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For Peace

For Peace

A Poem by Ayesha

I chose the subject of war, because it has disturbed me ever since i began to understand things.

I saw a crowd,
of corpses with no shroud.
They were not happy.
And not proud.
They were not wound less.
Just silently loud.
Just worthless crowd.

Where they lie, silent and serene,
the victor, the vanquished,
none very keen.
None very keen to build the pyre.
But still we hear,
"For peace, FIRE !"

What on Earth is worth dying for?
'Only the dead have seen the end of war.'
What honor to you does it bestow?
All lie the same,
the friend and the foe.
And how long would it take for us to realize,
that 'war is defense' is only our surmise.

And sometimes it is,
the foe spotted wrong,
who was dwelling with us all along,
in the garb of sheep and that of cows,
a slithering snake beneath the boughs.

And sometimes it is 
that we long for a war,
where it is ourselves 
that we cannot fight for.

© 2020 Ayesha

Author's Note

This is my first attempt at poetry. Your reviews are valuable.

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doesn't sound like a first attempt at all...very complicated theme sewn through one wins at war...the vanquished or those who have done the vanquishing...
a field of corpses, but also an off the field array of broken hearts and dreams.
on a personal level...thought of the Civil fighting brother.
and reminded me of the title of a book i read...John Donne's "Death be not Proud"
at least i am pretty sure he was the author of that.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


1 Week Ago

Yes, it was John Donne. I read it for one of my papers...btw Thank you, Jacob.
Ones that want war don't fight, ones that don't want war are forced to fight and die for their motherland.
You noticed the CAB, that fight easily showcases how ruthless the govt personnel can go. No offence to their decisions on whom to accept in their country but the way they hit people on open ground has increased hatred for them.
I also admit that your rhyming was very smooth and not at all stumbling or forced, for first attempt that's a very big skill you achieved!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

Thank You Tahsin. I truly cherish your support.
I have been firmly believing that war benefit.. read more

3 Weeks Ago

You're so welcome♡♡
If this is your first attempt I plead that you do not stop! I love your sharp double meanings and I love your rhyme scheme, your free flow structure with a keen sense of word tone is so lovely in its natural cadence I can hear your voice so clearly in this and it truly is lovely:) There is a certain audacity to penning like this these days rhyme is almost frowned upon, let alone structured form and here I read this and i am left feeling absolutely reaffirmed in the things that I love about poetry from reading you:) that's not say I don't appreciate all forms of write... i do, but yours resonates so very strongly with me! I enjoy very much when I write something and I feel the voices of the past echo in my lines and I observe the similar thought patterns of the many artists before me and in this poem I see that very thing:) it took me 30+ years of scrawl to get to that point and it seems you have done this in your first attempt LOL I look forward to reading you more:)

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

Thank you so much for this heartening comment. If my audiences are as vitalizing and encouraging as .. read more

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3 Reviews
Added on January 30, 2020
Last Updated on January 30, 2020
Tags: War, Enemy




Getting started. A writing enthusiast, awaiting reviews. more..