The Strange Discovery - 6

The Strange Discovery - 6

A Chapter by Fairytale

Here we were, back in the library in the wee hours of the morning unsuspected by campus police.  Everything seemed pretty much the same including our intense need for breakfast and roogah.  The library finally opened and the three of us took our chance to slip out the front door unnoticed.  The campus was buzzing with students and the suns were rising with a purplish hue this morning.  I could barely keep my eyes open from staying up all night and travelling through a black hole. 
     "I am so hungry," Sam said as she shook her head to one side and back slowly and then looking forward, again. 
     "I know," I whispered.  I was almost whispering to myself not having a full grasp of where I was.  Everything was surreal once again, and I just wanted to go to sleep.  We were off to the SBB when we noticed that the campus had a different vibe.  There were no homecoming flyers or signs and the students seemed to be dragging their feet to class. 
     "Hey! There's Brett from my astronomy class!"  Hayden began waving and Brett slowly came over to us.  "You've gotta meet this guy."  Hayden turned to face Sam and I.  "He is so funny!  He's in a couple of my classes.  You mind if we invite him to breakfast?"  Sam and I just looked at each other and shrugged.  Brett was a red haired guy who wore glasses with thick rims.  Under all those freckles, he held a serious composure and used a lot of scientific and mathematical terms. 
     "What a geek," Sam whispered to me.  Hayden didn't seem to hear, or he was too excited about finding another astronomy buff to care.  Either way, Brett was coming to breakfast.  While Brett and Hayden were extremely involved in a discussion about the intricacies of how the laws of physics effected our galaxy, Palthar, Sam and I had been noticing that things were vastly different today than they were the night before we entered the library. 
     "You know," I began looking around, "Something's missing around here." 
     "You're right," said Sam in a tired, croaky voice.  There was definately something strange happening.  There was a big statue next to the Beechal field and we suddenly realized that no one was wearing any Beechal gear.  There was next to nothing.  No Beechal pens, no sweatshirts, no hats or nap sacks.  There were definately no posters.  When we got to the SBB, there was a pretty, blonde girl talking on one of the student communicaters.  The ports that the school provided in the SBB were kind of cheesy and lame.  They never really updated them from twenty years ago which didn't make sense because almost everything else at the university as brand new. 
     "Oh, you've got to be kidding me!"  she said in a high, clucky tone of voice.  "I can't wait for our mixer with the YMs tonight."  She went on rambling as she stared out a window into the daylight.  Her petite, round face was heavily freckled, way more than mine.  The freckles were accented with white skin and plump ruby, red lips that seemed to go a mile a second, and dark reddish-brown hair.  I didn't realized I was staring at her until she gave me a snooty look.  Her plump lips were bow shaped down into a frown and she shifted her face the other way.  I noticed that she was wearing a kelly green sweatshirt with a picture of a quail chick.  Underneath that was a green basket, and under that was a shape that looked like water.  It suddenly occurred to me that these hieroglyphic letters were almost as popular as the Beechals were.  They were everywhere.  I've seen different combinations on clothing, on posters, on napsacks, even on pens and pencils.  I came out of my curious trance to find Sam and Hayden looking at all the differences around the Student Beechal Building.  The foyer we were standing in used to be lime green.  This morning it is day blue.  The food portals were all updated as were the eating benches.  These, as well as several other changes, which should have taken weeks or months, have happened overnight.  It was the conversation behind me that gave me the shock of a lifetime.  The stuck up girl in the port grabbed her nap sack and walked over to meet another girl wearing the same hieroglyphic lettes.  She was not as slim and petite as her friend, but instead a tiny bit more filled out with beautiful, thick blonde hair, curved facial features and the same stuck up attitude. 
     "Hi, Cassie," the first girl said in a dull tone of voice.
     "Hey."  The blonde girl greeted back in a cool tone.  Her voice was a lot lower and a bit sharp.  "Are you gonna meet us at the house tonight before the mixer for the pre-party?  Or are we going to meet you there?"  She spoke quickly like parties here were routine. 
     "Yeah, Lori's gonna pick up some sharp roogah and then we're comin' to your place."  Sharp roogah?  I knew some of the kids from my highschool got hold of sharp roogah every now and again, but I tried my best to stay away from it.  The product made from the leaves of the roogah bush is usually fermented and turned into an alcohol available in bars and certain stores to those over 21 years of age in this country.   
     "Hey, you."  Another girl walked over to the other two in a slow, strutting pace.  She was just wearing a plain magenta sweater without anything on the front.  Her back was upright as she held her books across her chest.  She adressed her friends in a cool monotone.
     "Are we meeting at your house?"  She touched the blonde girl's arm following her finger with her eyes barely vocalizing her words. 
     "Yeah.  We're all meeting at the house and then making our way over to YM later," Cassie said quickly leaning on one foot cocking her hip to the side. 
     I turned to look at Sam and Hayden who were looking around the SBB. 
     "This place sure has changed overnight," noted Hayden who, like Sam, was looking aorund the surroundings.  I began looking around curiously, myself.  Things that should have taken weeks and months have changed overnight.  The once lime green walls were now day blue, the food ports ewre updated, the dining benches were up to date, and people were less enthusiastic and perky than they had been before. 
     "What happened to this place?"  I asked curiously.  Sam and Hayden turned to fac me with expressions of shock and a desire for answers. 
     "I don't know," Hayden drawled, his light green eyes still looking around confused by the new surroundings.
     "They couldn't 've done all of this overnight!" Sam squeeked.  She scratched one slender arm with the opposite slim hand covering her finely thin torso with one long arm as she peered over her shoulder. 
     "Let's go see if we can find a copy of The Fast Runners."  Hayden energetically bounced off before finishing his last words to find a copy of he university paper and Sam gave a saucy smile and widened her dark, sparkly eyes before following him spritely.  They left me standing in my place with nothingto do but listen to the sounds around me, which kind of stung and brought up my homesickness.  I heard the girls behind me, again.  They were going on about miscellaneous parties and gossiping about their friends.  I felt left out and kind of wished I could be included in their small gathering.  I turned around slowly to look at them, again.  As I was turning my body, I heard Cassie talking about a national incident, which only happened two weeks ago, like it happened last year.  She grabbed a copy of The Fast Runners and from one of her friends and read it out loud.
     "Here, Lori.  Let me read it for you."  She took the paper into her nail polished, freckled hand holding her pretty, round, freckled face up.  She unfolded the aper and began to read the front page aloud to her friends. 
     "Hey you."  Another girl walked over to the other two in a slow, strutting pace.  She was just wearing a plain, magenta sweater without anything on the front.  Her back was upright as she held her books across her chest.  She addressed her friends in a cool monotone. 
     "Are we meeting at your house?"  She touched the blonde girl's arm following her fingers with her eyes and barely whispering her words. 
     "Yeah.  We're all meeting at the house and then making our way over to the YMs later," Cassie said quickly leaning on one foot cocking her hip to the side. 
     "Homecoming Dead Forever," she read in the cocky, confident manner of a girl between adolescence and early adulthood.  "It's been exactly one year and two weeks since the UNJ Beechals, who were listed in Pyramid Magazine as one of the top of the elite in competitive sports, were already in practice to win this university's last game before Lochlan Straightjack-Philips disappeared and was reported missing.  Straightjack-Philips was the top performer for the well known Beechals recruited by the University of New Jaspern three years ago and and has really made his mark as...."  Cassy went on to read the rest of his successes before pausing to look up to make eye contact with her friends.  "You knew him.  Didn't you, Holly."  Cassie's dark eyes squinted and her head moved slightly to the side inquisitively as she asked her question. 
     "Yeah."  Her voice was soft and lacked any kind of energy.  "He was so hot."  Her straight, sandy colored hair framed her sweet face.  She was just as pretty as the other two with a cute button nose and plump lips colored with pink lip gloss.  Her green eyes were quiet and peaceful next to her tawny skin.  Holly had an air of innocence and seemed like the necest one out of the bunch.   
     "Yeah, but he broke up with her over the summer break," Lori interjected and, before Cassie knew it, the issue became an all out debate about whether she should have approached him or played it cool.  Even when they got excited, they were still pretty mellow, and it was hard to really tell if they were getting excited about any thing in particular.  There were a few twinkling eyes as the subject moved onto other guys and then they looked my way.  I didn't realize it, but I was so shocked by what I had heard earlier, that I was standing in the middle of the foyer staring at them.  The group of girls suddenly got quiet and their focus was now on me.  Cassie and Lori looked me up and down in a  snotty fashion while Holly only had a distant look in her soft moss-colored eyes.  I was so embarrassed that I wished I had never even seen these girls, yet part of me really badly wanted to belong with them.  I was becoming so homesick by this time.  I wanted nothing more than to smell the sweet blue blades of grass which only grew in my region of the country.  I wanted to see the big, Mother of Kelbrid trees which spawn different colors of leaves for the seasons and then fall off the branches when the blue suns begin to rise.  I long for the picnics and barbecues with friends and neighbors who are really like one big family rather than groups of familys gathering together.  I long for my real family with a mother who cooks outrageously good breakfasts and fruit pies she serves with sweet roogah for dessert.  I long for Vermonill and its classic magic which inspires me through my times of low and high.  My heart longs for home.  Sam and Hayden popped up behind me shocking me out of my trance.  Sam waved her pixie, slender hand in front of my chest as Hayden had an amazed look on his face while slowly moving his head back and forth. 
     "You should be sitting down for this," Sam said anxiously in an amplified version of her bouncy self.  Hayden kept shaking his head and his look veered off to the ground. 
     "I don't know about this."  His heavy drawl was exaggerated and I would guess that it was the anxiety that made his accent more pronounced.  Sam caught the three girls looking at us and snickering.
     "What's that?" Sam asked before impulsively making one of her silly clown faces and then snickering to me and Hayden.  She was treating the situation as if it were a new game making all the teasing light and fun.  The girls went from snickering to having completely serious faces.  Lori and Holly looked at each other with wide eyes while Cassie looked back at her friends grinning in mockery and then they all went towards the food ports. 
     "I know," I said in a calm tone.
     "Dang, girl!"  Hayden used one stringy arm to run his hand through his messy mohalk. 
     "How?" Sam chirped.
     "Those girls were talking about the Beechal's mention in The Pyramid which happened about a year ago.  I remember because my dad was showing it to my brother, Travis, and..."  I didn't get to finish before Sam jumped in pointing a slender finger my way and closing one twinkling eye. 
     "Right at the end of the last football season!  I know because my dad is a huge Beechals fan and my brother is on the team!" 
     "Football's all over the galaxy, darlin'" Hayden drawled.  Even some of my Numandian friends know about football."  
     "How do you know people from Numand?  They're almost on the other side of our galaxy?" I asked curiously. 
     "I had pen pals when I was in highschool," bragged Hayden.  "I got to communicate with them through one of those fancy communicating telescopes that my mom got for me for Christmas since they have a light language I studied. 
     "Oh."  I said quickly pulling my head back at Hayden's delightful geekiness.
     "Yeah, we used to communicate every night for like a month when I was in eleventh grade!"  Hayden became more animated as he spoke widening his greyish-blue eyes.  His slim jaw could go a mile a minute once he got into what he was talking about, especially if it had anything to do with astronomy.  "He helped me though my AP Galaxy Physics class.  I wouldn't 've made it without him."  I was impressed with how graciously Hayden credited his long distance friend. 
     "I once met a Numandian," Brett interjecting as he reapproached our group with a tray of hot, spicy roogah.  We didn't even notice his absence as we were so amazed by our surroundings.  He must have slipped away quietly as soon as we entered the building.  "You guys looke pretty zoned out so I thought I'd bring you this."  I couldn't help but to think of how thoughtful this kind of gift this was from a college student.  A lot of college kids can't even afford treats for themselves much less a tray of treats for a friend and two people they had just met.  "I'd love to join you guys for breakfast, but I've gotta get mine and run to my next class," Brett explained.  "It was nice meeting you two.  Don't be a stranger.  "See ya later, Hayden."  Brett waved and took off to another food port where students could get take away meals.  Hayden watched him as he talked to Sam and I. 
     "He's a cool guy.  A real genius in the sciences."  Hayden was practically a genius when it came to all things astronomy, but there's always someone more skilled or better.  That someone happens to be Brett.  "I hope he's in more of my classes this year.  He'd be an awsome help in a study group."  Hayden's admiration was endearing.  He told us earlier that he never had a father figure since his parents split up when he was only two and he never had an older brother. 
     Sam bounced next to both of us leaning on one slender leg and bending the other with a bit of attitude.  Her fairy-slim arms were bent at her side with her slender hands bent towards both of us level with her shoulders.  She turned her heart shaped face towards me, and then Hayden, going back and forth a few times. 
     "Guys."  Her light, blunt voice drew our attention immediately.  "Are we eluding the fact that, apparently," she began to explain, exaggerating the word 'apparently' with her face, "we have leaped a year forward in time?"  She was right.  That black hole has returned us back to a place where we don't belong and we had no idea how to get back.  It was then that we pulled out our student id cards and decided we would need a nourishing breakfast to discuss our plans over.  We were surprised that our id cards worked.  We couldn't figure it out logically, but we were glad they did.  Hayden scoffed down two ham and cheese crossaints, a pile of eggs, four slices of toast and then a muffin, which he delicately nibbled with his highly caffeinated roogah.  I had a chocolate muffin and an apple with my roogah, and Sam had some kind of fruit brfead that she munched on in between talking about her plans on what we should do. 
     "Did you guys know Lochlan Straightjack-Phillips has gone missing before today?"  I asked inbetween sips of roogah. 
     "Yeah, I know!" Sam said with concern while she held her roogah cup between her elegant, white hands.  "My brother told me about him.  They used to hang out at football camp all the time over summer."  She took another sip and looked down at the table.  My mind wandered a little as I thought about James and how he said how much he missed me.  I had been writing long letters home to him about how much I missed him and all the others.  Being my most compassionate friend, he offered to come visit me and keep me company through my first week of school.  He probably imagines me hiding under my desk in my dorm room too shy and scared to come out.  I didn't go too much into detail about Sam and Hayden and all the great parties which I wanted to bring him along to.  When I put pen to paper, I thought of how much I missed my friends and family.  I got so homesick for Vermonill that I completely forgot to tell him about my new life here in NJU.  It wasn't until last night that I received a message on the electronic message board next to my dorm communication pod from him.  It read:  'Don't you worry, Leanne.  I won't let you spend one more day alone out there in that crazy city.  I'm jumping onto the 16th level and coming on over there to keep you company for a while.  Now, you remember, we all love you here at home.  Keep that smile on your face 'cause I'm gonna wanna see it when I get over there.'  Alarm went as through my body like a shot of addrennaline.  What was I going to do about James!  Ws I back here a year ago to greet him?  He's from a small town like me.  He wouldn't know what to do in this big city all alone.  My face must have changed drastically because both Hayden and Sam asked me if I was okay.  I told them about James and explained about his plan to visit me the following day.  I went on in a shaky voice for the next ten minutes until Hayden came up with the most obvious and unsettling idea.  
    "Okay, whose got that book?" he directed at both of us.
     "Sam, you had it last," I said pointing pointing one of my small fingers in her direction.  Her dainty head drew back in surprise.    
    "I don't have it!  Hayden has it!  Don't you?"  She turned her head to look at him.  "Remember?"  Right before we went through the nightclub."  
    "No.  I though Leanne had it."  Hayden stopped desperately rummaging through his bag to point the finger at me.   
     "Guys."  I sat calmly as I stated the obvious.  "I think we lost the book."  I sat in fear hunched over with my fleshy arms curled in toward my middle and my hands laying in my lap.  "Where are we gonna sleep?" 
     "I have an idea."  Hayden put up one finger and, with that resolve, we decided to sleep in the library. 

© 2012 Fairytale

Author's Note


If you read this, please leave a review and tell me your experience. Constructive cristicism is always welcome. Thank you to anyone who reads my work and those who leave feedback. Please give as honest feedback as possible so that I may grow as a writer.

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Pretty fine story telling there Fairytale; it is different to read a chapter in the middle of a book, and give a good review. I enjoyed the twists and turns in this part of the story and how it took some time for the characters to realize the jump in time which occured. It leaves a lot of room to take the story just about any direction you choose.
Well written

Posted 11 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


Nice narrative. You use strong imagery - I was definitely drawn in by the first few lines "Up all night traveling through a black hole"
I also enjoyed seeing the dialogue and exchanges between characters. Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

You repeated the description of the SBB twice. Just thought I'd let you know. Also, remember when that one girl told you two chapters ago to include more descriptions of your characters? You over did it a little. We've established that Leanne has dirty blonde hair. We get that Sam is bubbly and excited and a bit of a happy fairy. Understood. Let's move on to bigger and better descriptors. Oh, and the reaction these characters have to being thrown a year ahead in time is a little underplayed. Even with a night of no sleep I think you could get away with making them react to their situation. Some yelling? Some screaming? Some runinng around? Totally justified. Or better yet, how about one of them goes into catatonic shock, another runs around screaming, and the third just kind of stands in place torn between fainting and freaking? There's some reactions for you.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is wicked. I love this one. I really think you know what you want to go on. The suspense is terrific and the characters and just amazing. You give a lot on this. Great work. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

"much the same(,) including our intense" " finally opened(,) and the three of us" "with students(,) and the suns" "flyers or signs(,) and the students" " There was definately(definitely) something" "Beechal field(,) and we suddenly" "twenty years ago(,) which didn't make" "a mile a second, and dark reddish-brown" No comma. "down into a frown(,) and she shifted her face" " as her friend,(no comma) but instead(,) a" "Cassie said quickly(,) leaning on one foot" "Sam and Hayden(,) who were looking" " the food ports ewre(were) updated," "Sam and Hayden turned to fac(face) me" "Sam squeeked(squeaked)." "opposite slim hand(,) covering her finely" "of (t)he university paper(,) and Sam gave a saucy" "my place with nothing( )to do but" " She unfolded the (p)aper" " blonde girl's arm(,) following her fingers" "Didn't you, Holly.(?)" "eyes squinted(,) and her head moved" "like the necest(nicest) one" "got quiet(,) and their focus" " friends and neighbors(,) who are really" "was exaggerated(,) and I would guess" "grinning in mockery(,) and then they all" "light language I studied.(")" ""Oh.(,)" I said quickly(,) pulling my head" "You guys looke(d) pretty zoned" " "(get rid of that quotation mark)See ya later, Hayden." "was only two(,) and he never had" " kind of fruit brfead(bread)" "W(a)s I back here" "

"She spoke quickly like parties here were routine." Hm, I don't know about that. Quickly makes it seem like she's speaking so fast so other people can't comprehend. Maybe try casually. Just a suggestion.

It's kind of written rushedly. A lot to chew at once. Good job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 4 people found this review constructive.

A highly twisted plot and gardened emotions, well done, great read.

Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 2 people found this review constructive.

Pretty fine story telling there Fairytale; it is different to read a chapter in the middle of a book, and give a good review. I enjoyed the twists and turns in this part of the story and how it took some time for the characters to realize the jump in time which occured. It leaves a lot of room to take the story just about any direction you choose.
Well written

Posted 11 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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