Night Two - Grimmy

Night Two - Grimmy

A Chapter by Noah Scott

The second encounter we have with the ghosts of Ridgecrest Asylum.

“Hey Grimmy, wake up.” Angel was the first that night to break the silence, “ Do you smell it?”
“Oh, a human, this early?” eager, yet none to happy about getting up. Yeah, I’m a lazy ghost, get over it. “I am hungry.” I stated, wondering whether it was worth getting up.
“I’ll make it worth your while.” he said, whispering in my ear.
“Really?” I asked, wondering what he was offering this time, “Like what?”
“I know that you love it.” he said, so seductively that it echoed through my head and sent a chill down my spine.
“Could it possibly be what I think it is?” I asked, hoping for a little action tonight.
“Gross guys!” came a very loud and echoing voice from across the room. Rowan was one of those little boys that, no matter how he tried, only had two volumes, loud, and louder.
“Yeah, get a room.” came yet another one, this one, thank goodness, had volume control. Cheshire's a little weird. Yes weirder than a ghost. She’s half cat. She looks like a human, minus the fact that she has a tail, cat ears, and cat eyes.
“No no, please continue what your doing.” …ok, I don’t exactly know how to explain Marco. I mean, human ghosts are normal. A dog ghost, not so much. A talking dog ghost at that........ a very perverted talking dog ghost.
“…OK, I’m done.” I said, really not looking forward to having an audience. “I think it’s time for a little haunting, hehehe.”
“Who wants to go first?” Cheshire asked, obviously wanting to be first.
“Go ahead Chess.” I said, giving everyone my regular evil grin.

“What was that?!” I heard some girl squeal, ah, I love how good my little Cheshire was at haunting. “We’ve gotta get out of here.” said the boy that was with her. I love it when there are multiple people.
“Row, it’s your turn.” I said. Then I hear his ear splitting laughter as he disappears into the darkness. Then the sweet sound of frightened teens screaming and running down the hallway. When I was alive, teenagers had been a bit braver.
“Is it my turn yet.” Angel asked, very eager to eat.
“Go ahead babe.” I said, “ Marco, you too.”
“Grimm,” Rowan had come back, “I split 'em up, the girl’s in the west wing, the boy’s in the north wing.”
“I’ll take the girl. Angel, Marco, you take the boy.” I said, excited about getting to scare people again. People hadn’t been coming to the asylum, so for a month we’ve been without any form of entertainment or food, and I was really hungry.

“Leave me alone!” screamed a very frightened teenage girl, and such a beautiful shriek too. So I decided to milk it a little more.
“It’s raining, BANG,” hitting my cleaver against the metal pipes, making it echo down the hallway, "It’s pouring, BANG, the old man is snoring, BANG, he went to bed, BANG
, put a hole in his head, BANG, and he didn’t get up in the morning.” At this, Rowan let out a beautiful shriek that made the girl jump about ten feet in the air. And as she turned around, well, let's just say a it was a second to late for her. I had brought my cleaver down on her neck, spraying me with the beautiful, warm liquid that was all mine. And if you think it only looks good, you’ve never felt it going down. Absolutely amazing.
“Looks like you two are having fun.” Angel said, dragging the boy’s limp body into the room. “You want more babe?” I love him so much when he does that.
“Of course, I’m starving.”

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Added on November 29, 2011
Last Updated on April 17, 2012
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Noah Scott

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