A Chapter by Noah Scott

Freshman year was its own form personal of Hell. As I started the year, it was, for the most part, uneventful. About half way through, well, let's just say this is where Hell really comes into the picture.


            "A sub?" whined Nathan, coming into class to notice our usual teacher wasn't there.

            "Hey man, this should be a good thing, right? Means we don't have to do anythin'." I said, settling back into my seat.

            "Alright class, settle down." called the sub, already irritated with us. "Settle down while I call roll." After a few names were called, I could hear, "Katherine Hill?" and my eyes went wide.

            Comments and questions could be heard around the room. "Who's Katherine?" asked someone, while someone else asked, "Hill? Like Adrian and Nate?"

            "Katherine Hill?" repeated the sub. This time Nate and I looked at each other, nervousness setting in. The sub looked at the pictures that were next to the names on the roll and looked at me. "You're Katherine Hill?" he asked, both confirming and seriously questioning due to my looks.

            "Adrian's a girl?" I could hear someone ask before the whole class burst out laughing and murmuring about their new discovery.

            "ssshitt." I hissed under my breath, sliding deeper into my seat.


            After school, Ethan found us before we took off for home. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" he asked, freaking out about the news that had already circulated around the school.

            "Wow, word sure travels fast." chuckled Nate nervously while I cast a sad indifferent smile at him. Then I realized Ethan was talking to me.   

            "Some stupid sub called out my girls name." I said, "And then proceeded to point me out."

            "Diabhal e!" Ethan shouted in a strong Irish accent (where do you think I got it from?)

            "Hey, it could be worse, right?" asked Nathan, trying to figure out if this is really as bad as we were making it out to be. It was. Ethan just looked at him as if he were insane.

            "Worse than being outed at this school?" he asked, then noticing the stares I was getting. "Hey, you got a problem!" he yelled at some guys that had been staring at me. "See?" he pointed out after warding off the unwanted observers. "This is what I'm talking about." gesturing at the crowd that had, once again, started to form.

            "But no one's stupid enough to try anything, right?" he asked. Neither of us bothered to answer him, though, knowing he wouldn't like the answer.


            The next day, after school, I ended up heading home by myself cause Nathan had to make up a test and Ethan was always staying after for sports. "Hey, Adrian." I heard someone call from behind me.

            "Leave me alone Ryan." I say, trying to get them to just leave me alone.

            "Wow, it does sound like a girl." said the other. "Are you?" he asked, looking me up and down.

            "No, I'm not." I replied, trying to brush them off and keep walking.

            "Oh really? Prove it." said Ryan, putting his hand on my shoulder. I clicked my tongue in disgust and slammed him against the wall behind us.

            "Screw you!" I spat, turning to run away from them, only to be forced to the ground before I could make it to the street.

            "Not wise." Ryan growled, kicking me in the stomach a few times before punching me in the face, breaking my nose. They walked away laughing and shouting, "Freak!" That was the last thing they said before turning the corner.

            After I was sure they were gone, I picked myself up and started limping home.


            When I got home, mom had to look at me twice before she realized that I was black, blue, and bloody. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" she shouted, running toward me to see the damage.

            "It's nothing." I said, trying to turn away, but she grabbed my wrist to turn me back around, making me cringe. My aunt had been in the room and had grabbed a wet towel to clean up my bloody face. She was a doctor, and a good one at that, so I trusted her. Minutes later, Nate and Ethan walked in.

            "WHY DIDN'T ONE OF YOU WALK WITH HIM?!" both my mom and aunt yelled as the other boys noticed me on the stool in the kitchen, bruised and bloody, being checked on by my aunt.

            "What happened?" asked Nate, taking in my bloody face and wrapped wrist.

            "Some guys stopped me on my way home from school." I said, "I don't know who they were." I hunched over and cringed, sitting back up, remembering the kicks to the stomach and said, "Auntie, can you check my stomach too? They kicked me a couple times." She did and shrieked when she saw that, on my stomach, there was a bruise that covered a majority of the skin that showed.

            "I'm calling that school!" shrieked my mom, grabbing the phone in none too gentle a motion.

            "Mom, wai-" though I had to cut myself off when I saw that she had shut the door to her room, behind which she was yelling at someone on the phone. Most likely Mr. Harris, our principal.

            "Well," Nathan started, "this is turning out to be an interesting year." he said, putting one of the bags of ice that were sitting in the freezer on my black and blue face.

            “Nate, help your cousin to the car.” Auntie said, “We’re taking him to the hospital. He needs X-rays and a couple stitches.” Nate helped me up, careful not to touch any spot that was sore. It didn’t work though. At this point, nothing didn’t hurt. “Ethan, when your mom’s don’t yelling at that man, tell her that I’m taking him to the hospital.”

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Added on March 23, 2012
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Noah Scott

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I'm Noah. I love writing, reading, and art. I write a lot of different genres, though mostly romance and horror as well as GLBT related stuff (interesting mix, I know). A lot of it is Transgender-rela.. more..

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