14 hours

14 hours

A Poem by ExposedSiren

The same thoughts from before, revisited and revised.

These words have been stuck in my throat since last we spoke,
written over and over,
and then erased once more.
The light in my way was blinding,
and stretched my shadow much too far...
Where did this light come from?
You aren't one in a million,
And I wouldn't say one of a kind.
I can't even say I meet someone like you every once in awhile.
Meeting someone like you happens once in a lifetime.
It has taken me so long to realize that
I'm not the hero, nor the main character,
And although I try my best,
I am only a supporting player.
I wonder, who are we waiting for?
I suppose we shall see.
I can only hope that my part in this has helped you in your adventure,
and that you know that this,
All of this,
has been a pleasure.
Don't hold back, ever for forever!
Don't wait for anyone,
and never be anchored down.  
You have far to fly, and much to see.
All I ask is that throughout your journeys,
You don't forget about me.

            One last thing, You;
You were the best part of my year,
Because you gave me lessons to hold close,
As I lost those I held dear...
I'll forever ask myself "what if..."
Although the answer seems so clear...
If I had never met you,
I know I wouldn't be here.
Here are my last few words,
Imagine them whispered in your ear...

You will forever be the moon,
Beautiful and unreachable,
Controlling the ebb and flow of the tides with your
                                 Immense Intensity.

Since the beginning,
I was a temporary person,
A soul in progress,
A spirit in the making...

Thank you for allowing me to learn, To finally feel and know,
That anything can be a lesson,
 And that it's perfect fine to grow.

What happens when an impenetrable shield meets an unstoppable force? Neither of the two can be improved upon, And ultimately destroy each other in the end.

Farewell, dear Moon. Stay bright and shining.

© 2015 ExposedSiren

Author's Note

I was going to keep it to myself, and not share it... But I need to practice what I preach. Never hide, and express every thought, even if its terrifying.

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Added on March 30, 2015
Last Updated on December 21, 2015
Tags: Farewell, Light, You, Me, Potential, Adventure



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