Words Can Caress

Words Can Caress

A Poem by ExposedSiren

With the right tools, you can open any door...

We should be catnapping, cuddling, laughing... We should be raging, fighting, tumbling... Playing with the balance of darkness and light, fire and water, sinking and floating... We should be dancing, swinging, crashing, and colliding with our various colors and our paint, creating a new world.  Melting together and forming something new...  I believe our two sounds could be quite Harmonious.

There was a fire behind his eyes as he spoke to her, the flames rising with each word.  He was speaking of dreams and visions... Open gateways to far off possibilities.  She could see the light from within, and only hoped that it would grow brighter, and that she could watch.  Like a moth to a flame she flew closer and closer.. She remains positively Captivated.

I watched her walk by, every step impacting the ground around her, her air of confidence filing the room, influencing every person who looked her way... Her energy was like a drug, leaving each player in this game purely intoxicated... I watched her walk by, and found myself to be completely Entranced.

Silence blanketed the room, weighing down any words, drowning out any sounds... It encompassed them, the two sitting across from each other... She sat in one corner, and he sat in the other, not moving, not blinking... The windows were open, absolutely vulnerable, and slightly terrified.. Yet not uncomfortable.  They felt the shift, saw it in the others' eyes... That spark made her heart jump, and could only be described as Electrifying.

She always seemed so powerful, so loud, so strong...  She was a leading voice, sometimes one that could get tiring to hear, but was so necessary... As I hold her up now, I can still see the starry suns in her eyes, the light in her laugh, and warmth within her heart.  She often fights off my help, stubborn to the end.  Even when I carry her now, and pick her up when she falls, I know within that she is still more than able,... If she is willing to fight, I believe she is definitely Capable.

At what point is something considered daring? At what point is it adventurous?  Is that only when it involves a risk, the possibility of a drop or a crash... What ledge should I jump on?  How should I tilt this balancing act I have, where should I put the extra weight?  Tell me, at what point does this self-afflicted situation reflect? At what point could I be considered Bold?

She swayed to the beat with her eyes closed, letting her clothing fall from her skin, leaving on the only accessory she came with, that small hidden smile... She twirled in time to the tune within, her hair flowing in the air and coming to a rest as she turned to him and opened her eyes...  She faced him, intently staring as she began to walk closer, leaving him spellbound, stupefied, hypnotized,... Mesmerized.

© 2015 ExposedSiren

Author's Note

Just fully exploring the power within certain words... I will keep adding more, and coming back.

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Added on April 28, 2015
Last Updated on May 6, 2015
Tags: Sensual, Sultry, Sensitive, Words, Variety



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