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Finding Peace

Finding Peace

A Screenplay by Noah Scott

This is one of those pieces I wrote when I was 12. I've revised and rewritten the hell out of it. Frankly, I think it still sucks but I'll let you be the judge of that.

(W)= William
(C)= Christian
(B)= Brin
(J)= Jesse
(S)= Samuel
(M)= Martha
(R)= Ryan
(Rl)= Rachel
(A)= Alice
(Jl)= Julia
(U)= Gabriel
(j)= James
(ja)= Jane

(In a back alley, late at night, two children are trying to get away from somewhere) (Someone is coming to help them) (The older one is a boy who is carrying his younger sister) (Both are wounded; the girl has bullet woundsin her stomach, legs, right shoulder, and chest; the boy has bullet wounds in his arms and left thigh; both have cuts and burns all over) (Most of the family has just been destroyed by their uncle Gabriel) (They are elementals [people who can control elements]) (The girl is unconscious)

-(W): Who are you?
-(B): I'm a friend.
(W) wakes up, that was a dream of 10 years earlier. It's his birthday.
-(B): Will! It's time to wake up!
-(W): *groans*...(someone falls on him) WAH!
-(C): Morning!
-(W): What are you so cheerful about this morning? (more people fall on him) WAH!!!
-Bunch of girls: Happy Birthday!
-(J): Yeah. Happy Birthday. (2 other guys are standing behind him)
-(W): Thanks guys.
(C) and (J) are at a market in the late afternoon.
-(J): So what else do we need?
-(C): Well, we need strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and ice cream.
-(J): Alright.
[After awhile, the crowd runs from the sounds of gun shots]
-(J): Chris! Let's go!
-(C): Coming!...Ahgh! (shot in the back from someone in an alley behind her)
-(J): Chris! (runs to help her)
-(C): Ow! *breathing jagged* (see's the person in the alley and recognizes him) What are you doing here? (person shoots her again, in the stomach) Ahhh!
-(U): Say hello to your brother for me, Christian.((C) faints because of the loss of blood) Tell William, his uncle has come back to town. (the person in the alley disappears)
[Later at home]
-(J): Guys! Anyone home?! No one's home. (Cleans (C)'s wounds and wraps them)
-(C): *gasp*AHH! (crying and screaming cause she just woke up to the pain) AHH! It hurts!
-(J): *shh shhh* Just calm down. (pushing her hair back, trying to soothe her) Here, take these.
-(C): (takes them) *cough cough*...*breath**crying into Jesse's shirt* (falls asleep after awhile)
[(J) sits there awhile watching her]
-(J): *bmp-bmp*(his heart) What's with me lately? I've never felt this way about her before. She looks so beautiful. (Bends down and kisses her) 
[(W) walks in as soon as (J) kisses (C)][(W) grabs (J) by the collar and drags him out of the room]
-(W): What do you think your doing! *pause* So my sister's your new target?!
-(J): N-No! I...I love her!
-(W): What?! "Love"?! You don't know what love is. *pause* Don't ever try something like that ever again.
-(J): But I-
-(W): If you do, I'll kill you.
-(J): But I love her.
[(C) starts coughing violently, (W) and (J) run to check on her]
-(W): (see's the bandaging and looks at (J)) What happened to my sister?
-(J): She got shot at the-
-(W): "She" WHAT?!
-(J): Somebody shot her and told me to tell you, "your uncle is back in town".
-(W): (scared look on his face) "Uncle"?
-(J): What's going on? ((W) runs downstairs)..Hey! (He follows (W))
-(W): (to (B)) He's back!
-(B): What?
-(W): My uncle... he's back.
-(B):..*sighs*...Alright, tell everyone to gather in the main house.
[Later in the main house]
-(B): Alright everyone! I'm afraid I have some bad news. Due to resent events, no one is allowed off the estate property without a guardian.
-Everyone Chattering: "Oh no, What happened?" "What?" "What happened?"
-(B): It seems that an old enemy to the elementals has returned. Gabriel Drake.
-Everyone Chattering: "No!" "But he's supposed to be dead!" "What do we do?!"
-(B): Just stay on the estate and you'll be safe.
[Later in the courtyard][(C) and (J) are talking to each other]
-(J): So, how are your wounds?
-(C): They're better...uh.
-Both: I need to tell you something.
-(J): Uh.. go ahead.
-(C): Well, Thank you for saving me and, um...well..*sigh* Jesse, I really like you! (her eyes are squeezed shut and her fists are clenched)
-(J):(surprised) Uh... what?
-(C):(embarrassed)! (she starts to run away)
-(J): No! (he grabs her wrist and turns her around)... that's... that's what I was gonna tell you.
-(C): R-really?
-(J): Really.
*Both are blushing*
[Later, in (B)'s office, (W) is talking with him]
-(W): I still don't like the idea of allowing them to be together.
-(B): Well, the fact they both came to us and asked our permission proves they still respect us. And besides, I think it'll be good for them.
-(W): I just don't trust that play-boy brother of yours.
-(B): I know he makes stupid choices, but if he wasn't serious about her, he would have already taken a advantage of her feelings and dumped her.
-(W): Well....I guess.
-(B): Will, trust me, ok? I have a good feeling about this.
[(U)'s House, (U), and his followers]
➤His house is large and scary, covered with tapestries, guilded mirrors, and candles. It's mostly a dark room.
-(U): Keep an eye on them. I will not allow them to pass on that evil, demonic blood. I will wipe that cursed blood off the face of the Earth.
-(j) & (ja): Yes master.
-(U): Don't let them out of your sight.
[At the dojo, kendo training period]
➤Partners are training (kendo)
(Will and Jesse, Chris and Alice, Rachel and Ryan, Sam and Julia, Brin and Martha)
(Will and Jesse are practicing violently; more like Will is taking his anger out on Jesse)
-(C):(during their break) Hey, Alice. What's with Will and Jesse?
-(A): I have no idea. I was wondering the same thing and was hoping you'd know.
-(C): Not a clue. Neither of them will tell me either.
[Will and Jesse have finished]
-(C): Hey, Jesse! Wait up!
-(J): What's up?
-(C): I was gonna ask you that. What's with you and Will?
-(J): (he remembers and blushes a little) Oh, nothing.
-(C): Seriously.
-(J): Nothing. I told you nothings going on with me and Will. I think we're both just a little on edge since you got shot.
-(C):*hmp*.. Well ok. (kisses him) Thank you for saving me.
-(J):*smiles*.. Don't worry about it. (kisses her)
[(W) and (B)]
-(W):*HMP*.. I still don't trust him.
-(B):*sighs*..Why are you telling me? If you don't trust him, go tell him, or Chris.
-(W): I already tried that.
-(B): Telling Chris?
-(W): No. Just him. If I told Chris that, she'd never forgive me.
-(B):*under his breath* sister complex.
-(W): I DO NOT!!
-(B): Sure, sure, what ever you say. *laughing*
-(W): I'll try to trust him, but if he messes up, he's dead.
[Later that night]
-(J): Hey, Chris.
-(C): What?
-(J): I was just wondering... what were your parents like?
-(C): I don't really remember much, but I do remember one thing, they loved us very much. They protected us til the end.
-(J): They sure did if your still here. So which one do you look like?
-(C): Heh. I look like my father. Will looks like mom. While we're on the subject, which one of your parents do you look like? I don't remember your parents very well.
-(J): I look like my dad. Brin looks like my mom.
-(C): I don't remember much about when I was younger. I don't remember how my parents looked by memory, but I have a little photo of them that Will gave me a couple of years ago.
-(J): I think that has to do with the trauma you experienced. Your mind doesn't want to remember anything that has to do with that night.
-(C): I suppose. But I think it has to do with something else; something else must have happened that night.
-(J):*sigh* I think your dwelling on it to much. Trying to make yourself remember things that caused you pain that way... your only going to hurt yourself. Don't dwell on the past.
-(C): Alright... but ((J) sighs) I think that I'm supposed to remember what happened that night.
-(J):*sigh* Alright, but you need to be careful; don't push yourself to much. Your going to need all the strength you can get if your uncle decides to attack again. Remember, your still injured.
-(C): Alright, I'll try my best to be careful, I promise.

© 2012 Noah Scott

Author's Note

Noah Scott
I'm sorry, the author has died due to the cheesy, overly sweet dialouge.

Go ahead, laugh your asses off. .///.
Though, I will be adding more because I have more (it's just not typed yet).

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Added on January 18, 2012
Last Updated on January 20, 2012
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Noah Scott
Noah Scott

Minneapolis, MN

I'm Noah. I love writing, reading, and art. I write a lot of different genres, though mostly romance and horror as well as GLBT related stuff (interesting mix, I know). A lot of it is Transgender-rela.. more..

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