Part 6

Part 6

A Chapter by FallenWingz




"So you actually spoke to her and saw her, what is she like." I was on the phone with Faith.

"She's very nice, she's got a lot of you in her. I was amazed at the familiarity."

"Does she know about me? Have you told her why?" I was nervous I didn't want to freak the girl out.

"No, I think that's for you to do. I'm just glad to have helped you on this. Do you want her number." How do I do this, I'm in this "retreat" which I can't just leave.

"I don't know, I'm still in this place, I can't ask her to just show up here." I started to panic.

"Cali calm down first talk to Dr. Walker, she'll understand you know. Maybe she could arrange for you to get out a few hours." She's making sense, but still how am I going to get there.

"I'll talk with her. I still need someone to take me to where I'll meet her, do you think its possible only if you available that is."

"Sure Cali I'll love to go. Here's her number." I scribbled the number down on a pad attached to the phone booth.


That was something I'm surely going to be nervous about, but I'd like to meet her, to know. You would think I should be mad at this newfound of a sibling. The fact either one of my parents cheated on each other. But I've not seen them for over three years. We not that close I guess the disapointment of not following in their footstep.


Knock. Knock.

"Come on in." She called out.

"Hey do you have time." She smiled and showed me in.

"Sure, what's wrong."

"Nothing I just want to know if I could get some time out of jail." She smiled. Damn those eyes.

"Yes and Cali we've talked about calling it a jail. This is a place of recovery. Do you have someone to take you."

"So you not going to ask me where I'm going. I mean who says I'll come back."

"It’s your privacy Cali and I trust you. So when do you want your pass."

"I still have to call her, but once I know exact date I'll let you know. And thanks." That was easy. Now the hard part comes actually making the call.


Ring, ring, and gosh pick up already.

"Hello." I hear a voice. It wasn't a girl’s voice.

"Uhm." Gosh Cali nervous much.

"Hey I'm Cali Davis, is there a Kai Woods perhaps."

"Yes, hold on." I heard him shouting babe there a chick for you on the phone.

Then I heard footsteps and a voice.

"Hello, Kai speaking." She says.

"Hi Kai this is Cali Davis, this isn't how I want to tell you why I'm calling but I'd like to know if you could meet me today for coffee. There's a little coffee place on fifth street do you think you can meet me." I know this is a bit stalkerish but I can't tell this girl over the phone hey you my sister.

"Yeah this kind of out the blue but I can meet you there say in a hour or so."

"That is great thanks."

"No thank you."

We said our goodbyes and I instantly called Faith she said she’d pick me up. I got Dr. Walker in the hall and I was set. Went back to my room took a quick shower and was already waiting on my friend to pick me up.

Watching as Faith pulls up near the curb, it’s been so long since I've seen her.

"Wow so nice to see you." And went for a hug, she hugged me back and it was like magic the nervousness was gone.

"So you didn't tell her."

"Nope, I thought it be better doing it in person." I tell her. I strapped myself and she starts the car and off we went. Everything felt new like being outside for the first time, to smell air that's not actually fresh like at the center.

"So how is your progress coming along." She asked.

"It’s getting somewhere, just three more months then I'm out of there. Thanks for talking me into going there." My face turned towards the open window as we drive pass buildings I've not seen in over five months.

"I'm glad you went, Dr. Walker is really amazing I've known her for quite awhile. She's been doing good work at the center I use to work at." She says, her hands turn the steering wheel just as we come to a stop. This is it. I'm here.

"This is it." I say.

"Cali it’s going to be okay. Don't worry. I'll wait out here."

"No I want you with me I'm not doing this alone." she got out with me. As we walk up the path to the coffee shop, Faith point her finger towards a brunette sitting at a corner table looking a bit nervous, I guess its time to face it.

As I stood there astounded at the expression on her face as a smile was tugged at the corner of her lips, she got up as she showed me in her direction. First I thought do I know her, did we once upon a time hanged out, but then I saw the book laying on the side of the table.

I moved at a slow pace towards the girl as she came with both arms and hugs me.

She pulls away and said, "I can't believe its you, Cali Davis." I smiled because I'm nervous and I don't know how she knew it’s me she has to see.

She's not seen me.

"I am a big fan of yours, I can't believe you here today of all places. Wait a minute didn't I talk with an Cali Davis today." She says.

She seems sad in her voice. Do I give her the proper introduction? I think I've gone off by blocking her chattering when I catch the last part, " so you back in town." She says.

"Ahh, I need to speak with you please. Can we have a seat and get to why I am here."

"Sure why not go ahead." She says.

"Kai yes I am Cali and yes I called you, but I'm not here because you a big fan, I am here because I have found some news awhile back and sorry it took me so long, but you are my sister. Were sisters, I suppose one of my parents had part in your creation."

She looks at me and back at the book.

"So you here because you wanted to tell me this. You could have said something on the phone why didn't you." She says.

"I was afraid you might not like to hear it that way."

"My mother told me my father died. All I know his name is Ross." She said.

"Ross Davis is his full name and he is much alive. Well his alive I just haven't seen him in years. My friend Faith had someone looking for any relatives she didn't know if I had or not until she told me she met up with you. I had to see for myself and she's right. We do have the same features." I tell her.

"This can't be real are you kidding with me." I told her no and called Faith over that had just finished a call and doesn't seem too look like she's in any mood for anything, she has this expression on her face that I can't read, first thing I asked was.

"Is it time to go." She nods her head. This wasn't even long; I haven't even gotten any other information from or about my half sibling.

"This was unexpected, Cali but we have to leave now." She says.

I turn to face Kai who was still sitting there without saying a word. I took a napkin and scribbled on it the telephone number and my home address.

"Use it in three months." She looked at me confuse.

"We have lots to talk about,but I have your contact number and hopefully we can get to know each other more." She got up and I hugged her we both greeted her and we were out, but just before I was out the coffee shop I turned around and that same smile I was always complimented on was spread on her face like I have seen my twin.

© 2011 FallenWingz

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Ok for coming in in the middle of the story this was not bad, I might even check out the other pieces of the story. (Probably as I am becoming a junkie for your work) I would however suggest you reread this yourself and catch the errors before posting it. The only thing you can control is your image on this site, and I want you to succeed in all you attempt.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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