Sometimes It's Just Better To Forget

Sometimes It's Just Better To Forget

A Poem by EternityWolf101

The ability to remember everything isn't always a blessing....



Doesn't clean hands feel nice to have

Sparkling water cleansing the daily bloodshed

From the broken banks and corrupt churches in soceity

Unfortunately, I can't have that pleasure


Sometimes it's just a dream

Leaving me breathless at night

Wanting nothing more than to surrender my last breath

Just one last breath of life


Sometimes it's not a dream

Sometimes I'll wake up on a park bench or abandoned bus

Blood stains on my hands and feet

Clothes torn into shreds


The looks people give me when they pass me on the street

The look of complete confusion and disgust

I'll never forget their faces

Young and old, male and female


I feel the pain and distress everybody else feels

I don't like what I am

But I can't handle it

It's in my nature


So when someone asks me if I've cleaned my hands

Of all the s*** that messes them up

I show them the brown and red stains

And tell them, "You're one lucky person."

Then I smile

© 2012 EternityWolf101

Author's Note

I have nothing to say.....

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Good description in this poem. I like the way you led me into your thoughts and actions of this poem.
"I show them the brown and red stains
And tell them, "You're one lucky person.""
A very entertaining poem. A excellent poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 9, 2012
Last Updated on May 9, 2012
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