You Asked for It

You Asked for It

A Story by A Drawer of Paper Roses

Usually diets lead to a better lifestyle, not a wild goose chase around the neighborhood.

Okay so maybe five bars of chocolate every hour wasn't healthy?  But is it really that bad to put on a diet and strip every bit of sugar out of the house. I work every bit of it off my body and keep in good shape. Sure I've nearly broke the house in two, or burn the toaster oven, or scare the neighbors, or start rebellion, or nearly buy an entire mall with my credit car, or do something worse enough to call the cops...........okay, so maybe I have a little problem; but to resort to this!? Madness!
No one's in the house, so, I'm safe. I sneak into the kitchen and tugged on the heavy refrigerator. Kept pulling until there was enough space for me to reach my hand in. Carefully, I removed one brick, reached inside and pulled out a one pound Godiva Chocolate bar. I've been saving this for times of need like this. Slowly, unwrap...or you know, instead just bite into it, tearing the off then attacking the blissful desert.
In the corner of my eye I saw Jack driving up into the driveway. On instinct, I jumped into a cabinet and F**K it's small! The door opened. I could hear the sound of his boots scraping against the floor. His musty smell lingering wherever he went. Then he approached the kitchen. I stiffened as he came closer.  He must be really tired to not notice the pulled out fridge. He opened the cabinet--my cabinet-- and with half-lidded eyes, searched for the coffee. I remained frozen like a statue as he drawled, looking for the coffee grinds. He sounded like a remote zombie. I handed him the coffee grinds, he thanked me and made a cup. After drinking did he realize. He flung open the cabinet door, eyes wide.
"Hi." I said in a small voice
"KRISHYA?!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!" he screamed, then he saw the chocolate bar in my hand. "Krishya, hand over it over. Now!"
I stared at my husband, then the precious candy. Precious or husband? Precious or husband? I choose precious.
I jumped out the cabinet then bolted out the door. I could hear him screaming in the background. My legs pumped with adrenaline as i dashed down the block. I think I scared the neighbors: seeing the golden blonde, 25 year old screaming, holding a freaking large candy bar with her husband chasing, yelling after her. I would know I saw them pick up the phone to call the cops...again.
A sharp turn around the corner helped my loose him. D****t! Jack's gotten better! He took a quick U-turn in my direction after realizing I was hiding behind a building. Left? Right? Left? Right? UP! I ran towards the dumpster, and jumped onto and off it. I pushed off with my right foot as I approached the near wall. Finally I caught the edge of the dead end. And climbed over it.
"HA! Take that!" I screamed in hysteria. My smile grew when he didn't show up after a minute!
"Krishya, get back it d****t!" he yelled in the distance
But then I heard the sound of a very familiar motorcycle. Unwillingly I turned back and saw Jack. Smirking, riding his speed demon. His platinum hair flowing in the wind. Nice, hot, sick pack. S**t! I'm drooling! Damn you, sexy, first place motor race husband! I took off, sprinting as fast as I could. Needless to say, he caught me. With one arm, he scooped me up. The precious candy flew out of my hand. He didn't leg me go, despite my protests by kicking him in the face of my stiletto heels.
He hastily got me inside of the house, bruised and cut. I screamed and thrashed for him to let me go. Inside our master bedroom he dumped me on the bed before collapsing on the side of it. His head was buried in his hands as he knelt on the side of the bed.
"Damn you." he hissed, gripping his head. It was like that for a few minutes, silent with me staring at hi from the bed as knelt at the edge. Finally the silence was broken "We need to talk."
I felt my stomach drop "What?"
"Krishya, how old are you?"
"Two years younger than you."
"Is that still an excuse for you to do whatever you want" he didn't even raise his head
I bit my lower lip "No"
"You do know, you need to change your eating habits."
"Why?!" that whine slipped out
"You're a grown woman now, you can't just go around ranting like before, you need t practice self control. Do you know, how much trouble you are when you're hyper active. I swear it's like you're f*****g trying to make me insane?!" he looked up at me with blood shot eyes "Are you doing this on purpose?"
I looked at him, loosing my composture. The silence was killing me, and the tears rolled down my cheeks. I was sobbing uncontrollably. He got, and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him. I melted into his body with mine, letting my sobs soak up his shirt.
"Babe?" his whispered it my ear "It's alright. Everything's fine. Tell me what's bothering you." he ran a hand through my hair.
I whimpered "It's just that, I miss you."
"Don't worry, I always--"
"No you're not!" I cut him off, leaving him shocked "It's not like before, how we used to be. Now we have jobs and we don't each other as much. I'm mean you're a f*****g, sexy motorcyclist! Who's won dozens of times! You know how many girls I see swoon over you?! You how jealous that makes me feel when they start flirting to you and you talk to them back!?" I let the sobs abruptly when he started laughing. "What's so funny?"
"Like your the one to talk? Krishya, you're a super model! Famous, nearly on every magazine cover! You don't think I know how you feel when on those fashion shows I see men drooling at you!" he laughed some more "You seriously don't seem them?"
"No, all I see are those stupid cameras and then I become temporarily blind."
He laughed some more, stroking my back "Don't worry I'm all for you babe."
I snuggled into his chest "Me too."
He leaned down lips hovering over mine. My head lifting, staring into his light violet eyes. Our noses touch, I could feel his breath tickling my lips. Eagerly I closed the gap. My lips crushing against his, bodies melting together. His hands slid down my back on rested on my hips, deepening the kiss. He tasted like cinnamon, fresh cinnamon with sugar. We both gasped for air as our lips parted. My eyes sparkled, and he didn't like the look in them. Coyly, I stared at him, licking my lips "Let the games begin."
"WE ARE IN ONE RETARD!" I screamed at the neighbors.

© 2012 A Drawer of Paper Roses

Author's Note

A Drawer of Paper Roses
Love is the weirdest thing I've ever countered 0.o

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Added on January 16, 2012
Last Updated on January 16, 2012


A Drawer of Paper Roses
A Drawer of Paper Roses

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