Valentines Dances: Part I, Scene I

Valentines Dances: Part I, Scene I

A Stage Play by A Drawer of Paper Roses

A small little fairy tale story. Kinda cinderella thing going on here.

Setting: A park. There's a bench next to a path by some trees on center left stage. Children are playing with a kite down stage. A woman is walking her dog and man is joggingin the upper stage. Takumi is on the bench, absorbed in his drawing on his sketch pad.
Zion enters the park fro the right, sit next to Takumi who is sketching a tree

Takumi (looks up from sketch pad): Oh! Hey didn't see you there, Zion. (continues drawing) What's up?
Zion (staring straight ahead): Nothing much
Takumi: Nothing at all?
Zion: Yes
Takumi: Are you sure
Zion: Yes
Takumi: What about the dance this Saturday?
Zion remains silent
Takumi: Don't tell me you forgot about the Valentines Dance?
Zion: I didn't
Takumi: Then why are you so awkward? Did you get rejected?
Zion: No. The exact opposite
Takumi (pauses):Yeah. Yesterday! Man, I though you were going to drown in that crowd of girls!
Zion: But it is a bit of the your other suggestion too. (sighing) Rejection
Takumi: Whoa! Mr. Popular actually got rejected!?
Zion: Not exactly (looks down at his hands). She works all day on Saturdays.
Takumi: Either way, she turned you down.
Zion: Yep
Takumi: Is this the same girl from the ice cream store
Zion: Maybe...
Takumi (gets up): Well I'll see if I can do anything. I go to meet Stella in (checks his watch) ten minutes. See ya later. (Takumi waves before jogging off. Exits upper left)
Zion waves backs, then checks his cell phone. Dials a number. A deep voice answers
Man: Hello, who this?
Zion: Hello, I'm Zion Mitchells, Kassandra's science partner. Is she there? I would like to ask her about the homework.
Man: Hold on
Voices are heard yelling in the background
Man: She's not here. She's at work
Zion: Thank you very much sir.
Hangs up phone. Checks his watch
Zion: Twelve fifteen. She should be taking a lunch breaks by now.
Leaves park bench. Lights dims. Curtains close. Moves on to Scene II

© 2012 A Drawer of Paper Roses

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Author's Note

A Drawer of Paper Roses
Bored out of my mind

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A Drawer of Paper Roses
A Drawer of Paper Roses

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