A Chapter by Noah Scott

The day after, the guards came back. They brought us to separate rooms again, though, they weren’t quite the same as the ones before. They were the same bright white with bright fluorescent lights and an operating table, but they were more frightening, knowing that these people thought of me as less than human. The doctor asked me to lay on the table so that he could take a look at me and make sure my vitals were doing okay.

After I laid down, I felt cold metal cuff my ankles and wrists. I didn’t move, I was to scared to. He took my pulse and blood pressure. Then I felt the restraints tighten and more being added.

The doctor started talking, though it was mostly to himself. “Now, what should I do to you?” he asked himself, “Add wings? A tail? Gills?” he continued, while, at the word ‘add’, I could feel my heart tighten. “Or should I play with your eyes?” he asked, “Those lovely mutant eyes that brought you here?” he said while his fingers stroked the side of my face.

By now, I’ve started to cry, squeezing my eyes shut, hoping, praying that it was all just a dream. When I feel his fingers touch my jaw, I start to scream, and when I hear him laugh, I start to sob. He’s pushed back my bangs from my eyes. I’ve opened them, wishing that they had just stayed shut. As I shut them again, I feel him insert needles into my eyes. I scream, but that only seems to make it worse. I can feel the needles moving, going deeper and deeper, the liquid burning as it makes contact with the tissue inside my eyes.

I’ve stopped thrashing, to tired and worn out to move. They’ve removed the needles and left the room. My eyes are open, but I can’t see anything, there’s to much blood coating my eyes. I feel it, running down the side of my face into my hair and dripping onto the table beneath me. I wanted so much for it not to be real, but the pain brings my fears right back in front of me.

They wrap my head so that my eyes are covered and lead me to a room. This room is colder and the walls have chains on them. They lead me over to the wall and cuff my wrists, sitting me down on the floor. The thin clothing they gave me doesn’t do me much good in the chilly room and my bare feet are starting to go numb.

After awhile, someone comes in to get me. They put something on my wrist, I think it's a bracelet, kind of like the ones you get at the hospital, only this one was metal. They've brought me to another building. It's bigger, and I can hear other people talking, they're children, at least most of them are. Some are my age or older, but not many.

I'm brought to a room. It has a bed and a desk, the only window in the room is bared and the lock on the door is on the outside.

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Added on November 16, 2011
Last Updated on January 20, 2012
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Noah Scott

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A Chapter by Noah Scott

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A Chapter by Noah Scott


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