Death of a Bachelor

Death of a Bachelor

A Story by (*Fallenarchanglez*)

This is the vibe I got off of the song by P!atD's new album.


Gripping the glass, his hands shook, a range of new emotions flowing over him like a tidal wave. The amber liquid life of the gods in his glass felt like the taste of her stolen kisses, and the feel of her body heat as they lay together. . .

the lace of your dress tangles my neck

A deep breath, and following, the finishing of the light liquor in his cup. His tie lay askew on his neck, his vest undone and his hair out of place. The glass slides across a barren counter top and is slid back, filled with more sorrow-filled memories.

Happy Ever After, How could I ask for more?

His cup slides into his hand, and he downs the sorrowful memories of the idea of her.

walking the long road, watching the sky fall

The golden amber liquid slides down, easily, just as the tears are falling down his cheeks. The empty ballroom taunted him, making him a fool in his own respect.

Happy Ever After, How could I ask for more?

He throws the glass across the room, shattering it onto the picture of them, the picture sliced to shreds by the shattered glass. The empty room echoed his heart, the crushing weight of emptiness crushing him beneath its grip.

do I look lonely? I see the shadows on my face

His shaking fingers loosen the noose from around his neck and drop the red silken tie onto the ground, his other hand reaching for the bottle of memories for him to choke down. His lips part as his breath rushes in, then out. His eyes swim, the sound of her laughter and the taste of her lips playing across his mind.

the lace of your dress tangles my neck

A new kiss meets his lips, the neck of the bottle of his well of emotions. He raises the bottom of the bottle up above his head and pours the thought of life after her back down his throat. He sets the bottle of empty washed up memories down on the floor, readjusting his noose and stepping off the window sill.

At the expense of the Death of a Bachelor...

© 2016 (*Fallenarchanglez*)

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Added on January 18, 2016
Last Updated on January 18, 2016
Tags: sad, trigger warning, depressing



Albany, OR

Fresh off the swing set with self esteem lower than my motivation to write. I'm now 18, but I'm still Wiccan and anxiety ridden. more..