A Poem by Anne Shirley

By Anne Shirley Rios

Seven years of darkness
In the Philippine territory,
Men in camouflage was not
A sight to see,
And war is never a good thing.

Many times had the people been
Broken hearted, by the news
Of their love one dying,
Yet, they stood firm; hoping
That the war would end.

Heroes' untold stories, are sited
To the earth; you may find them
Under the sea,
They may also be found buried beneath
The earthy soil,
And some you may find inside ones heart.
Secretly yearning his warmth embrace,
And his hearty laugh, that brings back joy
to the soul.
Secretly, secretly longing... But it's too late.
You can never bring him back.

Blood was shed.
A voluntary sacrifice was made.
And how it ended?
By the raisng of the national
Flag of the Philippines with many
Of the leaders around the world,
To witness, the bird that
was once imprisoned by the world;
now freely flying, soaring gracefully
in the air.

Long live the Filipinos!
May the Lord bless us
Abundantly, and may His
Favour be upon us for
More years to come.


© 2009 Anne Shirley

Author's Note

Anne Shirley
They were heroes, but their stories were untold. yes, they may not be as famous as Gen. McArthur, but they are the ones we should be proud of, many died in this war, but I don't think anyone ever thought of backing out, those soldiers; who had immense passion for their country made a huge impact and had left a great legacy, which all of us will never forget.

In memory of those soldiers; I present to them this simple poem, which i made out of admiration. you taught us a lot of lesson, lessons that made us all brave and true.
Thank you!

"I'm proud to be a Filipino!"

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And rightly so, Shirley. Being retitred US Navy, I worked with and was friends with many of your countrymen, plus having visited there, I came to appreciate your people, customs, etc. Their plight during WWII is also known to me. Their sacrifice was great and shall never be forgotten.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Our lesson last week was about the world war two; and our civics teacher told us to make a poem about it.
So here it is, hope you enjoy!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 23, 2009


Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley

Manila, Philippines

I love reading book, but I hate school books... I really wanted to be a writer someday; So I read a lot of books to improve my English, by the way I'm a Filipino; and I'm proud of that. I wish som.. more..

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