A Chapter by Evil_Angel

Marc shows up at Kent's out of nowhere, it seems a little weird, you'll see why :P

Ch 10

The night Kent left the hospital, the Doctor instructed him to take it easy and just sleep most of the day, but so far he had been doing the exact opposite. He had left straight from the hospital to see Erica last night, and today he had spent the whole morning getting a crash course in property management, which was not only exhausting, but also stressful. There was so much to learn in so little time that Kent wasn't sure he'd be able to do it all.

Now he was back home, and finally had the opportunity to sleep after his long night out with Erica, and his early morning with Mitch, but that was the last thing he wanted to do. Instead he went straight to his fathers old wine cellar, and rustled through it till he found a gem, Chivas Regal Royal Salute, a more than fifty year old bottle, only two hundred and fifty five bottles released in the world, ten thousand dollars a bottle.

Too weary to even care about serving it properly, Kent flopped onto the wooden floor of the insulated wine cellar, and drank it straight out of the bottle, challenging himself to gulp back every last drop. He flinched after only a few sips of the strong taste, and removed the drink from his lips deciding he should take it slower. That would be the responsible thing to do, he thought laughing outloud. So far, since his father died, he had drank five bottles of his dads expensive booze and passed out in a total of seven rooms. He still had several bottles and several rooms to go. Talk about goals. Passing out in the wine cellar would be a new triumph for him if he could do it with out sleeping for days.

Just as he was about to give it another shot, he heard the doorbell chime loudly throughout the house. Pissed off by the interuption, he rolled his eyes and ignored it, until the doorbell rang again.
"God damnit!" he shouted, already feeling the whiskey and struggling to stand up. He left the bottle open on the floor, and stumbled up the stairs, down the hallway to answer the door. The doorbell rang a third time.

Too annoyed to check and see who it was, Kent flung the door open to see Marcus standing in a wet suit holding his own bright neon yellow surfboard.

"What the f**k?" Kent asked dizzily blinded by the color.

"Hey man, I thought I'd come by and we go surfing. Want to go?"

"Uh, I don't know if i should be. I just got out of the hospital last night."

"What's wrong? You're not up for it?" Marcus challenged moving closer to Kent so that they were nearly face to face.

"I am, but-,"

"But nothing," Marcus cut off. "Come on get your board and lets go, the sun's not even down yet."

"I usually go in the morning," Kent replied, but Marcus didn't hear him he had already begun walking towards the water.
Not wanting to look like a whimp, Kent went back inside, changed into board shorts got his surfboard and joined Marcus outside. He knew that going in the chilly afternoon ocean was definitely not what he should be doing. Actually the whole time he had been out of the hospital he'd been doing exactly what he wasn't supposed to, but Marc seemed extra intent on surfing, almost angry.

When Kent reached the shoreline he saw that Marc was already in the water diving under the swells. Kent lay flat on his board and paddled out, and quickly caught up to him. Marc paused and turned to Kent startled as he swam ahead of him.

"I thought you haven't done this in a while," Marc panted trying to catch up with him.

"I haven't, but it never leaves you," Kent said rising up, sucessfully catching the first wave he tried, and smoothly riding past Marc. Marc tried to stand up, but was too late and fell into the water. By the time Marc surfaced Kent had already paddled back out further than Marc.

"Hey wait! Don't ride that wave, I want to ask you something," Marcus waved, and slowly swam the several yards up to Kent.

Who's not up for it again? Kent thought silently, as he watched his best friend try to catch his breath, but of course didn't say anything like Marc probably would have done. "What is it?"

"You know that Nikki girl?"

"Nikki, Nikki," Kent racked his brain, visually going through several similar looking airheads.

"The one Erica said visited you in the hospital?"

"Oh yeah, with the dark brown hair. What about her?"

"Are you sleeping with her?"

"I have before," Kent chuckled. "Why do you ask?"

"Well when was the last time?"

"Oh I don't know, a couple of weeks ago," Kent thought back, and realized he hadn't slept with anyone since he met Erica. "Why?"

Even through the ocean mist Kent could see Marcus growing a shade of purple, trembling as he sat on top of the surfboard. Kent watched as Marcus avoided his stare, a look of jealously washing over his face as he bobbed up and down on the waves. Kent couldn't believe it.

"Are you kidding me? You are messing around on Erica?"

"Yeah so what?" Marcus shrugged. "I'm just surprised we've been screwing the same girl"

Kent had no idea what to say, and began trembling himself. The news of screwing the same girl hadn't even phased him. Nikki screwed everyone, she was just a s**t like the rest, but how could Marcus let Erica believe he was this good guy that fully intended to marry her and stay loyal? Kent wanted to hit Marc in the face, or go tell Erica, or do something. How could Marcus cheat on a great girl like Erica? Okay so she was a bit of a liar, actually more than a bit, since her whole life with Marcus was a lie, and she had a major problem with kleptomania, but all in all she was a good person. She had cared enough to stay at the hospital even though she hardly knew him, then again he probably knew her better than anyone since she lied to everyone else. Either way, Marcus was lying to her too, the whole relationship was fake. All Kent wanted to do was get away, he couldn't stand looking at Marc any longer.

"Where do you think your going?" Marc forcefully pulled Kent back by the arm.

"I should have known you were cheating on her, she deserves better than that."
"What are you going to do now, go tell her?"
"I don't know yet," Kent said shaking Marc's grasp off. "But I can't talk to you right now, I need to go."
"I knew you liked her," Marcus accused laughing. "Look at you getting all defensive over her."

"She's a good person, and you are garbage, she needs to know that."

Marcus finally became silenced, and just as Kent was about to turn to swim away, Marcus hopped off his board, fastened both hands to the front of the surboard, and quickly jut it forwards into Kent's side. The pointy surface immediately caused him to bleed, spilling dark red into the ocean, and knocking the wind out of Kent.

Kent put his hand below his ribs where the board had hit him, and was alarmed to see his fingers quickly wash over with blood.

"S**t!" Marc cursed regretfully but a twinge of satisfaction filling his face.

Kent's eyes watered as he fought to catch his breath. He slowly took his hand away and looked down at the wound. The deep gash was bleeding profusely. Kent took a deep breath unable to say anything. Afraid that Marc might do something else, he took all the strength he had left to lay on the surfboard and paddle back to shore.

He screamed loudly when the salt water hit the wound, but kept going, almost as quick as he had been before the injury.

"Wait!" Marcus called after him, but Kent ignored him and swam back, trying his best to ignore the pain. Flashes of Erica went through his mind as he got closer and closer to land. She would be so pissed when he told her about all this, and then she would finally be with him. She could forget all about poverty and come live in his fathers house with him, and in turn he would forget his loneliness. They could start a life together without lies, without infidelity, because he knew if he was engaged to her, he wouldn't even think of messing around with anyone else.

Kent finally approached the shore, allowing the last wave to wash him onto the sand. He stumbled across the beach, and unlatched the leash from his ankle, leaving the surfboard on shore, and watched distantly as it floated back into the water. He knew he had to get pressure on his wound, so there was no time to waste going back and getting his board. Blood dripped across the sand as he made his way to the front door. He put his hand over the cut, to see that it was still being flooded over with blood.

He fell onto his front door, and managed to open it, collapsing onto the entryway floor. He did his best to stand himself up, wobbled to the closest bathroom and took a hand towel off the rack pressing it on the cut. Finally, after what seemed like a while, the bleeding began to slow, and Kent leaned against the bathroom wall, and tried his best not to pass out from light headedness.

"You shouldn't have fucked with me Whitlock. No one sleeps with my girls," Kent heard Marcus call from the front door. "You don't want to end up like your daddy now do you?"

Kent winced, and struggled to stand up, but knew he had to incase he needed to defend himself.
"Where are you? Oh wait, heres a nice trail of blood," Marcus shouted, his voice growing closer and closer.

Kent was in disbelief. Was Marcus seriously this psychotic? Kent tried as softly as possible to breathe in and out, but it was difficult since he just wanted to scream from the pain he was in. Maybe he could go out of the bathroom and face Marc, if he could just stand up all the way.

"Kent?" a feminine voice echoed through the house. Kent held his breath and knew that the voice had also startled Marcus

"Kent, your door is wide open," the girl repeated. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed, probably at the blood all over the floor.

"Where are you?" she called frantically, he could hear her running in his direction, knowing that from the worry in her voice that it had to have been Erica.

"I'm here," Kent risked saying, but it hardly came out in a whisper. "I'm here," he tried again louder this time. He shifted his weight and stood leaning against the wall, tightening the towel around his side, becoming startled at the sound of two people running into eachother.

"Oh! Marc! There is blood all over the place. Are you bleeding?" Erica inquired.

"What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that?" Marcus ignored her question.
Worried about Erica, Kent forced himself to come out of the room, and into the hallway where the couple stood.

Erica gasped at the sight of him. She immediately saw the gash on Kent's bare stomach and rushed to him.

"What happened?" she shrieked, as he painfully lowered himself to the floor. No one answered , but when she looked up at Marc's sinister face, she knew the answer.

"You did this to him?", she demanded turning away from Kent. "Tell me, did you f*****g do this to him?" she launched forward and shoved him as hard as she could, smacking Marc in the face over and over. Marcus simply stood still, taking every hit like he was frozen in a state of rage, but about to attack any minute.

Erica felt strong shoulders wrap around her and gently pull her away, she turned surprised to see Kent pulling her off.

"He didn't do this," Kent panted, looking at Marc. "I was surfing, it was an accident."

"But your bleeding, and he's just standing there as if he did it!"

"It's what Kent said, it was an accident," Marcus echoed.

"Well then we need to take you to a hospital," Erica stammered.

"No," Kent exhaled. "I'll be alright, it stopped bleeding, mostly. Let me just sit for a while."

"Of course," Erica said coming back to his side, and holding him up. "Here, come sit," she said leading him out of the hallway and into the living room, where Kent flopped onto the couch.

"I'm going to get more towels," she said disappearing out of the room.

Marcus slowly entered standing a distance, looking down at Kent.

"Hey man, I'm really sorry. I just lose my temper sometimes, you know? Thanks for covering for me. Are you alright?"

"I should tell her what you did," Kent said hoarsely.

"Fine, tell her that I stabbed you with a surfboard. She won't believe you anyway," Marcus replied confidentally, but with a slight tremble to his voice.

"Not about that."

"Then what? About Nikki? She'll cover for me. Plus Erica thinks that you are the one f*****g her."
"I'm back," Erica announced with a handful of towels, one damp. She set them on the couch next to Kent, then knelt on the floor by his side.

"What were you thinking, going out and surfing?" Erica scolded, as she lightly dabbed at the cut.

"I don't know," Kent mumbled closing his eyes, just wanting to get away from the two crazy liars.

"I asked you before Erica, why are you dressed like that? Like a waitress?" Marcus demanded loudly.

Kent felt Erica pause tending to the wound, and then felt the dabbing stop completely. Kent couldn't wait to hear the explanation for this one, or maybe for once she'd tell the truth, but he would just have to find out when he woke up, because for now he couldn't even keep his eyes open. Maybe everything would be right when he woke up, at least he hoped so.

© 2008 Evil_Angel

Author's Note

I know its a bit rushed I apologize for that.

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No, I guess you didn't rush it over here...but as such you were more random.
And its quite obvious to write in that pace when you have to describe such an unexpected event in one chapter.
Great work!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Hey Evil.

It was a little rushed, I have a feeling you were trying to get it all out. I do that sometimes myself. This was a good chapter! I knew Marc was going to say someting, and I thought maybe he'd puch Kent, but the thing with the surfboard was totally unexpected! Loved it. I want more. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I loved it i think that it is really good, I see how it could come off feeling a little bit rushed but that is ok I still like it keep it up. I think you are an amazing writer and your stories always keep me entertained.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

It does seem rushed but I still like it. I can't believe Kent is keeping quiet about Marcus, he's obviously a more loyal friend than Marc deserves.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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