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To Stonetown by Stamping Ground, and East Texas to Bradshaw Mill.

To Stonetown by Stamping Ground, and East Texas to Bradshaw Mill.

A Story by FarisGreybear

--another song across the bluegrass, written on the way... 7/1/14."

1. Runnin rabbits down paint creek under clouded moon
2. Across the new narrow span of iron, lime, and sand
3. Retrace the evening chase, no knife, fork, or spoon
4. Birthed through Jess Ray Branch above Sugar bottomland
5. Chenault bridge bypassed and Constitution Square too
6. Roundabout waiting to pile up bodies,
thirty three crosses to plant
7. Atoka short cut to Chaplin and Doctor's forks, taste burgoo
8. West thru East Texas,
and below Saint Rose Hill, latin echo chant
9. Still the old rocks stare opposite cartwright's banks, Noville's near
10. The race is won down Road Run, at last across the swampfox line
11. Curve below the motherhouse and hop over Smock's, fast like deer
12. Monoliths of black, pinehill taken back, vineyards of bourbon, not wine
13. Pottinger's Landing to Gaddy's Ford,
and up past Sheep's Defeat, oh my Lord!
14. Frogtown to Stonetown, Riley to Salleetown,
formerly freed slaves all around.
15. But now freedom's washed away,
like the McKinneysburg span the Licking River gored,
16. Back in Ninety Seven when the sea fell from heaven,
and scoured Falmouth to the ground.
17. Slowly breaking waters from Augusta to Hi-Port,
four ones and four quarters.
18. Choked by coal smoke and ash,
ancient depot neighbor to Caproni's.
19. Steamboat marooned, but not doomed,
boat captain has new orders.
20. Hidden beside Tygart's creek,
behind great mounds, fields of ponies.
21. Bracken backer patches and Pendleton wilds,
the forks of Elkhorn are won.
22. Shadowed by towering expenditures,
beneath Frankfort's colossus of corruption.
23. Burrow underneath empty excess of the elite,
and hop over Benson Run.
24. Carried down from Manchester town,
Ohio's Seventeen Ninety One migration eruption.
25. But my soul sings, and wanders evermore,
amongst the calm and still,
26. Back in evacuation zone 3-D,
where mustard gas hides under the grass.
27. To Stonetown by Stamping Ground,
and East Texas to Bradshaw Mill.
28. Body and Blood consecrated in the boondocks,
another celebrated solitary Mass.

© 2015 FarisGreybear

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Added on February 27, 2015
Last Updated on February 27, 2015



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