‘Happiness Of Heart’

‘Happiness Of Heart’

A Poem by ‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

Showing love for one another

‘Happiness Of Heart’

How hard is it
To be happy for

It’s a brother
Or a sister

But why is
That a bother

You need to be
Happy for
One another

Show respect
And love
For one another

The world needs
Unity and harmony

Not discrepancies
And rejection
You are not
The image
Of perfection

For what

It brings rifts
And ridges
Makes bridges
Burn where
Bonding was

Just because
Weren’t happy
For others
What did it

A cold
Will keep
You apart

From the good
In this world
You’ll be lonely
Grow old
In the cold
Of your own

So extend
A caring
Hand or
A word
For that distant
Land or
Another brother
Give a caring
Widen the plan

Only then you’ll
That kindness
Is the key

Of life’s
Greater plan

A better

Be happy
For your
Fellow brother

It completes
The greater

The selfishness
Of man.

Kelly Fagelund-Gjersoe

© 2019 ‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

Author's Note

‘Thoughts In Time’🌹
I find it sad that I’ve been called an arrogant bastard for being a supporter of South Africa and posting rugby posts on Facebook...

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What a beautifully painful write... carried into the depth of meaning even more so by your note. Yes.. love extends beyond boundaries... into other worlds... or what good is love. I met a dear friend on this site from South Africa some ten years ago, and we are friends still. Let love lift... all else tears us down.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Kelly, I'm a rugby fan. love the Game and all it means. It has strategy, power, inspires national pride BUT to use modern parlance: INCREASINGLY 'CRAP'' respect for differing views. . One thing however, in spite of blood, breaks and bruises it isn't WAR. As Margie says.. and i rarely read other's reviews, but glad I did.. we're each a speck of the Human Race, if any one of us is crushed because of a few hours' game, let's disappear into one of those black holes and stay there. Respect should be one of LIFE's set rule"

Sorry, ranted softly but seriously there.. because, dear you, am shocked that whatever stance you took wasn't considered unacceptable. Maybe it was due to excess hysteria or beer; happens amongst the foolish-for-a while! Shame on them not you. Hugs.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Wow, the author's note is saddening. People seem so lacking in fundamental manners these days. One of my favorite sayings is this, (There is only ONE race, the HUMAN race. The price of admission to that race is love and empathy and we all hope you'll join us.) You seem to have a good handle on that. Nicely expressed.

Posted 1 Month Ago

‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

1 Month Ago

Wonderful way you see things as well..sadly some ppl don’t know what love or compassion is ..or th.. read more
i don't think selfishness allows us to sleep that well at night....but caring for others, and being excited for What others accomplish matters to them, but also to ourselves....

Posted 1 Month Ago

‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

1 Month Ago

So true...sleep with a clear pure conscious ..some ppl just don’t get it ...then again each to the.. read more
This is such a powerful work here. It has such a powerful message of love and compassion for our fellow man or woman. I agree with you 100% here. The world needs more love and compassion for one another.

Posted 1 Month Ago

‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

1 Month Ago

Thankyou..glad you agree..what the world needs now ..is love sweet love 🌹
The Awesome One

1 Month Ago

Your welcome. I look forward to reading more of your work.
‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

1 Month Ago


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‘Thoughts In Time’🌹
‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

Essex, United Kingdom

Writing poems of passing thoughts in time where time unwinds many thoughts and emotions all set for a certain place in time. more..


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