The Unplanned Date

The Unplanned Date

A Chapter by Noah Scott

When it came time to go, I suddenly felt nervous. Though that feeling vanished when I saw her. In her signature TRIPP's and boots, accompanied by a skin-tight, black wife-beater and an air force jacket. She smiled, making everything inside me reflect it.

If I had foreseen something like this happening, I would have camped out here last night. By the time we got to the concert, there was no room for anyone else to get in without the fire marshal coming down on us. But the only thing I was thinking was, "Well there goes 60 bucks, down the drain."

"Sorry about this." I told her, disappointed that my plan failed.

"It's fine." she said, "I'm just surprised that it over-sold. I mean, James is brilliant, but I didn't think that this many people listened to them."

Regan was smiling, so that meant everything wasn't a complete waste. We walked around, just talking to each other and looking in store windows. She shoved her hands in her jacket pockets, looking relieved at the warmth. For early September, it was unusually cold, but that's what we get for living in Minnesota.

As we were headed back to the car, we got stuck in a crowd coming out of the stadium. So in all the pushing and shoving, someone ran into Rae, dousing her with his cherry ICEE. The guy apologized and helped her off the ground. I decided to call it a night and bring her home, because if she got sick because of me, I wouldn't hear the end of it, from her sisters or my mom.

When we got back, the houses were both empty. I walked her to her door, but when she checked her pockets for her keys, she realized that they were still hanging on the wall, just behind the locked door.

There was a note on the door that read,

Regan, we noticed that you forgot your keys (again). We've gone to the movies with the Terra's. Go over to their house with Marcus.
P.S. We'll be back late.

I brought her over to my house, handed her a change of clothes and a towel. "No one will let me hear the end of it if they find out you got sick because of me." I explained when she questioned me, "Plus, that's got to feel disgusting."

She nodded and went into the bathroom. Why do I feel so anxious? I asked myself, trying to figure out why, everytime I see her, my heart aches. I knew I liked her, but this felt different than before. It felt like she was the only thing that mattered, that she was my one and only reason for being here. And she had no idea how I felt about her.

When she got out of the shower, she was dressed in a pair of my jeans and a Smashing Pumpkins "Zero" shirt, still toweling her hair.

"ICEE is the most disgusting thing." she said, shuddering, as she sat next to me on the bed.

We sat in silence for a while, remembering the day we sat here mourning.

"I can't do this." she said, suddenly getting off the bed.

"Do what?"

"Do.... this." she repeated, "Just sitting here with you," she trailed off, still staring directly into my eyes, "it hurts to much."

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Added on December 5, 2011
Last Updated on April 17, 2012
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Noah Scott
Noah Scott

Minneapolis, MN

I'm Noah. I love writing, reading, and art. I write a lot of different genres, though mostly romance and horror as well as GLBT related stuff (interesting mix, I know). A lot of it is Transgender-rela.. more..

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