Even Alice Had Enough Sense To Wear Flats

Even Alice Had Enough Sense To Wear Flats

A Chapter by Evil_Angel

LOL i cant get over my stupid chapter title. Anyway this is super super super important to read...its changed a lot it doesnt seem like it but yea you gotta read it if you want to get it and stuff. sorry again if you read it before!!!

Even Alice Had Enough Sense to Wear Flats

        "And which hotel will I be driving you to Ms. Harris?" asked a limousine driver as Hallie stepped off the plane.

"No hotel, take me to Central Park please."

"But it's past midnight, it's not safe for you to be wandering there alone," the driver advised.

"I know that, but I have to go there."

"Alright," the driver shrugged happy that he didn't have to load the usual five suitcases of Hallie's belongings into the trunk.

Although Hallie had been to New York several times, she really had no clue how to get around, besides from watching too many episodes of Sex And The City. Leave it up to a California airhead to go to New York and save someone's life. Usually she was accompanied by her parents, and had practically lived in New York throughout her childhood when they dragged her along on business trips. They had often spent their Christmas's in the enormous Plaza Hotel, staying there for weeks at a time, but the city was still like a big maze to her.

The only place she knew where to find drug dealers was in Central Park, and maybe Christian would be around there, she had to start somewhere.

As they drove over the gleaming Manhattan Bridge, it finally set in how wildly desperate it was for her to be running around New York at night, by herself, looking for the person she told to leave her alone. She couldn't believe what a sudden change of heart she had the second she heard he was missing, but even through her denial it was simple. She loved him, she always loved Christian wholeheartedly, and maybe Derek was dead, but she wasn't about to let Christian die too.

"Can you please go any faster?" Hallie asked the driver.

The driver obediently sped up as New York's city lights blurred by.. She'd forgotten how beautiful New York was in the winter time, and about how insanely romantic Rockefeller Center was with its luminous golden statue standing out from the pure white ice skating rink.

It was impossible not to fall in love in New York. People had to keep each other warm in such a cold city. Even though panic was surging through Hallie's mind, she couldn't help but wonder if Christian found a new love interest in his month long stay in New York. It wouldn't be any surprise if he did. Girls that saw a guy that gorgeous wouldn't allow him to stay single for long. They would change their entire lifestyles to be with him, for example running away from their families or flying to New York on a whim?

Okay so for someone so popular and beautiful in one of California's most upscale cities, she'd be considered pretty pathetic, but her reputation and her life back home was the last thing on her worried mind. Plus she wasn't like every other girl that only saw his looks. She knew him, inside and out, and she wouldn't have flown all the way to New York if she didn't think she'd be able to find him. That was as long as she didn't get sold into slavery, raped, or killed in the process of looking for him.

Once the driver began approaching the East side of the park, Hallie had him pull over to East 74th Street towards the completely frozen over Conservatory Water. In fact the whole park seemed frozen, covered in pure white snow, it resembled something out of The Lion The Witch and Wardrobe, almost like it had been untouched by humans, because no one dared go out in that cold of weather at one in the morning. At least no one sane or sober.

Hallie stepped out of the car knowing she looked like a walking target for being mugged in her designer attire, so she took the wallet out of her Fendi bag and stuffed it into her stiletto suede Miu Miu boots. Yeah like that would help.

Once the driver was gone, Hallie continued north getting deeper and deeper into empty Central Park, hoping just to find something. Christian sleeping on a park bench, the loud roar of a motorcycle, someone dealing drugs, just anything having to do with him. Anything to know that he was alive.

"This was so stupid," she thought to herself shivering from the malicious cold. Even though she had the warm coat, her bare hands were becoming numb and her hair felt so stiff that she thought she would start forming icicles around her head.

She came upon the Alice In Wonderland statue, an attraction she always heard about, but never took the time to look at. This wasn't a time for sight seeing, but as she walked past it she coincidentally felt just like Alice, wandering innocently about in a strange world, prey to the strange creatures of Central Park. Funny enough she felt just as lost.

         She quickened her pace suddenly feeling nervous, and also frustrated at having to walk aimlessly around in very non-walking boots, while Christian probably wasn't even there. Hallie took several deep breaths hoping that if she walked faster she'd warm up a little bit.

She suddenly heard a loud clanging, as if someone hit the metal on the stair railing. She looked up towards the noise like an attentive but very frightened cat, but saw nothing.

The clank of the metal sounded off again, louder this time, and Hallie soon heard boisterous talking.

"You fucked up b***h," a high-pitch creepy sounding voice echoed across to where she was.

At first Hallie thought they were talking to her, but when she looked up two big men walked by not noticing her, well almost. She was pretty hard to miss.

The smaller of the two took a few steps back and stared at her with a sinister look of excitement.

"Look over there," he wobbly grabbed on to the other massive guy and pointed down to Hallie. He stood still, his shadow completely covering the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. They quickly walked towards her, and were nearly in her face before Hallie could even stand up. Hallie could see that all his teeth rotted out of his head from whatever drugs he did, and she could smell both their foul stenches from where she sat.

The other one was fatter, wearing a loose beanie over his head and from his mountain man appearance he looked like he never discovered a razor in his life. Yuck. He had mismatching shoes, and looked equally disgusting and scary as the other guy.

Feeling cornered, Hallie didn't think twice and scurried as fast around the other side of the sculpture. She kept running not looking back to see if they were behind her, then like she feared, the huskier one came out from the bushes tackling her, pinning her up against the wall and held a knife to her throat.

"Oh she's a pretty one," he breathed into her face causing her to gag from the sardine-like smell.

"She doesn't like you, she likes me though right girly?" the scrawny one inched his holed up gloves up her neck. He had an immensely large nose and hollowed cheeks, with dark greasy curls almost as long as Hallie's hair.

Her first instinct was to bite him, but she didn't know what kind of weird diseases he had. She tried to turn away but that only caused him clutch onto to her throat even tighter.

Scared out of her mind Hallie drew a blank. She promised herself if anything like this ever happened she wouldn't be a victim, but fear overcame her and she was unable to react.

"What you got in here?" he said letting go of her face and snatching her purse while the big guy held her against the wall. She struggled and struggled, not caring if they took her f*****g purse, she just wanted to get the hell away from them.

"Take whatever you want! Please just let me go!" she shrieked as loud as possible, hoping to God that someone would hear her.

"Where's your wallet at?" he snarled throwing the purse down on the ground not knowing that it was worth two grand. "It's probably on her, look for it!"

The menacing bear like man gladly felt through each of her jean pockets while Hallie screamed bloody murder at the forceful grips of her various body parts.

"Did you find it yet?" the shorter one demanded impatiently. He then searched through her coat, tearing it off her and throwing it to the ground in frustration. The heavier guy tore her shirt open, ripping the buttons out all at once. He certainly didn't seem intent on finding a wallet.

Hallie kicked her stiletto boots wildly, managing to hit the more perverted creep in the shins.

"Ow!" he wailed. "She f*****g kicked me man!"

"Where is you're god damn wallet!" the smaller one screeched punching her hard across the face.

Hallie toppled to the ground half leaning on the wall half fallen into the snow, and tried thrashing her arms about to strike one of them, but with no luck. The hit knocked her senseless, and unable to defend herself, but she could still feel one of the thugs big hands pressing down on her waist, not giving her any chance in hell to get away. Just as she thought she was about to be raped, killed, the pressure lifted off her, and the man stood up as if he saw something in the distance.

"S**t, it's the cops! Let's get the f**k out of here," they said tearing off into the darkness. Frightened from having half of her clothes ripped off, she crouched into a ball hiding her head between her knees. She could here the pounding of feet running towards her, and a police radio sounding off loudly.

Once she was sure the thugs were gone, she tried to catch her breath, and gather her belongings, but she was frozen in place, too scared to even look up.

"Are you alright? My partner is after them right now," the cop panted.

"I�.think," Hallie shivered, attempting to wrap her ripped up shirt around herself.

Hallie shrank away as he stood several feet above, her shaky breath escaping visibly in the cold.

"What the hell are you doing out here so late? Are out of your damn mind?"

"Probably. I thank you but please, just leave me alone," Hallie cowered away shielding her face.

"I think you are in shock," he said picking up her purse and shredded coat off the ground.

"I'm just trying to find someone. Please go!" Hallie begged croakily.

"Find someone? I think you should come down to the station, you can fill out a report there. It's freezing out here, nobody will be out here this late at night. Do you have anywhere to go?" he asked beginning to help her up.

Hallie quickly grabbed her purse out of the cops hands, and shakily ran as fast as she could away from the stupid cop. She didn't want to make a report, she didn't want to sit around wasting time, she just wanted to find Christian.

"Hey, come back here!" The cop called after her.

She ignored him disappearing out of sight, and further into the park. Nothing was going to stop her, not thugs, not cops, not even the stupid uncomfortable shoes she was wearing.

After wandering around for what seemed like miles, she approached the stairs to Bethesda Terrace, and plopped down in front of the frozen fountain containing the gorgeous but ice-covered Angel of Waters sculpture. It chilled her to the bone sitting next to the icy fountain as a breeze relentlessly floated through the park, but she needed to rest her feet, and promised herself she'd never wear stiletto boots again. Well at least not to go searching for Christian all over snowy Central Park. Hopefully when she found him, something like this would never happen again. That is if she found him.

"Hallie?" a familiar voice exhaled across the fountain.

"Christian?" She jumped looking around for him. Where the hell was he? She looked up towards the angel sculpture, then she saw something even more beautiful, standing tall on the other side of the large fountain with a stunned expression.

        "How long have you been sitting here?" she asked delighted yet angry at the same time.

        "I've been sitting at this angel fountain for quite a while actually, where on Earth were you?"

        "I was over by the Alice in Wonderland statue," she answered quietly.

Hallie painfully stood herself up, her cheek throbbing wildly and her legs still sore from being knocked over, and came closer to see if it was really him. She just noticed she was crying, and figured she probably was during the attack which now she'd completely forgotten about. Emotions of happiness, relief, and sheer joy that he was standing, right here in front of her entered her body. She ran and threw her arms around his broad chest, no longer feeling the chill of winter.

"I-�can't believe this," Christian said shaking his head overwhelmed. "What the hell are you doing here in New York?"

"I had to come find you," Hallie replied, her voice trembling.

"You flew all the way out here to look for me?" Christian asked as if she had to have been lying.

"Yes," Hallie admitted.


"You know why. Because I love you Christian."

He wrapped her safely in his arms, shielding her from the cold, or anything else daring to harm her. Still surprised, he took a step back to hold her face in his hands, just to make sure this was real.

"Are you alright?" he eyed her, suspicious at how wide eyed and frightened she appeared to be.

"I'm the one that should be asking you that!"

His eyes darted around her as if he could sense someone did something to her.

"I kind of got mugged, but some cops found me," Hallie answered his silent question.

"You what? Where are they? I will f*****g kill them for touching you!" Christian's hands balled up into fists as he peered around her.

"I'm alright, I'm fine," Hallie smiled, placing his her hand on Christian's arm to calm him. He exhaled angrily, his breath visible in the cold.

"Don't worry about me please," Hallie stroked his back. "I just�Thank God. Thank God you are alright Christian," she whispered, her trembling turning into full on sobs as she pressed her head against his chest.

"Well I assume you heard about Derek," he spoke softly.

"Yes, and I'm so sorry."

"Not as sorry as the f****r who killed him will be!" he roared.

"So is that what you are doing out here? Looking for whoever did it? How are you going to find them if the cops can't even do it?" Hallie pointed out, swiping his hand back into hers.

"I found you didn't I?" he smirked.

She smiled a shaky, shivering smile in response. He was really alive, and here he was trying to avenge a life lost when she was trying to save his. She hoped that she would be enough to distract him, the last thing he needed was more danger, he had been lucky enough to survive in the first place.

With the combination of nearly getting killed and seeing Christian, her head began wildly spinning and she held onto him tightly nearly tipping over. She wished the thugs took her stupid a*s boots. Besides being adorable they were completely useless for running away, let alone walking.

"It's okay, I got you," Christian said easily lifting her up, and cradling her tight against his body. Balancing her with one hand he reached up with the other to push away the hair that had become matted to her forehead. Hallie felt her body becoming more limp with each second he carried her, as if she was a wilting flower on the verge of floating away. It wasn't exactly normal to feel so light and serene after an assault, but when an angel comes out of the night to give a girl a second chance at love, she is able to finally rest with the weightlessness of relief.

© 2008 Evil_Angel

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So sweet, I like this chapter and I'm glad Hallie didn't get raped...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Awwwww.. So cute!!!! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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