She Dreams of Dragons

She Dreams of Dragons

A Story by ExposedSiren

Just things, and thoughts...

She grew up in a land of destruction, of fire and rain, of screaming, and silence...
AS time passed, she watched things being given, and then taken away just as quickly...
Her whole life had been haunted by dragons.  Fearsome beasts, loud and powerful.  Even when there are none near, she hears them at night, calling out to her, taunting her... She grows up knowing her destiny.  She was born to hunt dragons.
As if permanently burned, she seemed to have an aura of auburn energy, Anger and fire viewed in every step. She let her hair grow, never paying much mind to it, braiding it to keep it mostly out of her way.  She was not the carefree kind though, constantly worried about one thing or the next.. She did have a terrible confidence though, one that kept her in dangers path. Her worrying often paid off, which only increased her stressed more and more... With worry and grief constantly entering her life, her hair remained light, whitened by the sun, and partially by her fright of all of the little things... the 'could-be's. 
As she prepared to leave her home, people begged for her to stay. Friends who would never stay by her side, family who had never come to know her, and love that she would never know... She turned away from them all, knowing that they had their own paths to follow, that no longer included her presence.  She turned back one final time before stepping out of the walls her people had built around them, taking in a good look at her past, and a crucial part of her identity.  From afar, she found the eyes of her father... she recognized the light behind them as the fire within herself, the drive to destroy the winged beasts that had stolen her dreams, her safety... She nodded at him, and turned to leave.  If she didn't go now, she never would... So she took that first step in defiance of Doubt.  The jungle pulsed with energy the minute she was past the walls.
Fear seeped into her skin as the days passed by... She was on unfamiliar ground, with nothing but her father's lance and the clothe of her people.. Many had worked on helping her prepare, on teaching her what they knew and giving her what they had to spare.  She was a fortunate daughter of many, who had known some forms of love as much as she had known many forms of pain, and throughout her life had formed a special unbreakable bond with each.  Pain was the push she needed to keep going... Love was what kept her safe while she wandered. 
She peers through the trees and into a meadow... Alas, she has found her target.  A brightly colored reptile, flying in patterns around the hills and trees in the distance. The time has come.  She begins to prepare, hoping to strike once the beast has laid to rest.... She follows this magnificent creature, grinning with a vision of her success.

© 2015 ExposedSiren

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Added on June 17, 2015
Last Updated on July 19, 2015
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