Lightning Flashes

Lightning Flashes

A Poem by Jazzlyn B Barden

Lightning flashes,

And a new storm brew.

The only sound,

After out the door went you.

You said a few words,

And did some bad things,

But I forgive you,

It won’t happen again.

Lightning flashes,

Illuminating the dark room,

And through the new light,

I see a forming bruise.

Looking down my arms,

I see a few more,

But I forgave you then,

For it can’t get any worse.

Lightning flashes,

And I start to feel calm.

Finally I’m alone,

Safe without any harm.

That won’t last for long,

But I know it’s okay.

He says he loves me,

So of course I will stay.

Lightning flashes,

And in He walks again.

The smell of alcohol and perfume,

Lingers on his skin.

Walking to me,

With a sinister grin.

I’m thrown to the ground,

As He says “It’s good to be home again.”

Lightning flashes,

As he kicks me in the ribs.

He's broken them before,

So I know they're broken again.

My screams fill the air,

I assume nobody cares.

Or perhaps the storms too loud,

For anybody to hear.

Lightning flashes,

As he punches my face.

Blood streams down my cheek,

As I struggle to stay awake.

Suddenly he stops,

And my vision is blurred.

He kisses my hand,

And says, “I’m sorry if that hurt.”

He didn’t mean to hurt me,

And it won’t happen again.

So I smile weakly,

A fall into a bittersweet nothing.

As lightning strikes,

I’m awoken from my sleep,

My whole body aches,

As the pattern of each day…

Repeats itself again.

© 2016 Jazzlyn B Barden

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Featured Review

This was absolutely amazing. The use of physical hurt itself seemed to stand either for just that or emotional hurt and betrayal. I also loved the lightning being a symbol for new hope, new light--until he came back and it portrayed a menacing mood. Great job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hard thing to fall into bad place with no escape.
"As lightning strikes,
I’m awoken from my sleep,
My whole body aches,
As the pattern of each day…"
Old Grandma told my sister. Man must sleep. Abuse me and you won't wake-up. A sad write with a honest ending. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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tting truth for so many people..both male and female, although predoninantly female. such a hard thing to escape, ''i can change them''..''they won't do it again''...''i deserved it''...yea..yea..we all heard them all and will continue to do so sadly. you have summed up the domestically violent relationship perfectly. i hope that isn't because of personal experience as it seems so prevalent in todays world. it is very well written and structured. well done you on summing up, so well, the destructiveness of this topic. full marks.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

you have done an amazing much so i thouhgt maybe you had experienced it, gkad you haven't! e.. read more
Jazzlyn B Barden

8 Years Ago

I'm sorry that you had to experience something like that. Nobody deserves to be put through it. I ho.. read more

8 Years Ago

yes, it was a long time ago but it goes to show how good your writing skills are :)

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Added on March 25, 2016
Last Updated on June 30, 2016


Jazzlyn B Barden
Jazzlyn B Barden


I enjoy writing non fiction, and a lot of poems that actually mean something. I hope that when people read my poems that they feel something. I also write songs from time to time. Besides writing, .. more..


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