First Love's Uncertainty

First Love's Uncertainty

A Poem by Faria C

~ First love and its struggles ~

First love, first sight
Never seen, never felt
First kiss, first fight
Tears stream down, fill up the well

When he's happy, she's elated
When he's not, all hope has faded.

He says the words
He means them, but
She can't afford
A weakened heart.

He starts another fight yet
She weeps again, her heart is set

She tells him, "Sorry, I'm sorry"
He says "My fault, don't worry"
She speaks her mind, finally
"I don't think we were meant to be."

The well gets deeper to contain the tears
The well can't break, but it's her fear.

She leaves before it can have a chance
He walks up and takes her hand.

"I love you, love. Written in the stars.
This is something meant to be.
I loved you from the very start.
You're the reason when I'm happy."

"I love you, too."
Her heart beats faster.
Pain must be conquered
For a happily ever after...

© 2017 Faria C

Author's Note

Faria C
on something I'm in the process of experiencing <3
Well, I haven't experienced all of the above, but yes, I am 18 =p

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A poignant piece of writing that brings back memories for me. Eloquent use of language to explain a complex emotion. Well done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Faria C

7 Years Ago

Aw thank you so much for the much appreciated review =)
you're 18, but write as a 50,
you're a writer & you got an awesome writing...

you think you' ain't much experience but i think you're very furious,
you're very furious, i think you're too curious,
love is ruthless, but it's a dream of happiness,
dream of happiness, but contains much rudeness,
much rudeness, anyway you've got writing's smoothness.....

you're a charm, "faria"'s your name,
one day you'll get your fame,
because, your wallpic.'s hand's so nice with your pen,
have to got you den, i became your fan....

do you see ben-ten, because he was asking do ya know faria's name,
your writings are quite nice, i think you're a Miss-women...

Miss-women, every one wanna b your men,
because they do think they''re a c**k , & you're their pretty hen...

what's your future plan if may i ask ?
because by your writings it seems you're onself a great task,
have you eaten center-fresh's Shockkkk,
plz...don't bite me, i think you're a pretty shark...

you convert your reality into your words,
you'll b one one day amid the world,
you look like a curd,
i think you;ll got a pretty heart....
"first love uncertainty" is a tittle of your poem,
you made lost everyone in your poetric words,
i think you're pretty on this planet earth, (not much...hun :)
because, god has given you a beautiful birth....

My review on your poem ain't a preview,
don't worry if you reply me rudely, then i won't sue you...!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Faria C

7 Years Ago

Whoa, your comment is so...DIFFERENT from every other one I've gotten. This made my morning, thank y.. read more

7 Years Ago

You'll return the favour,
i think you love fruits flavour,
i wanna read your more work.. read more
Faria C

7 Years Ago

Aha my name is actually Faria IRL, and yes, I'm a high school student in grade 12. And I'm not into .. read more
Well, well, well... nice, lover ;)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Faria C

7 Years Ago

LOL thanks =p

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Added on January 27, 2013
Last Updated on March 6, 2017
Tags: first love, poem, true love, pain, heart break


Faria C
Faria C

Wouldn't you like to know , Canada

When someone asks me to tell them about myself, I panic and have a little identity crisis where I wonder, "Oh God, who am I?!" Bruh, don't do that to me. Well, I'm Faria (which rhymes with "area").. more..