Chapter I

Chapter I

A Chapter by rickybelmont

Whelp, this is the start, I hope you like it by its story because it has tense issus and grammar problems


It was a new school year and one student was frowning. While everyone was excited to see who their classmates are going to be, Luke was not. He was a fairly tall, black haired, brown eyed teenager. He knew he was going to be in 3-f, the lowest section, because of one incident. Nevertheless he still looked at the bulletin board, he finds that it’s a bunch of people he doesn’t know and a teacher he never recognized.

He goes to his classroom with a frown. The classroom doors were open and a few of his classmates were talking outside. He walked inside and looked at his classmates. He didn’t care for anyone so he goes to take a seat in the back of the classroom.

“hey! You look new, are you a transfer?” a fairly fit guy asked. At first Luke thought it was a joke, but he did remember that he’s really good at being invisible.

“I’ve been here for almost 2 years now. This year will be my third. I don’t think I see you around here too, are you a transfer?” Luke asked, not knowing who this man is

“no, I’ve been here for two years as well. Weird. What’s your name?” Darryl asked back

“I’m Luke, Luke Shadows”

“I’m Darryl, Darryl Fong”

The two shook hands, then the bell rang. Their homeroom teacher went inside their room.

He looked like a professional. His black hair was swept, his suit didn’t have any wrinkles, his right hand was holding a book. He looked like a strict teacher

“Hello students! I’m Erick, your teacher in all your subjects. Now the reason for this is because the faculty has given up on the last section of school. They’ve deemed you all 'hopeless' so they sent me. I’m here to help you be better, as students and as people in society” he gave all of them a welcoming smile.

The classroom remained silent, they’ve never seen a teacher this kind to them.

“Now then let’s start!” he suggested. The classroom agreed. Erick pulled out the list of names and started calling them. There were about 20 students.

Once that was done, Erick started teaching English. When Erick first taught, no one raised their hands or even asked about anything. When Erick started math, the same thing happened, science too. At this point Erick was disappointed.

“Class, how are you going to succeed with that attitude? Please, don’t tell me that being in this section and being belittled by your peers had caused you to be like this?” Erick asked, worried about his students and how they don't pay attention at all to their teacher.

A female student then stood up. She was brown haired and had black eyes, her height was shorter than Luke’s. “sir, not to be rude, but we just don’t find learning to be that interesting. We're tired of teachers that just tells us to memorize words.”

Erick's eyes widen, these kids aren’t stupid, they’re tired of the status quo. “Alright, I’ll teach you better! So that you can actually learn” Erick vowed. The students all nodded and then, recess.

Due to the nature of the classroom and how most of them are misfits, no one ate together. Except Darryl, who insisted that he and Luke would eat. Not wanting him to be sad, he accepted his request and so they merged the two tables to eat. The brown haired girl from earlier then walked up to them.

“can I…eat with you?” she asks, nervously. Darryl gladly welcomed her.

“nice speech!” Darryl said, making the girl smile

“oh please, I’m only speaking for myself back there”

“yeah! You were speaking not for everyone.” Luke added.

“you think?”

“yeah, definitely! Almost everyone here has their own reason for being here. You just gave us a reason to get a headache”

A frown soon wore on her face. “I’m sorry” she apologized. Luke stood.

“don’t be. I might be wrong after all! I don’t know anyone in this classroom but I do know you’re not a transfer. Probably everyone. So that’s why” Luke said

It didn’t make the girl happy but it did lesen the frown on her face. “by the way, I’m Luke Shadows. Luke is fine though” he introduced while gesturing his hand for a shake.

“oh, I’m Emerald. Emerald Winters.” She shook Luke’s hand.

The bell rang and Erick swiftly arrived at the classroom. His right hand was holding a home economics book.

“Well it’s time for home economics. So anyone here knows how to cook?”

All of them raised their hands. “Okay then, so I don’t need to teach you anything about cooking” Erick said, he was astonished.

“Now, I can’t start home economics with a cooking activity. So I’ll just teach you basic cooking safety.”

He started writing on the board and only a few grabbed their textbooks. Erick turned his head and frowned, they were still uninterested.

Time passed and before he knew it, it was time for dismissal. “So class that’s it. Remember to read chapter V of social studies.” He said.

“yes sir”

The students all left at the same time. Erick’s smile then slowly turns into a frown. He went back to the faculty and had a mug of coffee by his side. He looked at his lesson plan, his hand rubbing his chin. “How do I get them interested in learning?” he asked himself.

“you can’t make them… that’s why their in class 3-f.” an old teacher said.

“Sir, surely you don’t mean that?”

“I do mean it! I’ve taught those students and none of them give a damn about the lesson!” the old teacher nagged.

The teacher kept nagging and Erick wasn’t paying attention anymore. He went back to looking at his lesson plan.

When it was time for him to go home, he sees Emerald cleaning the classrooms.

“Ms. Winters. It’s past dismissal, you should go home” he spoke

Emerald only looks at Erick with a smile.

A little later,

“I see…” he said.

“ I used to do that because my class from the past year always leaves the classroom dirty. So I got used to it” she said

The two were having coffee at a café. Erick treated his student for cleaning up the classroom.

“You were the one who encouraged me to make learning better. So tell me, what is your class expecting from me?” he asked

“well… to be honest sir, I was only speaking for myself. I don’t know why the others are so uninterested in learning but I think the main reason is: due to the other teacher’s way of teaching, they think that the other teachers will be the same; boring. I don’t think I’m speaking for myself now because I talked to one of my classmates and he said that reason. I also talked to another one and the same thing”

Erick takes a sip of his coffee before speaking. “Thank you, Ms. Winters. You have helped me a lot”

Both of them stood at the same time. Once they’ve exited the door, they split up and walked their own paths.

As Erick crossed the road, his eyes turned to the left. He swiftly went to the left, his speed was fast. He reached an accident and saw a man. He was dead. He went to a dark place to hide.

Erick went back outside but this time, no one seemed to notice him. His vision was completely in purple. As he approached the body, it’s soul seemed to rise from the ground. Erick was holding a scythe and he used it to harvest the soul of the dead man. He leaves and things went back to normal.

The crowd that surrounded the dead man didn’t knew a thing.

Erick went back to the pedestrian crossing earlier and went home. He sat at his desk and began thinking about how is he going to encourage his students to study. Night came and he was still at his desk but he had written a couple of things from each student. Documents about each student are at his desk as well as pieces of paper on each students. The writing includes:

*how to make them interested




Those were just a few but they were the ones written in large font. His phone then got a message from Emerald. He opens it.

Emerald: Hi sir! It’s Emerald! Sorry, I’d notice your still active on messenger so I decided to message you.

Erick: Well I’m glad you’ve decided to message me, but it’s late, go to sleep.

Emerald: Okay sir! But before I do, I’d like to say something

Erick: What is it?

Emerald: I think you’ll be a great teacher :)

Erick: Thank you, Ms. Winters. Goodnight :)

Emerald: Goodnight

He turned off his phone and went back to writing.

The sun rose and Erick slept in his desk. The papers were done and ready. His alarm wnet off and he woke up, drooling. He noticed that he’s going to be late if he couldn't ready himself soon, so using his speed he swiftly dressed up.

Back at the classroom. No one seems to care for Erick.

“hey where’s sir Erick?” Emerald asked Luke, a bored expression on his face.

“Probably gave up on us too” he replied.

“He wouldn’t do that”

“and why not? We didn’t gave a damn about his teachings! So why the hell would he not give up on us?”

The door suddenly opened. The classroom suddenly felt a deathly vibe through the air. Erick entered the classroom with a slight frown.

“Sorry class I’m late. Had been busy trying to find a way to make you interested in learning.”

He sets the papers and everything he had on him down at the table.

“I also had to convince the principal to give me a chance to:”

He shows the classroom a letter. It reads:

“I hereby approve Erick Smith of giving these students special lessons regarding their specialties as well as their likes. This will take the entire day of school. Furthermore, he only gets to do this once a week as it would interrupt class schedules if he do this often”

The class gasped. “That’s right! Apparently the principal wants you all to be better” Erick said.

“boy oh boy will this be fun” Luke said sarcastically, his head resting on his hand. He was the only one uninterested while the other students were chatting about what they’re going to do.

“Now when do you want to start? Because there is no given time on this” Erick asked with a smile.

The classroom all said, at the same time, “Right now!”

“Okay so let’s see what you’re all good at” Erick said

They were downstairs and Erick had prepared things there. “Now I’ve read your documents and I’ve found that all of you has some likings but don’t know how to improve them.” Erick said

“Like you, Ms. Winters! I’ve read that you want to be an artist but doesn’t know how to draw” he points at Emerald and she hid her face.

“Luckily I’m here! And I know how to draw!” Erick said

He then pushed Emerald to a stool and a drawing table. He taught her how to draw while the class watched.

Emerald then gasped which caused the other students to look and see what she did. She had made a face, a pretty good looking one too. “Now you see! Learning can be fun! Especially if your teacher was me”

The students seem to agree. Everyone then started going to their respective likings and Luke gave a smile, he thought it was a bad idea but he was wrong. Erick might be the teacher he needed.

“And what about you Mr. Shadows? Judging from the documents you seem to like model kits” Erick said as he walks toward Luke.

“yeah but only a little…”

Erick then shows him boxes of plamo..

“how are you going to teach me?” he asked

A little later and Luke shows Erick a completed Banpla. It was highly painted, all the numb marks were trimmed and sanded, seam lines were covered, and it was properly panel lined.

“wow… I… umm…” Luke couldn’t say a thing. Erick taught him how to paint like a pro in minutes.

“Now do you want to learn?” Erick asked. Luke nods. “yeah, I do! I bet it will be fun, knowing you’ll teach us”

© 2018 rickybelmont

Author's Note

The first few chapters of this has some mixing of tenses but that's because I wrote this a long time ago and just never got around to editing it. Also, the dialogue starts with small letters except for Erick because I want to him to stand out from the other cast.

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