‘The Fork In The Road’

‘The Fork In The Road’

A Poem by ‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

Left or right?🌹

‘Fork In The Road’

When the road
It slows
And the inner voice
The path
That’s been

It forks up
It’s been written
It’s been said

The time
Is now met-

The fork that it makes
Is far from a mistake
Your emotions you cannot
It’s the choices
Been made

The left or the right

It’s an emotional sight

But the choice is not yours
It’s all in accord
With the way of your heart
It’s that way since the start

What you allowed
To become a part
That’s what’s
Tearing you apart

So don’t cringe at the thought
The fork
It has come to allow
You to run with the thoughts
In your heart
That are far from your
They weren’t there
From the start

The fork it will show
The emotions
To grow
To let yourself know
There’s a path for each
In order to grow

Separation in time
Forming the picture
Encouraging the hearts
Beat to seek
What it so
Wants to reap


In case you don’t know
Encourage your heart
And soul to grow
In direction of
Knowledge and wisdom
You seek
Forget the things the
World seeks

For it’s just a matter of time
When the fork in the road
That you’ll find
It’s not always that kind
It can jumble your mind
Tear two hearts apart
That weren’t joined from
The start

False words
You did speak
Encouraging your feet
To take path to a place
Where you yourself did

In confusion

A mistake having
Taken place
For prides ego
At stake

Take you back to the
That you never would have
Having taught you to search
Inside and without
It’s here
Without doubt
That life path
That’s set out
Plays a part in the
Where you’ll never
Be the same

To the left
To the right
Oh what a sight
Spirit takes flight

Do what’s right...

8 June 2018
Kelly Fagelund-Gjersoe

© 2018 ‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

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Yep, spirit does take fight and we do sometimes need to be a bit easier on ourselves when we realise the path isnt for us and we should be a bit more encouraging about the achievements we.got right.
I like the positivity of your words, which may be read by someone who needs supporting instead of being told they are doing it wrong. I've even set myself a goal of writing a completely positive piece in June. I like to challenge myself :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

2 Years Ago

Thankyou so much and yes we need to learn from life not feel bad about it- glad you challenging your.. read more
What a length of inspiration here! Has a sing-song-move-along motion start to finish.. complete with words to whip the spirit into the fly away over the rainbow attitude.

Yes, that's what it is, your words althought smooth, have attitude.. and that is what's needed so often in life! 'Do what's right.' Indeed!

Posted 2 Years Ago

‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

2 Years Ago

Thanking you and yes what’s right for one night not be right for the other but I do hope people ch.. read more

2 Years Ago

Yes, yes, and, YES!

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‘Thoughts In Time’🌹
‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

Essex, United Kingdom

Writing poems of passing thoughts in time where time unwinds many thoughts and emotions all set for a certain place in time. more..


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