Make It Up

Make It Up

A Chapter by Noah Scott

She started down the stairs and toward the door. "Where are you going to go?” I asked, “Nobody's home and you don't even have on shoes.”

She stopped, looking down at her bare feet, her hand lingering on the doorknob. When she stepped away she turned towards the couch, avoiding my eyes as she did.

I paused on the stairs a moment, contemplating what she'd said, what she’d meant. When I couldn't figure out what she'd meant, I joined her on the couch.

"What did you mean?" I asked. She didn't ask me what I was talking about, though she didn't give me an explanation either. She just sat there, looking down at her knees.

She wasn't ready to tell me, so I let it go for the night. Though, I felt a little hurt, knowing she didn't think she could tell me.

Instead, I handed her one of my ear buds. She looked at it, then at me. "Since we didn't get to go to the concert." She smiled and took it.

Songs passed as I felt my body get heavier from fatigue. But before I could fall asleep, I felt another weight which caused me to wake up.

Rae had fallen asleep before me, resting her head on my shoulder. I watched her as she fidgeted in her sleep and as her body moved closer and closer to mine.

As I rested my head on top of hers, I felt myself drift to sleep. I dreamed of her, seeing her eyes, the shape of her lips as she talked, the curve of her body as she moved next to me. It was all I'd ever wanted, but I didn't know how to keep it.

When I woke up, I found that we'd shifted in our sleep. We were laying down, my arm resting over her waist, making her shirt ride up enough to expose her black and green bio hazard tattoo on her hip.

She shifted, turning around so that her face was right in front of mine. I searched her sleeping face. It was beautiful, her skin dotted with freckles and eyelashes that brushed her cheeks.

As she moved closer to me, her legs and torso pressed up against mine, causing my heart rate to accelerate. She was this close to me. I wanted it to stay like this. So, putting my hand on the back of her neck, I closed the gap between our faces. Her lips felt so soft against mine.

When I opened my eyes, I saw those beautiful brown eyes staring back at me. Before I could say anything, we were kissing again, her lips moving on mine.

After we'd stopped kissing, we decided to go back to sleep, walking up to my room. We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, our legs intertwined, falling into the sound of the others heartbeat.

© 2012 Noah Scott

Author's Note

Noah Scott
Please tell me what you think, it all sounds really cheesy to me.

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This isn't bad. I stumbled upon this with the random 'dicsover writing' thing and I liked it. There's a bit too much reliance on what didnt happen as opposed to what actually happened, and being thrown into this head first, I'm not sure what the overall point of this was, but if I knew exactly what she said before they fell asleep, maybe it would've helped me out. I don't know. I'll definitely check out the rest though, you do have a way of weaving intimacy and warm, fuzzy feelings into words that are black and white.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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