It's Happening Again

It's Happening Again

A Chapter by Evil_Angel

OK so you've all read this chapter before, but its gone through some pretty important changes that are kind of vital to read, especially towards the end with Derek's death. Anyone thats been keeping up with the book might want to read it, I thank you lol

It's Happening Again

"You're a natural kid! How long you been riding for?" Shane questioned as Christian popped a wheelie on his motorcycle like it was nothing.

"Since I was thirteen. Since I could steal. I probably stole one of your bikes back in the day," Christian laughed.

"Well you are damn good."

"Thank you."

It was kind of weird for him to be hanging out with a forty-something year old, but over the past couple weeks Shane had kind of grown like a guide for Christian. Christian opened up how he was trying to turn his life around, be successful without the drugs, and Shane had been nothing but supportive about the whole situation, since he himself used to be a drug addict in his youth. Shane could see right through Christian's tough guy act which only very few people took the time to see through.

There were a few other twenty something year old mechanics messing around on their own motorcycles, doing tricks and blasting Three Days Grace out of the subwoofers of someone's truck.

"With the right training and practice you could win a hell of a lot of competitions," Shane declared admiring how skilled Christian was.

"You think so?"

"Oh yeah, I know so. I won a few back in my day. "Why don't you try standing on the bike?"

Standing? The image of himself falling off and cracking open his skull played in his head, but he figured he had nothing much to lose. Raising his feet up to the seat he slowly pushed himself up into a somewhat standing position. After a little bit he finally let go of the handle bars, concentrating on maintaining balance.

Shane and the other guys cheered amazed that he could do it the first time he ever tried.

"It's f*****g easy!" Christian declared cockily, spreading his arms in the air. Right after he said it he lost his balance and toppled over on the ground, his motorcycle tipping over sideways.

"S**t are you alright?" one guy called out trying not to laugh.

Christian got back up cringing a little bit, he had scraped his entire leg when he fell on his side, but was excited to try again.

"Whoa, take it easy there, I think you've had enough for today. We'll do some tomorrow. It's already past midnight we've been out here for hours," Shane said pulling Christian back who was limping back to the bike for more.

"Damn I didn't realize it was that late, guess I better head out."

"See you tomorrow kid."

"Thanks Shane, take it easy."

As he sped across the Brooklyn Bridge, a big smile formed across his face.

There wasn't a lot of great days Christian West ever had in his life, but today had been one of them. Moving to New York was the best idea for him and Derek, just getting away from all that bullshit back in California was the smartest move he ever made.

He couldn't believe how easy it was for him to do stunts on the bike. If he kept practicing, maybe he could enter himself in some motocross competitions like Shane had said. Christian let his thoughts run wild, and imagined becoming so good that companies would want to sponsor him, and then he'd earn tons of cash. Not only that, but he would make a name for himself. What would Hallie's father think then? He certainly couldn't call him garbage anymore. Christian knew that Hallie deep down shared that same feeling as her father. He knew that if he were as rich as David, Hallie would have easy chosen him over David. Being a professional biker of some sort would finally make him good enough, finally worthy to be with her.

When he finally got home, and climbed up the stairs, dug out his keys excitedly, and before the door was even open he babbled on like a little kid about the events of the day. He finally unlocked the door and swung it open, angry that there Derek hadn't even responded. In fact it seemed quieter than it had ever been, even with Derek's rap blaring throughout the apartment.

"Derek?" Christian yelled over the music. "You here buddy?"

He was probably out on that stupid drug deal he had talked about earlier, so he head into Derek's bedroom to use the house phone. He had to tell someone about today's events, he knew exactly who he wanted to call, but before he could even think of her phone number, the bedroom door swung open to an unexpected nightmare.

When he saw inside, he felt he was looking into his past, when he saw his dead parents, except this time he wasn't a kid anymore and he understood. Derek had been shot in the chest several times it looked like, and the whole floor of the tiny room was covered in his blood. His shirt was halfway over his head, with cuts along his arms as if he had tried to fight whoever did this to him. As Derek lay there lifeless, Christian thought he could hear himself screaming, but he wasn't sure. Inside his head it seemed so noisy.

He felt like he was drowning in his own skin, with the instant sense of perspiration and tears. The worst was the stench of blood, that seemed to surround the room. Lightheaded as ever, he just needed to lay down on the bed, he needed to get away from all of this. Without even knowing that he had flopped onto the bed face down, he closed his eyes, to get away from the sight of his dead best friend. There she was, even at a time like this she was there when he closed his eyes. He was going to get through this for her, he was going to be strong, and forget about everything that was behind him. He was not weak anymore, no. This would be a new beginning, and he knew that she would be there to love him again soon.

© 2008 Evil_Angel

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Oh wow, that is so sad and tragic that Christian had to see something that horrible again in his lifetime.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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