A Story by Anne Shirley

it's a self explanatory, it simply talks about a sunflower.



At first I was a seedling. Let alone in the darkness; it was lonely and
quite scary. But every time I feel the warmth of the ground, I feel
assured and at ease, somehow it reminds me that I'm not alone.

One day a great storm occurred and I felt very terrified; But then I
thought of that one who encouraged me a lot, I haven't really met
it. And for a moment I felt peace hovering me,  though the storm
raged on, I knew that this will be over soon.

I'm happy to say that the storm has ended, but what made happier
is that I'm no longer in the dark, and finally I got to see my one and
only encourager.

Though I go through a lot of trials, the sun kept on cheering me up;
saying it is a part of life. I knew that. Without this storms, I couldn't
have grown this far.

"Someday" I said proudly to the sun, "Someday, I can look up at you
and feel no worries of tomorrow" the sun smiled brightly at me (I
knew it because of its radiance) and said in a gentle voice "I can't
wait" I too can't wait for that day.

Days passed, then years, never did we stop encouraging each other,
and without knowing it, I was finally looking up at the sun. We've
been good friends so I entrusted my life to it and it took great care of
me. I was proud that of the sun. It was one loyal friend and a friend
I would like to spend my whole life with.

© 2009 Anne Shirley

Author's Note

Anne Shirley
I'm OK with criticisms.

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sorry if I have wrong grammars and sorry for placing the word thrusted... I don't even think there's such a word. Sorry!!!! I meant by that is " So I trusted my whole life to it and it took great care of me."

SO SORRY!!!!!!!

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Posted 9 Years Ago

wow it's really sweet and nice. short but still so impactful. beautiful story i say

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley

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I love reading book, but I hate school books... I really wanted to be a writer someday; So I read a lot of books to improve my English, by the way I'm a Filipino; and I'm proud of that. I wish som.. more..

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A Story by Anne Shirley