. "So how's it goin living with teach?"

I laughed, "Donovan pretty cool. But of course when you live with a teacher you can't say your dog ate your homework." My laughing started to get nervous, "I mean we don't even have a dog…not that we don't want a dog, it's just that a dog…"

"I have to go, son" he cut me off.

"What? Come on?" I pleaded.

"Talk to you later son. I miss you."

"Dad please"

He already hung up.

I pulled the phone off of my ear.

"Calamity, a disaster or tragedy" I repeated. "Use it in a sentence: My whole life is one calamity after another."

The phone rang again.

I picked it up again, "Dad?"

"No it's me Jamie"

"Hey Mac"

"I got great news! She said it back."

I dropped down on the couch, "What?"

"I went over to Alfreda's and she said I love you too."

"Wow that's…" There were so many words I wanted to say but I went with, "that's good"

"Yea, this is a really good thing. Right Jamie?"


Donovan opened the door with a handful of mail and a shocked face. I could feel that something was up.

"Mac, I'm gotta have to talk to you later." I mumbled before I hung up.

"Hunter, you…um…got mail."

"Who is it from?" My first hope was a reply from Jake.

He handed it to me. "It's from your mom."

My mouth dropped. Part of me was shocked. Part happy. Part angry. But for the most part I was curious.

I ripped the envelope open and read the tear dipped letter.

Dear Jimmy,

Honey I'm so sorry. I know what I did was horrible. I can't image what I have put you though. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I couldn't take it anymore. I can't be playing mom right now. I can't come back. I know you must hate me, and baby I don't blame you. Please know that I didn't leave because of you. You were the brightest part of life. You'll always be in my in heart. I really wish did it was you and me on the road. But it ain't that simple. There are just some things you can't understand right now. Hopefully someday I'll be able to explain it to you. I honestly think that this could be better us. Maybe now we could be free. Maybe now we can have control of our own lives. I love you.


Gina Hunter

I crushed up the paper and threw it down, "Why would she do this to me?" I screamed.

I realized Donovan was sitting next to me lightly rubbing my back.

"She says she loves me, but I don't believe that s**t. ‘I love you’ is the biggest lie I've ever heard."

"I can see why you think that" He said.

I then noticed there was something more in the envelope. My eyes skipped right to the small bottle.

"Oh my god" I grasped.

"Hunter, what is that?"

I took it out and race into my room and slammed the Maria Red lipstick into my nightstand.

© 2014 Esther Night

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