A Poem by Evelyn

At the beginning of the part where you fall
you think to myself 
I could love you forever
your heart consumed by happiness
from then you give your all
you give more and more
they don't even have to ask
and you hear the words and
they say it clear
making you smile from ear to ear
then they grip onto you
a sign that your theirs
and it all happens so fast that
you're caught unawares
and the love turns to anger
the anger to smiles
the roller-coaster madness
of beauty disguised
and you find that you are losing yourself
resembling that forgotten trinket 
at the top of the shelf 
Remember that time they forgot to mention
the part where they were seeking
another's attention
it could have been months 
or it could've been weeks
but your vision remains blurry 
for your love is unique 
and you feel disconnected but
still you hang on
and you convince yourself
that nothing is wrong
but the guides intercept
cause they know what's best
and before you know it
you're clasping your chest
cause the pain is too much
when you come to find
they slept with a past you thought
they had left behind

© 2017 Evelyn

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Added on August 4, 2017
Last Updated on August 4, 2017
Tags: #love #temporary #emotions




I respect all. I write what I feel and whether you like it or not is irrelevant more..

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