Daydreaming A Nightmare

Daydreaming A Nightmare

A Poem by EternityWolf101

I woke up a few times last night in agony and the inability to breath properly. This is just my attempt to explain that experience of what I was dreaming.


I could feel the raw power emanate from the tendrils

They crept slowly on the walls of my bedroom

Covering the posters and paintings I had with slimy blood


With deep despair crawling up my spine like spiders

I sat on my bed, waiting for him


A low humming noise grew like a fire

Burning more and more powerful

Until I couldn't even hear myself think

It burnt like a thousand suns


My hands waited along with my body

Holding each other in unison

Grasping the other with the similar force of gravity on other planets


The noise stopped

A small creak came from my door

I didn't dare look at my guest


Footsteps echoed throughout the room

Bouncing off the thing's tendrils

Making them quiver in excitement


The creature stood in front of me

A creature made purely of pure darkness in the shape of a crooked robe

His face was hidden underneath even more darkness


There was a moment of silence

He stood there while I stared at my hands

As they cradled each other for comfort


His hand reached forward

A skeleton hand prodded itself on my shoulder

I could hear him chuckle


"I know who you are"

I told him

"Please, just get it over with."


I couldn't beg for mercy

I couldn't cry tears

I had no breath for words

No tears to cry

I knew it was over


"It is time."

His low voice bellowed to me

"But take this before you leave this world."


A sudden shock erupted inside my heart

I gasped in pain and agony

A fire burned through my chest and killed my heart

Popping from its former place onto my lap


With his bony hands, he took the heart

And shoved it into the hood of where his head should be

I didn't know fully if he had one


A hole with all my other organs inside sat on my chest

Almost like it was laughing at me

But it wasn't


Small black tendrils crept from inside

Writhing its way onto my cold dead skin


In seconds, they punctured me

They entered my body, cutting deep inside with razors

I didn't feel agony

My body was gasping for breath

Coming up with ragged cries of crimson exhalations

But I felt nothing


"Welcome home."


© 2012 EternityWolf101

Author's Note

This... was... a pain to write. I hate this poem with a passion, but I had to write it.

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Added on May 7, 2012
Last Updated on May 7, 2012
Tags: daydreaming, a, nightmare, cold, death, tendrils, fear, shake, snake, black, white, gravity, room, alone, wall, door, picture



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