Willow Tree

Willow Tree

A Story by Autumn Falls

So I written this my sophomore year in high school, which was about 6 years ago. God I'm getting old lol. Anyways, I never finished it but I thought I should just post it anyways.



I stepped down from the edge with tears falling down from my green abnormal eyes. I couldn't jump and even if I did it wouldn't do me any good because death is my friend and we do not fear each other, in other words I cannot die. It was dark and cold when the world first saw me; at one look they all became afraid of me. I wasn't even filled with power at birth it was just the sound of my name that made their human skin crawl, Allister (my name). It wasn't depression that made me beg for death to hate me, it was the fact that he kept me alive for too long. I've seen too many things in this world and done so much. There isn't anything that I haven't felt, haven't taste, haven't seen, and haven't touched that has been created. I remain young and dangerous while most grow old and weak, but they grow old with happiness and friends while I remain depressed and friendless. Allister, what is in my name that makes it so fearful?

I was like them.
I was once one of them.
I loved like them.
I cared like them.

I had dreams like them, but one day they were shattered in front of me by hundreds of evil souls and one beautiful girl I lived every moment for. I aged like them until I was 18, foolishly young and in love; trusting a girl who kept my life in the palm of her hands. That night changed me forever. I no longer had dreams like them, I no longer cared like them, and I no longer loved like them. I was no longer one of them. I remember what the cold chilling wind felt like when that night ended. I remember how it hit my skin and I felt a bit of warmth; it was my only feeling of warmth. I remember laying there, where she left me, lying on my back watching the sun over power the moon. I remember how the venom made me feel; weak but powerful, numb but in so much pain. It raced through my immortal veins as my heartbeat disappeared along with my human soul. I remember looking down in the clear blue water shivering at my new reflection of my demon self. I knew right then and there what I was becoming; I was no longer one of them I was one of her. I remember the last words she whispered into my ear "Make our master proud." Those words echoed in my head for days. That night I became Death's slave.

Chapter 1

Underneath my bare feet is a mistake. A mistake no one can forgive. A mistake no one can forget. Underneath my bare feet lays him. A soulless, lifeless, heartless, cold and pale body filled with nothing but emptiness. Underneath my bare feet is a part of me that kept me human; a best friend the world mistakenly let go of. His name was Killian Micks. His death is what inspired my first blood thirsty kill. I didn't know his name; I didn't bother. All I knew was he was a killer and one of his victims was Killian. I remember the screams he cried, the sorry he gave, the blood that spilled and the final moment his dark brown eyes shut. His blood was the first blood that touched my lips. Death was proud of me that night. He took me under his wing and raised me to grow into his footsteps. I was the youngest then, but I became the most powerful and feared. Killian was the first human soul I didn't take; he was the first human I gave a small trust to after my human years ended. He knew my secret and yet he stayed; he didn't leave me even when I was blood thirsty. I remember the day I told him what I am, we spent all day and night talking about it.

I remember how he didn't show me much of any sort of fear the moment I told him. The only thing that changed in him was the way he looked at me. I remember the prefect shade of blue feared into gray. I swore to protect his soul and his life, but I failed him one December night. I can't go back to the night like I usually can and I have no idea why. So I whispered for my master to come walk the still cold earth. There I stood hearing the wind swish in fear and animals scatter. "My son," He calls to me as he steps closer to me and Killian's grave. His footsteps were light and hallow but yet the Autumn Leaves still rattled and crushed. "My Demon son," He whispers to me again as I finally bowed down on my knees to my master. His voice deepened, "My son don't bow to me; we are equal, you and I. I took you under my wing so you would follow my footsteps. I raise you as my son and you will act as if I'm your human father. Don't bow to me, stand!"
"Death." I called pulling myself up.

"Father, my son; call me father," He demanded. His eyes slipped down to the stone, he grinned. "In dead eyes the world shine with more rare beauty. After death you become numb but you still find a reason to smile. It's how you die and the truth that you find out that makes death seem scary and painful. When you die that's when you find out who really loves you and cares for you. You find out if your friends are really your friends; if the one you love shares the same emotion. Listen to me son if you're asking me to bring your dear best friend back, I'm not. You get yourself too attached to these humans; I won't allow it any longer. Killian's soul belongs to us, not back on earth to die again, to make you weak and distracted."

"Father," I mumbled looking down at Killian's grave. "He'll give me strength." He shook his head and turned his back towards me.
"Humans are nothing but distractions," He begins to fade into the darkness. "Go make me proud again child. I raised you for evil." I laid there besides his grave glazing at the stars. The wind chilled as the dead rises to walk the earth's surface. They all say the same thing to me, why did you have to kill me and take my soul? I never listen to their moans and cries. They try to talk to me and get me to send their souls to Heaven but I refuse to disobey my master. Killian can't rise from his grave and see the world in dead eyes, thanks to me. That was the condition Death gave us about Killian knowing my secret. So I just laid there beside him in silence. And then the darkness brightened by light and it made my brown eyes wonder around and that's when I first saw true beauty in all these thousands of years. She was sitting there under the dead Willow Tree. I could hear her heart breaking and her tears fall.

Her head turns my direction and for some odd reason sorrow hit my dead heart. She was truly beautiful, sp beautiful it was hard to tell if she was real or not. So I stood up and walked towards her in nervousness with a smile upon my dead and pale face. Up close she was even more rarely beautiful; long silky black hair, tan long mile legs and a beautiful angel like face. I leaned up against the trunk of the Willow Tree. Her eyes didn't follow me; I guess it was out of fear like always. I could still hear her heart breaking and her tears hit the earth's surface. She finally took a good look at me and I could tell she was studying me as her eyes wondered on me. Then they looked at me with tears falling down and for some strange reason my dead heart starts to beat as I squatted down and leaned towards her slowly. Those green abnormal eyes were breathtaking; if I ever needed to breathe. I touched her face softly as she shuts her sweet beautiful eyes. For a moment the world stood still and the moans of the dead silenced.

My eyes shut as was shown her world, her life, her past, her emotions, her cries and her death. I opened them and suddenly all beauty including her slipped out of my dead hands; I was alone while the world still wasn't in motion; lost in the still cold earth. I sat there as everything around me stood still. Is she even real? One moment I was sitting in front of a beautiful young girl and now the world is still and the beauty disappeared. I slipped down onto the ground wondering my eyes around. Nothing moved nothing spoke to me; she was gone and I was alone. I'm numb when it comes to being left alone; this is how I've been living for years, stuck in the still cold earth in front of a soulless boy that wonders around while everything else is still. Each time the world takes a pause or I'm falling upon my knees in great weakness he appears in the dead of night or the light of day somehow reminding me of what I really am, a monster. This is a young boy with blue sea eyes and black hair. He never said a word to me, he'd just dance around in his bare feet humming a children's song.

He was the sign that told me who my next victim is, her. It's like Death knew what I was thinking when I saw her, as if he knew that if he allowed her to live I would find her and protect her forever. That's the thing about Death; no matter how much he claims me as his son he shows no love or care for me. He takes anything or anyone that will come close to me and have me kill them. That's how much power he has over me; no matter how much I care or love someone if he demands their soul I kill them. It was just an illusion of her that gave me a taste of human life again, for a moment she brought me to life. I guess that's what got Death so afraid, he felt my human soul lurking around looking for me. I want to feel that again but Death has brought her to me and I cannot disobey him, I have to kill her. So I walked slowly thinking of that feeling she gave me and how that was the last time I will find myself feeling that alive again. A part of me wanted to allow her to live but my loyalty wouldn't allow it.

Chapter 2

I found her in a puddle of her own blood gasping for sweet air to give her life; surrounded by all of her killers. She was shaking out of coldness and great fear. Four young boys stood around the bed. Two held her down with every bit of strength they had while the others touched her, kissed her, licking inches of her almost dead body for sick pleasure. She screamed out for help but no one helped her. Her beautiful eyes were squeezed shut as her skin chilled and that's when I knew she felt my presence.

In the corner of the room he danced again as everything darkened in the shadows. The ghostly boy brought my past to my brown eyes and I vision it so clearly. The willow-tree stood over a young girl; its branches covered her like a bride's vale. The darkness surrounded her in beautiful patterns of stars. She was all alone crying. I could hear her tears crash onto the wide wheat-field. She was so very young, about nine, filled with so much innocence that she looked like one of god's sweet little angels. He danced to her like he always does but he wasn't humming, he was whispering to her sweetly like he knew her. "Starllet," he whispers to her. Her young eyes looked at us without speaking a word. "Starllet," he spoke again. She didn't speak; she didn't move. "Speak to me." Her eyes fell down to her hands that were repeatedly shaking. She held them up towards us; they were not only shaking but also covered in thick blood. She let out a scream as she placed her hands down into the Wheatfield trying to wipe the blood off. Nonstop she cried aching in pain, shaking in fear. Her green abnormal eyes stayed widen.

I pushed my head through the branches of the tree getting a closer look at this boy and this girl, wondering why he was showing me this. I don't remember anything about my past; my human life is nothing but a big blur to me. Luxs forget all about their human life. When Death chooses Luxs or you join them all that you love you suddenly seem to hate and the ones you cared for with love you end up forgetting all about them and your feelings. Suddenly you find yourself standing over your mom, your dad, your brothers or sisters taking their life away as they scream to you in tears "Why!" you begin to find yourself wondering who you were and what you're becoming. Then death hands you your own ghost that shows you all of your past and your each one of your victims. It suddenly occurred to me that Starllet is my victim and the ghostly boy is who I once was when I was young and human.

He wiped away each tear that fell from her green eyes and took her bloody hands. Her eyes stared into his as he smiled sweetly to her ignoring the blood that dripped off her small shaking hands. I kept my eyes on them and watched as if the boy wasn't me; as if this was just someone else's past. She tried to smile but the feeling of the blood on the palm of her hands made her feel nothing but pain. Then she spoke to him with her sweet angel like voice cracking in between her words because of her tears.

"Allister," she whispered to us humbly. "It was as if Death himself was after me. I couldn't escape from him, Allister. I screamed for you; I tried to run to you but I couldn't find you and he just wouldn't let go of me. It's like Death took over him as he tried and tried to kill me, I've seen it inside his eyes. My own father stood over me as he held a knife over my head and tempted to kill me, as if I meant nothing to him at all anymore. Allister save me."I looked down at him; he gripped her hands tight out of anger. He let out a small whisper of a scream and released her bloody hands. He whispered to her calmly trying to hide his anger from her.

"And the blood," he asked, looking away from her. Once again she didn't speak; she didn't move. "Starllet, and the blood; where did it come from," she took a look down at her hands without speaking a word. "Starllet." He repeated letting his anger slip out of him.
"The blade of the knife," she mumbled. "His knife, it flew to me in such anger, all I could do was put my hands in front of me to protect me. It went through me like I was a ghost but then it stopped in the middle of the blade." His eyes widen with even more anger as he took her hands and led her to the nearby creek. He placed her them in the clear water as they both sat down watching the water turn red. Her cries softened as he placed his arms around her waist and his chin on her right shoulder.
"Starllet," he whispered sweetly inside her ear. "I'll protect you forever."

© 2016 Autumn Falls

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Awesome story here Autumn Falls. I love the details in this story. Please write more of this story.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Autumn Falls

4 Years Ago

Really? I wrote it forever ago
Tsubaki Kuro

4 Years Ago

Oh. did you forget everything

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Autumn Falls
Autumn Falls

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