Back On Track

Back On Track

A Chapter by Evil_Angel

There will be a chapter inbetween this and the one before about Christian...its kinda hard to figure out how to write it at the moment but it should be pretty similar to before, so dont worry about it. again same stuff lol save your eyes :P

Back on Track

"Oh you're here thank god!" Roxie McClure leaped out of her seat upon seeing Hallie.

Inside the studio was brightly lit with several camera men setting up film equipment, and huge delivery looking guys trying to mount a hot pink Hot Girls That Can Cook sign above the stage, which was set just like a kitchen, a kitchen that had been overtaken with lavish amounts of estrogen. The stove was a hot pink, along with the oven, and pink marble counters. In fact all of the walls were pink, and were blindingly highlighted by the black carpet. The place looked like a sexed up version of Barbie's kitchen, and couldn't have looked anymore eye catching .

"Wow," Hallie gazed around in awe. It was a completely different thing actually seeing it rather than just imagining it how it would be, and now here it was, unfolding before her eyes.

Hallie's thoughts were interrupted by Roxie loudly clapping in her face.

"You need to get backstage now! You should have called me back first, you're totally wearing the wrong thing!"


"But you told me to just come-.."

"Backstage! Now!" Roxie shoved her up the stairs and around back to the dressing rooms. "They are going to give a new outfit, lets just hope they have you're size!" she called after her.

What was Roxie freaking out about anyway? It wasn't like they were actually going on the air, it was just a rehearsal. Wasn't it?

Hallie entered the dressing room which had become overrun with stylists, make up artists, and five gorgeous girls with enormously large b***s, staring back at Hallie oddly.

By wearing the wrong thing, was Roxie referring to her lack of breast implants? She looked around and noticed that everyone, except for her had huge fake b***s, that or they just came from really good genes. Hallie looked down evaluating her size C's, never before feeling, well, too small. There was such thing as penis envy, and apparently now breast envy existed too.

What the hell was Roxie thinking casting her? Sure she had a pretty face, and natural healthy look to her, but that was just the thing! She was natural, there was nothing fake about her, except for her occasional acrylic nails which she'd been too lazy to upkeep, but apparently, Hot Girls That Can Cook wasn't about cooking at all, it was just about hot girls. Hot fake girls.

"I'm sorry, I think I'm in the wrong place," Hallie muttered to no one in particular.

"Hailey Harris?" a middle aged but attractive woman with a list of names in her hand read out loud.

"Uh it's Hallie. Like Halle Berry. Yeah that's me but I-,"

"Well you're in the right place then!," the woman announced matter-of-factly.

"Right�I just don't think I belong here," Hallie blushed. She had no idea why she was feeling so shy, she'd gone out in front of thousands of people in nothing but lingerie, with models that were a foot taller than her. Obviously bigger breasts were much more intimidating than height.

"Come here, why don't we just get you in an outfit and see how you look," the woman took Hallie's hand and pulled her behind the fitting room. "I'm Mary, I'm the stylist, although I don't even know why they need me, the outfits have already been chosen."

"They have?" Hallie exclaimed.

"Yes, let me find you the right size, you look like you're about a size two for a skirt, am I right?" she said sorting through bins of clothing.

"Yes, and for a shirt like, a hundred times smaller than those chicks out there."

Mary stopped what she was doing, as she held a skimpy black pleated skirt in her hands, giving Hallie an understanding smile.

"Listen, when they did the casting they decided to choose all types of girls. Look out there," Mary pointed pushing back the fitting room curtain.

Hallie looked, and everyone really was different. Different races, different heights, but they still all had way bigger b***s than her.

"The show is looking for variety," Mary continued, "this is kind of like an audition. They are going to decide which girls they want to keep not just based on looks alone. Plus what do you have to worry about? You're gorgeous, they picked you for a reason."

She was absolutely right, and Hallie, cockily enough, thought that Mary had to be the most intelligent person alive for reminding her that she was gorgeous, and also that it was going to take more than looks to do well. Roxie did pick her for a reason, and she would show everyone that she had made the right choice.
"Put those on, we'll see how that looks," Mary said handing her the clothes.

"Thank you," Hallie smiled graciously. It was so nice having someone motivate her before something totally nerve racking, even if it wasn't a hot ex-boyfriend.

Hallie unbuttoned her Ralph Lauren shirt, and put on a low cut black ripped tank top, with the words, Hot Girls That Can Cook printed across the chest in pink, similar to the cursive sign out on stage. Then she slipped out of the python skirt, and into the mini black school girl type skirt which barely covered her tan behind. When she paired them with her own heals, she did a double take in the mirror.

Why in the hell had she been doubting herself before? She looked awesome, and was surprised to see herself out of her normally elegant designer wear, into something, well, more revealing. She also never really wore black, but seeing how good it looked with her tan skin tone she decided maybe she needed to add a bit of black to her wardrobe. She proudly stepped outside the fitting room, and joined all of the other girls in the dressing room, all wearing the same thing as her.

The girls eyed her enviously as she stepped in to join them. See, even double d breasted girls had insecurities.

"So what have you been in?" a girl with cropped dark brown hair and nearly black eyes interrogated.

"Huh?" Hallie asked, trying to tug the skirt over her thighs.

"We were just talking about our acting experience," a girl with natural look platinum blonde hair informed while applying lip gloss.

"Oh, I don't really have that much acting experience. I was in the La Perla lingerie show, well sort of. What about you girls?"

"I mostly do high fashion print work, and was also in a toothpaste commercial."

"I was in a soap opera for a few episodes."

As the girls bragged on and on about their five minutes of fame here and there, Hallie began feeling more and more intimated. All of these girls had tons of modeling and acting experience. That was to be expected in Los Angeles, but all Hallie had under her belt was the one flopped runway show and some commercials she was in as a little kid. She'd been too busy going to college and studying like an idiot. Because it was a way better choice to try and be a Hollywood star than get an education. Hallie breathed in trying to remember that it wasn't about the acting experience. It was about the cooking and about being presentable. She'd taken several communication classes, and knew how to interact with people. How about millions of people?

Roxie suddenly burst into the dressing room, with an aura of panic that she always seemed to carry around with her.

"They want to see you first!" she panted out of breath. "Are you ready?"

The girls looked at her alarmed, and then in relief that they didn't have to go first.

"Uh I don't know? What am I supposed to do?"

"They'll tell you don't worry," Roxie said pulling her out of the dressing room, and towards the stage. "It's a very important rehearsal, so just relax." Yeah way to take the pressure off.

"Okay, alright I'm ready," Hallie said wiggling out of Roxie's grasp, and walking to the blindingly bright lights out on set.

"Just remember, do what you did at that�cake contest or whatever. You'll be great," she said grinning a bleached teeth white grin, holding two thumbs up and stepping back to where the studio audience would normally be.

The crew, cameras and all were perched up in front and around the stage, making it impossible to forget that she was trying out for a television show.

"Stand over there," a shaggy guy barked, pointing to tape marked on the black carpeted floor while loudly chewing his gum. Hallie assumed he was the director so she nervously walked to the mark, awaiting directions.

"So you got a lot of acting under you're belt?"

"Well, yes I-"

"Great," he interrupted. "The recipe is right there on the counter if you need to look at it. You are going to be making cr�me brulee. Explain the recipe while doing it, and make it exciting, not boring like all those other shows you see. Make it sexy, interesting. You think you can do that?" he said turning his dorky baseball cap backwards, looking even dorkier.

"Yes," Hallie replied starting to feel that familiar throw up feeling.

"You're pretty, she's very pretty," the director nodded approvingly at Roxie.

"Thank you," Hallie blushed pinker than the banner above her head.

"But you have to prove to me that you're hot. Sell it to me. We're going to film this one, see how it looks. Ready? And three, two, one, action!" he yelled.

Quickly Hallie's eyes darted down to look at the recipe. It was better than looking into the intimidating cameras, and into a critical eyeing crew that probably were going to fire her in five minutes. She couldn't figure out why she was so nervous. Yeah this was going to be aired live someday, but it was cooking. Her favorite thing to do in the world.

"Cut!" the director screamed impatiently. "What are you doing? Do you even know what cr�me brulee is? Have you ever made it before?"

"Of course."

"Well you can't just sit there and read the f*****g recipe. Who's going to want to watch that? Try it again just relax, tell us when you're ready."

Hallie closed her eyes, trying to remember Christian's words of kindness before she went out at the La Perla show. All she could remember right now was kissing him, and then him threatening to kick everyone's a*s for being mean to her. But he wasn't here, no one could stand up for her except herself, and she realized she didn't need him, she was just fine on her own.

"The clock is ticking!" the director hollered impatiently.

Hallie took a deep breath, and opened her eyes feeling refreshed.

"Let's do it," she said shoving the recipe aside.

"Alright lets try this again. This time introduce yourself, and then go. Three, two, one, action!"

"Hello, my name is Hallie Harris," she spoke in an alluring tone, coming out from behind the counter so the camera could get a full body shot of her. "And today on Hot Girls That Can Cook, I'm going to show you, how to make the smoothest, most delicious cr�me brulee you'll ever taste."

From the corner of her eye, she could see Roxie McClure beaming with pride.

"Cr�me brule translates into burnt cr�me, but with my help, that won't be happening." As she went on to create the recipe, she tried to speak clearly while explaining the recipe in a sexy way, which she knew would keep a man's attention. Once she added everything, and it finally came out of the oven, she took out the steaming hot cups of custard, and tried as charmingly as possible to display them for the camera, then place it back on the counter.

Out of nowhere, she stuck her finger inside the creation, slowly licking it, and moaning at how good it was.

"Mmmm delicious. So whether you're cooking for a group, or just that special someone, cr�me brulee is the perfect treat. For more delicious recipes just turn on Hot Girls That Can Cook. We can't wait to see you," Hallie murmured playfully into the camera, trying her best not to crack up at herself.

"And that's a wrap!"

Hallie had been so immersed in her weird role playing cooking act, that she hadn't even looked at the director for approval, but now that she looked around the room, she could see everyone smiling like it was Christmas Day.

"Perfect! You nailed it," the director said applauding, causing a chain reaction in the room.

"Really?" Hallie squealed in shock. No one was demanding that home for looking like a total dork? People were actually praising her level of sexiness? Sure she'd been sexy for boys in private, but never in front of a crowd, and never on film. This type of attention could definitely start growing her. Uh oh, hopefully not in the direction of adult film.

No definitely not. She absolutely loved this, and cooking for so many people, well future viewers, just felt so fulfilling.

"Great job," Roxie walked up the steps on stage to shake her hand. "I just knew you'd be good. Wasn't I right Tom?" she yelled over to the director.

"It isn't official yet, but definitely expect to be hearing from us," gum chewing Tom came up to shake her hand as well. "Practice in the mirror a lot at home. The recipes will be mostly desserts but you might have to do some entr�e's as well. Sound good?"

"That sounds perfect!"

"Again, excellent work, and only on the second take too! You're a natural at this. Are you prepared for your whole life to turn around? This is one of the seasons most anticipated shows. We're going to start filming in February."

"Oh my god, that's in less than two weeks!" Hallie exclaimed.

"You better be ready." Tom said flipping his baseball cap to the front again.

"I will be," Hallie promised. She already was ready, she never imagined something this cool to happen to her, and she was excited to see what he meant by her whole life turning around. For now her life was finally back on track, and there was no man in it to distract her. She wouldn't have had it any other way, unless of course the impossible happened, but it had, and now it was long gone, lost on the other coast, and hopefully doing well.

© 2008 Evil_Angel

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