My First Love

My First Love

A Story by Anne Shirley

It's amzing! This feeling of falling in love with God.

My First Love

From the past years I have been insecure in worship time. I would stand still and cry and then afterward go back to the same routine I have always done. There was a time when my faith suddenly collapsed, and I found myself in need of God's presence. I was going crazy without Him! But this youth camp 2010, I went out of my comfort zone and cried unto God for forgiveness. He did. When our speaker; Evangelist Gentry Mangun, told us to ask for forgiveness before receiving the Holy Ghost, I imagined Christ on the cross. I was there in that scenario, I was in front of him, and he looked at me and I asked him to forgive me, then he smiled the sweetest smile I've ever seen. And spoke the words I longed to hear.

"I already did" He said and my mind turned pitch black.

He appeared again, this time I was reaching for His hands as the shadow before me keeps grabbing me away. I told myself, I'll never let Him go once I took hold of His hand. The shadow before me challenged me and grabbed me farther away from Him. However, I praised Him even louder.

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

After that the shadow disappeared and I ran freely and reached out my hands to Him. Before I knew it I was speaking in tongues!

I did not mind that mucus was coming out of my nose; I did not mind that my saliva was spilling out of my mouth, and I did not mind what I look at that very moment. For the center of my mind was God.

On the fourth day of our camp, I felt the most superb feeling ever! It was the first time I felt passionately in love with God. My heart, mind and soul were so overwhelmed, so drowned with God’s love.

My heart pounded against my chest, like a woman’s heart at the sight of a stunning man.

My mind only saw God and no one else.

My soul shook in the presence of the Lord.

My mouth spoke of praise.

And my tears would not stop pouring, with great joy that can only be found in Him.

I was awestruck by what God had made me feel. And as I type these words, I could still feel His presence embracing me.

Now, everything is all clear.

My obligation to my generation is to make them feel what I felt. This wonderful feeling, I will share it to them.

My God! I’m in love with the most awesome person! His none other than my creator, my redeemer, my heavenly father, my faithful friend and my savior; if I were to type all His attributes, it would not fit here.
                               Praise the Lord!

© 2010 Anne Shirley

Author's Note

Anne Shirley
God's love is so much different from the love we receive from people around us. When I felt the awesome love of God, I never thought of any other man aside from Him. He's the one. My perfect lover.

04/27/10 is the day I receive the Holy Ghost.

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Added on May 3, 2010
Last Updated on May 3, 2010


Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley

Manila, Philippines

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