Pizza Face

Pizza Face

A Poem by ettorney

Careful how you taunt and tease - a tortured poem by ettorney

They called him pizza face

And when he ran they gave chase
The faster he ran the more they kept pace
They used every taunt all the means to debase
No where was safe; there was no safe place

He tried oh he tried to put up a bold face
But ne'er could he handle the pain and disgrace
Things of beauty and color and lace
Were denied to the boy they called pizza face.

When he looked in the mirror preparing to brace
For the image he'd see was the worst in his case
He looked at his skin and stepped back a pace

Four years of high school, four years of pain
Four years of torture, four years of shame

But today it was different he was not too sure how
Something had changed so he furrowed his brow
His skin was still ugly and blemished but now
When he saw all the pimples it hit him like, POW!

So he readied his plans and swore that somehow
No more would he suffer not ever not now
"No more will they taunt me of this I will vow"
He was ugly and wretched and he didn't care how

But the pain and the suffering would be long gone at last
Standing six foot feeling strong and steadfast
His future was certain the dice had been cast
The pizza faced boy soon a thing of the past

He knew no more anguish his thoughts had surpassed
The life he had led before when outcast
No more was he taunted nor chided, harassed
All those b******s at school the ones he outclassed

They could never imagine what was coming their way
For he swore his revenge as he knelt down to pray
for the strength and the courage to make them all pay

So he picked up a gun as he thought with dismay
He knows what he is and he knows what they'll say
"That pizza faced boy brought death and decay"
When he painted the school with their blood that sad day.

And then came a time when the tears were all dry
After the funerals where bereft families cry
After the moments to mourn and say bye

The parents of children who alas were to die
Would wonder forever and think with a sigh
That boy with the acne so quiet and shy
What made him do it, "I don't understand why?"

© 2010 ettorney

Author's Note

Again, I have no idea where these morbid thoughts come from. I blame the squirrel running around in my head.

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Well, the squirrel in your head did a very good job. You developed this really well. I could see it going in a PSA. At first I though he was just going to kill himself, but then... It really makes you think. Bullies are awful. And then they blame the person who was bullied when they flip. It takes a team effort.. the bullies need to stop, surrounding friends and family need to take notice, and the victim needs to speak up. Nice work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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This gave me goosebumps. It wasn't long ago that I was having a rant about bullies and the cause and effect, emotions, blame, etc. Though killing is, obviously, a hideous act, I can relate to the poor boy. Well done. Thank you, squirrel.

Posted 8 Years Ago

You've got a deep piece of poetry here with a very clear message, one that many can appreciate Im sure. As always Im a fan of rhyming in poems, so good stuff. Keep pluggin.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I lovveee pizzaa (:
I also lovve this poemmm..(:
I loveee killing people too (: hell yeaa!!
Especially meaniess!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow. This was amazing. You're words are scary and true; People need to watch what they say to others! I find it terrible that kids resort to suicide and murder to ease their souls or minds after being teased to a breaking point. Great write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I agree with Cattie...bullies are one of the worst things you can see at a school. You captured the feeling very well, excellent work. My favorite line has to be the final two verses.

"That boy with the acne so quiet and shy
What made him do it, "I don't understand why?""

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow I like this one post Columbine and Virginia Tech very very clever indeed that squirrel is worth it`s weight in gold :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is a tremendous tribute to all those who are different and are punished for not being the clones of the assumed to be perfect. Uniqueness and variety is not appreciated and children can be wretchedly cruel especially in a gang, as in school or at camp. Young people ought to be educated and forced to get a license before they become parents, so that they do not let loose little dangerous monsters into society. If licenses are expected for much less surely this is far more of a responsibility to society and nation to bring up children who have integrity and are not a danger to other children or themselves. The poetic nature of this verse is so attractively powerful and appealing to the reader. Amazed at the amount of rhyming words you had to look for! The nature of the end of the poem is interestingly done and is all the more appreciated.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Powerful and provocative writing that really sends out a message! You see these stories all over the news and bullying seems to be the source of issue.. I mean not just bullying but the types of bullying have certainly changed from what I seen in my youth and teen years.. It's alot more intense and when you combine the pressures mounting that are work related (need more than a grade 12 today and many kids are slipping through the cracks including those bullying).

It's a social issue that has always been around.. will always be around but still all the same needs to be carefully watched in every school and by all parents.. cause it really affects everyone. With new methods like the internet as means to bully in ways that were not available when I was younger.. it's honesty a very scary thing today! You write with a huge heart that reaches the reader in a very vivid and sad way.. great work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Awesome poem

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is powerful, because it captures the total distress of bullying, i like it, because it's true. it's sad because people actually go through this, kudos for writing about it. well done xx

Posted 9 Years Ago

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