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Not titled yet, working process

A Story by Autumn Falls

This is a very fresh rough draft. I haven’t written anything in a while.

Empty bottles of vodka surrounded my bed. I just picked up drinking over the summer and I’m starting to think I’m getting quite good at it. It must be six in the morning, my alarm for school hasn’t gone off yet, but it’s useless to try to go back to bed so I guess I’ll get ready for my first day in highschool. I found a pair of black skinny jeans and my favorite Nirvana tee and got dressed. My cousin says I’m going through an emo phase, but I think it suits me. I brushed my dark brown hair and stuck on some eyeliner under my green eyes. It was too early for the bus but I wanted out of the house as soon as possible so I grabbed my cigs and headed out the door. It was cold and still dark which usually doesn’t bother me but of course I forgot my f*****g jacket and I was too far from the house to turn around. Our bus stop is right in front of the neighborhood park so I chilled on the swings to grab a smoke before the bus stop gets too crowded. My headphones were in so I didn’t notice the guy that decided to sit on the swing next to me. He was tall and dark skinned with kind eyes. He gave me a smile. He looked older. I turned my music down and smiled back. “Are you cold?” He asked looking down at my arms but quickly looking away. He noticed my cuts. He started taking out his jacket from his backpack. I didn’t know what to say as he handed it to me, so I just smiled. “I’m Axel.” He softly said, trying to break the awkwardness. Embarrassed, I put his jacket on and handed him a cig as a thank you, “Buffy.” I found the nerve to respond. He chuckled, “Like the vampire slayer? Badass.” I stood up, put out my cig and headed to the bus stop. I’m no good at small talk. He followed me. “I guess.” I sounded harsh but I didn’t mean to. We sat down on the steps of the leasing office, kids were finally starting to gather and I really wanted another cig.

© 2020 Autumn Falls

Author's Note

Autumn Falls
Very rough draft. I’m searching for a tone.

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Added on April 12, 2020
Last Updated on April 12, 2020


Autumn Falls
Autumn Falls

williamsburg, VA

Hey, I'm Autumn. 26. Ravenclaw. I like animals more than people. And I haven't written anything in years. more..