Chapter 1: Grant

Chapter 1: Grant

A Chapter by A Drawer of Paper Roses

After, eavesdropping, Loretta learns she's going to be engaged to psycho prince. Running through the rain, she gets attacked by thugs. That's when th mysterious man, Grant, appears.


She gripped a handful of her dress, clenching them in tight fists. The wood felt rough and cold against her bare back. The scent of whole roasted pig and various delicacies seeped through the grand doors. Her mouth was dry and her head was thumping as they continued their argument. She strained her ears to catch every detail.

“I said agree with it you barbarian.”

“I most certainly think this proposal is nothing but nonsense!”

His majesty slammed both hands on the tables, echoing through the castle “Be quiet you insolent child!”

“Child you mustn’t upset the Dracona Empire! This is a one in the chance lifetime! How many times have you heard them reaching out a peace treaty?”

 The spoiled brat must be biting her bottom lip by now

“No, I haven’t!”

“Then you must agree to this marriage! Marry their prince!”

“I’d rather die before marrying any of those demons”

A shiver ran up her spine. There were rumors: the nobles of Dracona are one of the most terrifying people ever. They aren’t even considered human, they are demons.

“What if the prince is handsome? I’ve heard he’s quite prince himself.”

“I won’t tolerate this any further!” The princess yelled

 The sound of an ear-shattering slap filled in the gap of silence

“Now you listen here! Those demons of Dracona will not take anyone! They must have blue blood!”

“Well if you love having you’re daughter around, and no half demon grandchildren, find someone else of nobility!”

“Who else in this Kingdom is of royal blood?”

I wished I never heard this. I wish I never was here. The words screamed repeating in her head

Her foot slammed against the cold stone, pushing through the corridor; into the stormy night. No matter what, it was no use, the name was still heard.


Water fell around her in hard droplets. The satin dress had soaked and clung itself against her body. The road ahead was blurred by the thousands of rain drops that poured from the dark sky. She was already running through ankle high waters. The wind didn’t seem to help, as it threw itself against the lady. Temperature had dropped. The dress had tripped several times, and she struggled back up every time. Her lungs started burning for air. But she kept going till she couldn’t go anymore.

Stopping, Loretta leaned against the wall of a house for support. Legs and face burning with adrenaline.

“What do we ‘av ‘er?”

She looked up to find five me lumbering towards her.

One of them whistled “She a looker alright.”

She backpedaled slowly but found no comfort when her back hit a wall. Automatically, she assumed the position taught to her by her elders. Feet apart, knees bent, arms tucked in. Sliding out a hidden dagger, Loretta stared them dead in the eye, impassive

“Ooh, we’ve got a fighter on ‘er hands.”

And they closed in.

One man dropped to the left, when she sidestepped, his face came in hard contact with the wall. Loretta swooped low, underneath another thug, and dug her elbow between his gut and rib cage; aiming for his diaphragm. He staggered back before falling to the earth. They rest of them snarled in anger and one of them drew a knife. They darted to her sides; she back stepped and ran for it! It was a chase down the streets. Two of them got lost by sharp turns and the crowd; the first one rammed into a stand and the second one fell into a ditch.  Only one was able to keep on her tail.

Dead end. Loretta braced herself mentally. Turning around, the man was hunched over, panting hard. And so was she. There was bloodlust in his eyes, never in his life had he been so humiliated so outdone by a: woman! Then he lunged forward. She reared back, dagger in the right and flung her body forward. It was meant to collide with his throat, but it didn’t. The man had been abruptly stopped, eyes wide with fear. His hands slowly, limply reached towards the sword that pierced right through his abdomen. The grey stone pavement and the clean metal blade were stained with red. When sword retracted and the man fell lifeless unto the hard, wet rocks. The rain cleaning up the mess.

The swordsman spoke “You okay?”

It took her long to notice him, she was too focused on her leg which had been cut in her attempt to flee; the red fluid oozed through the green satin. “Thanks.” Her head remained bowed as she dropped to her knees, catching the much needed breath.

He picked her up with two strong arms “You didn’t answer the question.”

Then they made eye contact, glazed emerald eyes boring into his indigo ones.

“Yeah I’m fine.” she pushed away from him only to stumble into the wet pavement.

He hissed under his breathe “Liar.” He looked at her then immediately the other direction. Loretta felt offended at this. It wasn’t that she was ugly that he looked away, it was the exact opposite. Usually he’d find the women he’d save to be plain and unordinary; always a lowly peasant wandering in the streets. Loretta, on the other hand wasn’t that type.

A noble, a freakin' noble! She was a noble, running barefoot through the streets…very different.

Loretta noticed the paused in his actions. She took this opportunity; breaking free from his hold, she bolted down the streets.

He was yelling for her to come back. If she stayed it would’ve lead to another conflict. To her disadvantage, she was slowed from the wound. Quickly, he was catching up to her. Too soon she bumped into a merchant. They both fell into the mud. Lying in the mud, Loretta head throbbed even more. When she got up, she nearly lost her poker face, looking at the funny dressed man. He was flabbergasted and glared at her.

“Guards!” he screamed, thrashing like child in the mud “Seize her!”

The words rang a vague bell. And where have she heard that before?

Already, she easily admitted to defeat. Loretta lay motionless in the muddy waters as the guard’s hand came close to her head.



            Just as like the speed of light itself, the guard was flung over to the other side of the street. The blue eyed man had saved her yet again.

“It ain’t nice to hurt women, you know?” a voice growled. It was that same man, same indigo eyes. “Him on the other hand"” he held the merchant to the clouds, as if he was trying to summon lightning. “I wouldn’t mind.”

            With the flick of his hand, the merchant flew straight towards the forest and into the trees. His guards followed as if they were dogs and their master had just thrown a bone.

The man turned to Loretta, he face stern. ‘I ain’t stalking you!”

Her face retained its smooth, cool look “What’s with you?” she asked, hinting anger in the tone.”

“Is it so wrong to help a damsel?” he picked her up by the arm, ever so not gently.

First impression was: Jerk

“Anyways you look like you crawled out from the dumps.”

She rolled my eyes “Like you should be talking.” He was wearing ragged, torn clothes, all dirt white. His dark blonde hair tangled, and splotched with dirt. With the turn of the heel, she faced my back to him “Thanks for everything I guess.” And walked away, trying not to limp

Then Mr. Mysterious grabbed her arm “Hey! Do you need help?”

“No I don’t need you’re pity.” she didn’t even turn her head, but kept walking with her head up high.

He cussed under his breathe “Women.”

“Men” she snorted


He kept following her. Loretta asked once why and he snorted 'With someone like you, troubles bound to happen. 'As they approached my house, he didn’t stop pestering her. He kept on her heels and even followed Loretta into the house. This meant whether she liked it or not, he wanted a reward.

“I’d asked you to get out, but I don’t your brain would be able to process that.” she stalked off up the stairs

“You calling me stupid?” he snarled, staring at her from the ground

“There’s no point in stating the obvious.”

He was about to retort but Loretta already slammed the bathroom door.

With just a glance, into the mirror she decided: she needed to wash, bad! After today, she was surprised she’s not dead. The green stain fell to the floor, with other clothes. The hair tie gave out and the mass of the dark hair reached the floor; covered in muck. There were circles under her eyes and her skin was pale.

The hot water was turned on full blast, nearly scalding her skin. She didn’t need any more cold water or else she’d die of pneumonia. When she could actually feel the water touch my skin, being cover with mud, she left the shower. It was hard to shift around in the small bathroom. Grabbing a robe, Loretta tied it securely before entering down stairs. How nice, the vagabond guest had made himself at home, stretching all over the couch. She had to admit, he was pretty well muscle, considering he could pick her up with one arm. He didn’t care to hide his muscles as his torn shirt exposed his arms and abs.

“Huh? I thought you’ve died in there.” He perked his head up, and then dropped it back down “You got a small house here.”

Wow. How nice. She bluffed “What do you want? The sooner you leaver, the sooner this I can clean their place of your smell.”

Immediately his head snapped towards her; mouth pressing into a firm line. Loretta held a poker face and glared back. “Why I oughta"nevermind.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “If you want to know I’m here because"”

“Why do you have a giant scar on your face?” she just noticed, he had a large scar that covered his right jaw.

“Shut up!” his eyes blazed with anger “Anyways I’m"”

“Why do you have a scar humongous scar on your torso?” she just noticed, he had a scar that protruding around his abdomen.

“Shut the hell up!” the word ‘b***h’ was already flaring in his eyes.

Her face remained impassive, no matter had badly she wanted to laugh at him. Acting all cool until she mentioned his scar, then he busted into a fit of anger like a child. She swore sometimes, men.

“So what were you saying?” Loretta kicked up my feet to the shabby stool “I presume it’s something about a deal?”

He leaned over the broken table that was now considered a block of wood, in this dingy house “I was sayin’ that I’m here because, I’m on a business trip.”

“…You’re a business man? Because you certainly do not look like one.”

“You know your pissing me off!?” there was venom seeping in his voice, not to mention his eye was twitching.

She stared at him blankly “Is it working?”

“Anyways,” his knuckles were white, gripping onto the chair. Restraining him from killing her. “I’m here to make an offer. I see that you’re having trouble…living.” He gestured towards Loretta.

She cocked an eyebrow at him and snorted “Tell me about it. What gave it away the robbers chasing down the street or my bad luck with running into weirdoes?” sarcasm, her specialty.

“Soooooo, when I’m in ever again in this rubbish town"which I don’t think I’ll be here often, I’m going to freeload here.”

That got her to frown “What this benefit for me in all of this?” she withdrew her feet from the stool “It doesn’t sound like a good bargain.”

“If you’d let me finish” he muttered something else after that “I’ll offer you my fealty.” He slid a small wooden carving across the table. “Just call me with that whistle and presto, body guard.”

Carefully, Loretta picked up the carving and studied it in the palm of my hand“…So you’re be like a puppy?” the wood was smoothed over. Tracing her delicate fingers over the intricate designs, it contained a smallest bit of familiar symbols in one corner; it was impossible for to decipher but someone else she knew could probably. If held up to the light it changed to a lighter shade of mahogany. A symbol of protection was carved in the center: a heart enclosed by twining lines.

“It’s all yours if you accept the deal.” He said. Smirk spread on his face, just as a demon would. It gave the impression she was bargaining with the devil. But we’re talking about an arrogant vagabond after all.

“First” Loretta held the whistle between two fingers. “Tell me your name?”

He smirked “That’s another deal, if you want my name, you’ll have to tell me yours first.”

“Loretta” she spoke with such confidence as if she meant her name to burn darkness with a blazing light “Loretta Ronan”

The man leaned back, slumped into the couch, wearing s grim smirk “The name’s Grant Jacques.”

“Considered it a deal…” she tucked the whistle into a small pocket. “…servant” she said with the tiniest of evil grins played on her lips

“I’ll take my sleep now” he released a loud yawn “Since, I live here now.”

“Yes doggy, you sleep downstairs.” Loretta got up and passed him. On the last step of the ascending stairs she chuckled “Try your best not to piss on the couches, mutt.”

Now it was his turn. “Don’t give me any ideas…master.”

In her dim room, she dropped down into her bed. It didn’t take long for sleep to haze the mind. She could still feel her lips smiling against the pillow. Maybe because life took an interesting turn for better or for worse. And after all, she lived for adventure.

© 2012 A Drawer of Paper Roses

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A Drawer of Paper Roses
Just a prewrite so its dry

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