I'd Like to Thank all the Little People

I'd Like to Thank all the Little People

A Chapter by Evil_Angel

Again a lil different, but all in all the same plot as before.

I'd Like To Thank All the Little People

        "To Hot Girls!" everyone shouted in unison over the pounding music. Hallie tipped her shot of Kamikaze straight down her throat, then went back to her shameless display of white girl hip hop that one only does after three previous shots of Tequila and one deadly Long Island Iced Tea. Dressed in full Hot Girls uniform she danced back to back with her leggy blonde costar Bianca.

        Everyone had a reason to dance, the ratings for the debut of the first episode had exceeded everyone's expectations, and the hype for upcoming shows was becoming so overwhelming, that the only thing Hallie could think about doing was drinking and dancing, which was perfect since the new beloved cast were automatically escorted into the VIP section of Les Deux. In fact, any night club the "Hot Girls" wanted to go to, the staff would gladly kiss their feet and beg them to sit in the VIP section for a little publicity. Of course it wasn't the first time Hallie had been let into VIP, but this time it wasn't based on her looks alone, people actually knew her and recognized her face, which wasn't hard, since just a few blocks away the "Hot Girls That Can Cook" billboard was staring down at every passing person.

        Before Hallie received the message that the cast was getting together for some drinks at Les Deux, Abby made her promise that morning not to make any plans for the evening. Hallie figured that Abby would just want to hang out, and paint each others nails or something, but after Hallie got the message from her fellow "Hot Girls" she figured all that could wait, and being in the public eye right now was much more important than a girly night in.

        Hallie saw her phone flashing brightly through her Balenciaga bag for the millionth time that evening, as a blatant reminder of someone trying to reach her. Ignoring it, Hallie continued dancing, and looked down to see people clustered around trying to catch a glimpse of the newly labeled celebrities.

        "Want to give them a show?" Bianca proposed over her shoulder, whipping her long natural blonde hair around.

        Hallie slyly grinned and nodded agreeably. Both girls went from dancing back to back, to face each other only inches apart. Continuing to dance, Bianca grabbed Hallie's hand, dancing lower and lower to the floor practically up in Hallie's breasts. From below Hallie could see several men who had ditched the girls they were dancing with to come stare up at the show. Jaws hung open as Bianca swung her a*s back and forth, and just for added pleasure, Hallie stuck her finger in her mouth, and lightly bit down, knowing how insane it would drive every guy there. Just like she expected, they inched closer to the VIP section, looking like they were about to scale the wall like monkeys. Security quickly blocked them off, threatening to kick them out, and both girls crashed down on the plush sofa giggling hysterically.

        "Good work partner", Bianca congratulated. Bianca had become Hallie's new best friend on the show. They shared a similar sense of humor and mischievousness, and so far had gotten along great. All of her cast mates were incredibly nice, but what did anyone have to be mean about when they were all becoming famous?

        Hallie's phone rang yet again, this time she could somewhat hear it over the music. Without looking at the number, she picked it up, and drunkenly shouted "What?" into the receiver.

        "Where are you?" Abby demanded.

        "Oh, at Les Deux. It's a "Hot Girls That Can Cook" requirement that we all get wasted on our day off!" Hallie explained as the other girls laughed in the background.

        "What!? So you aren't coming at all? You are already hours late and now you're not going to be here at all?"

        Even through her drunken state Hallie could tell Abby was mad, but she had no explanation for her. Distracted to even try and think of one, Hallie saw Roxy McClure approaching her alongside another important looking woman.

        "You're a sweetheart. I'll talk to you later okay?"

        "Hallie!" Abby exclaimed before Hallie hung up on her.

        "Mrs. Hurston this is our gem of the show, Ms. Hallie Harris," Roxy introduced the giraffe of a lady. Hallie knew this person had to be important by the way Roxy was acting so formal. Plus she was the only person in the club dressed in a business suit.

        "Hello," Hallie blindly put forth a hand, trying her best not to appear too drunk.

        "Mrs. Hurston here is the editor and chief of Magnifique magazine, she is very interested in doing a spread on you and your unique recipes."

        "Oh my gosh, I'm a subscriber to Magnifique!"

        "We think you would be perfect. We'd like to do a feature article on you. She definitely has front cover material doesn't she?" Mrs. Hurston nodded approvingly towards Roxy.

        "No freaking way�," Hallie almost toppled over in her chair, partially from being drunk, partially from being surprised. Was she just hallucinating from having one too many Tequila shots or was this actually happening? Was Magnifique, one of the most popular magazines for college age women and up, actually going to put her on the cover?

        "No way," Hallie repeated dazed, and imagining a fan blowing her long hair back as stylists gathered around her making sure she looked absolutely perfect.

        "In a few weeks I will have one of my writers contact you if that's alright. You both can meet for lunch, she will be asking you various questions relevant to our magazine. You know, about how you got started cooking, what your background is, the basics. Then after that you will come to the studio for a day long photo shoot. Does that sound like something you can handle?"

        "Yes, definitely," Hallie nodded. Even drunk Hallie knew to always say yes to magazine covers. Too bad it wasn't some fully nude magazine, her parents would just love that.

        "Here is my card, call if you have any questions," Mrs. Hurston handed it over to Hallie. "I will also be in contact with Roxy if you have anything to ask her. Well enjoy the rest of the evening ladies, you deserve it, and congrats on the success of the show!"

        "Oh thank you so much!" Hallie exclaimed as if the business card she was holding was an Oscar. So she wasn't at the Academy Awards yet, but it sure felt like it.

        After about two in the morning, when people began leaving the club, Hallie bid her farewell to everyone and took a taxi home. As she leaned her head back against the car seat, she closed her eyes, and imagined herself on the cover of Magnifique, with her name written across the cover. It was amazing how much her life had recently changed since the new year started. Her head began spinning with the memory of her old, na�ve self.

        She could see herself, dressed as Little Red Riding on Halloween night, sitting on the stairs of an alley, lost, with her head in her hands, unaware of the lurking wolf only inches away. In her vision she saw him take off the wolf mask, revealing his face, revealing his true self. She remembered not only feeling surprised, but relief. Relief that he was alive, relief that he was there, with her.

        The one thing she still couldn't get her head around, was how he had basically rejected her in New York, after she so embarrassingly went there to search for him. How stupid was she to go after him like that? How stupid was he to reject her? After begging her to be with him, decorating a castle full of Christmas lights, then telling her that they were too different for it to ever work?

        Damn right they were different, and they would be even more opposite, now that Hallie was on the road to stardom. Not only was she on a successful television show, but soon she would grace the cover of an extremely well known magazine. He would be bound to see her on TV, or on the magazine cover at some little stand in freezing New York.

        What would he say then? Would he say anything? Would she even see him again? Nausea began building up in her stomach, and Hallie took a deep breath of air to chase it away. She wasn't about to let him ruin this moment for her by thinking about him, thinking about all of the possible things that could be happening to him, good or bad. There was no point in wondering about him when he didn't want her. It wasn't like he was wondering about her enough to pick up the phone and call. Just thinking about his voice made goose bumps rise up and down her arms.

        "Hey lady! Wake up, we're here!"

        Hallie's eyes fluttered open from her half asleep day dream. She fished some money out of her purse, tossed it at the driver, and walked across the dark beach to her house. Bright lights radiated through the multistory glass home, which was strange since it was past two in the morning. Still tipsy, she searched forever for her house key , and slowly creaked it open so as not to wake Abby.

        To Hallie's surprised, Abby was kneeling at the entryway picking up what looked to be deflated balloons, and throwing them in the waste bin. Abby looked up shooting Hallie a hateful stare, then looked back down at the floor ignoring her presence.

"S**t," Hallie said in her mind. Nothing like the fury of a best friend to sober you up.

        Looking past the kitchen Hallie could see a very melted and deformed ice cream cake sitting on the counter, spelling out the words Congratulations in blue icing. Hallie's heart sunk in her chest as the guilt began to take over.

        "Abby, I'm so sorry, I-,"

        "Did you have fun?" Abby sharply interrupted. Hallie had never seen her normally quiet best friend so pissed off, it was kind of scary.

        "I thought by getting together you meant like, just a night in, you know?" Hallie stammered knowing no explanation was good enough.

        "Yeah because a night in with me must suck compared to being out with a bunch of drunk w****s," Abby muttered.

        "They aren't w****s, they are my friends," Hallie stated.

        "I know, and I guess I'm not anymore. Same with the other people who showed up."

        "The other people?" Hallie asked confused.

        "Yeah, I had this whole party planned out for you. Julia, Kristin, Ryan, Luke, everyone showed up. Even your parents were here. Imagine how I had to explain that the guest of honor hung up on me when I tried to call her."

        "I'm so sorry, I had no idea you were planning all of this, really," Hallie pleaded.

        "So next time I should tell you I'm planning some big party, that way you'll actually want to hang out with me?" Abby stood up from where she was kneeling, with fire in her hazel eyes.

        "It's not like that at all, I said I was sorry, what else can I do?"

        "You can stop acting like�.like a," Abby's voice trailed off.

        "Like a what?" Hallie challenged, knowing that Abby wouldn't dare say it.

        "Like a b***h!"

        Or maybe she would say it. Still, it left Hallie shocked that Abby would even cuss, but she was absolutely right, she was acting like a b***h, and if someone as shy as Abby could say it, then it was probably true, but for some reason, Hallie was numb to her insult, and stood frozen in place.

        "Just look at yourself!" Abby pointed to the entryway wall mirror.

        Hallie slowly turned her head towards her reflection. Her curly hair was wildly strewn about her face, and her dark eye make up was smeared from the sweat of dancing. It wasn't just that she looked exhausted from a night at the club, she just looked, well, trashy. Looking down at her skimpy Hot Girls That Can Cook outfit was no better. She knew that she would never wear those clothes off set, but here she was, partying in them, basically as a walking advertisement. Still the numbness remained.

        "You aren't you anymore! You aren't Hallie! The girl who loves to cook for her friends and family, not so a bunch of perverts can drool over you! Where is the old Hallie?" Abby begged nearly in tears.

        "She's gone! She was nothing! She was never good enough for her parents, or for David, or for Christian, and now she's better than everybody! You want to know what I was doing tonight? I was making a name for myself. I am going to be on the cover of Magnifique, that's probably something you only dream about right? Well it's actually happening to me!"

        "Good for you. In the interview you can tell them that you've become a total b***h. I need to pack, I'll be out of your way by tomorrow." With that Abby stomped upstairs to her bedroom.

        Faint crying echoed through the house, making Hallie's numbness quickly disappear, and have to swallow the lump in her throat to keep from doing the same. She couldn't believe Abby, but mostly she couldn't believe herself, and how she was just standing there when her best friend was devastated, but what could she do about it now?

        She couldn't just quit the show, she couldn't take back the things she said about being better than everyone. Sadness about her parents rarely ever telling her they loved her, was being replaced by the fame and attention that "Hot Girls" had to offer, and at the same time it had just destroyed her relationship with Abby, a girl that was her true friend, that loved her unconditionally. Well, used to.

        Was it true that someone could grow out of their friends? What about best friends? Did people just move on to new friendships as their lives changed? Did that also apply to ones love life? Either way Hallie knew that she never wanted to be the way she was before, because the old Hallie never grew out of Christian West, the only guy that could ever bring her back to Earth. She would love him forever, she couldn't deny that, but maybe by being someone different, she would eventually forget, because by now she was certain he had forgotten all about her.



© 2008 Evil_Angel

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