You're Here

You're Here

A Poem by E.V. Black

Crooning your tune of self-reproach and guilt, crumbling all the walls you’ve built.


Expecting, wanting,

here and there

you’re haunting.

Tug of war,

which way’s which?

Trying to save me,

really to enslave me.

Chains of blood,

chains of gold,

both melting as

they grow old.


And here I thought,

here I prayed,

just for you

to get well-paid

by the misery

I’m in,

by all the pain

and all the sin,

baring teeth

and grinding bones,

just to be

forever alone

in this state

you made yourself,

viewing life

from a shelf.


Sitting there,

singing a song,

waiting for us

to get along,

only to be cut

open wide

and really

seeing inside

at the pain

you’ve caused.

But you don’t

even pause

to consider

where we are,

you just wish

on the brightest star

to be away

from it all

and have someone else

take the fall.


Swinging your legs

like a child,

loving like

you’re too wild

for this time,

for this place;

to you, it’s

all a race

to see

who will win

and become

the champion.

Still you know

and you see

that things aren’t right

with me,

and you know

and deny

what’s in front

of your eyes.


You sit up there

on your shelf,

believing you’re

beyond all help.

Crooning your tune

of self-reproach and guilt,

crumbling all the walls

you’ve built.

Stuck in a spiral

you won’t leave,

thinking of a past

you endlessly grieve.

Get over yourself;

you’re not alone,

you’re not the only one

without a phone

for someone to pick up

and listen to you,

to channel your

pain right into.

You’re not the only one

who exists,

who screams and cries

and slits their wrists.

This is OUR reality,

this is OUR time,

plainly exhibited

in this rhyme.

Embrace it,

feel it,

rip open your chest

and reveal it.

Feel the cold,

feel the rain,

fall upon your

flesh again

to evaporate from

fevered skin

and wash away

all your sin.


Become true,

become real,

but don’t forget

you’re HERE.

© 2017 E.V. Black

Author's Note

E.V. Black
This is my first piece of writing published here in a long while. I've been going through a lot lately, but I'm determined to return again.

I hope you enjoy this latest piece.

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This really opens up the core of the soul. Visceral and pognant thoughts that lead the reader to reflect also, good to read you today hon :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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E.V. Black

4 Years Ago

I've been experiencing a lot and thinking a lot, and this is what came out. I feel like this is one .. read more

4 Years Ago

It's good to have that surge after a while x
E.V. Black

4 Years Ago

It so is

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1 Review
Added on March 2, 2017
Last Updated on March 2, 2017
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E.V. Black
E.V. Black

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