The Game

The Game

A Poem by A Drawer of Paper Roses



Do you like toying with my feelings?!
I'll tear you out of my heart,
Erase you from my mind,
And make you disappear off the face off the earth!

All of that for nothing!
Because all it takes is that stupid smile of yours,
To make me fall for you again.

So what do you do?!
You reject me,

Make yourselve out of reach.

Don't pretend!
It speaks in your actions,
That's why I try to stay away.

But you keep pulling me back

Does it entertain you?!
To see my tears touch the earth,
My eyes fill with disappear,
A frown where a smile should be,
For me to be a complete mess!

Does it?!

Just when I thought you were gone,
You come back and hit me hard!

But still,
I'll tear you from my heart,
Burn you existence from me;
Only knowing it'll fail.
And to you,
It's all just a game we play.

So mark my words when I say this:
I'll find my ways mister!
I'll make you fall hard for me!
Make you head over heels.
Make you love me and me only.
Engrave a picture of us into your mind.
And then do what you do to me;
And make me untouchable from your reach.

Dear Mister Perfect,





© 2012 A Drawer of Paper Roses

Author's Note

A Drawer of Paper Roses
i thought they were joking when they said they were going to drive me to the point i'll be in an asylum O.o . and now there' working towards that goal

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Added on February 10, 2012
Last Updated on February 10, 2012


A Drawer of Paper Roses
A Drawer of Paper Roses

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