[(5*4)+3=], Five Times Four Plus Three

[(5*4)+3=], Five Times Four Plus Three

A Poem by FarisGreybear

by. Farriss Grayebeare, 3/6/15 a.d., Racelan', Ky

No bus from Tartarus, this Hades beneath Hell.
Rich richer than ever, the witching hour infernal.
Imprisoned with the titans of tyranny, invisible cell,
Transcendental hands point to three a.m. eternal.

Simple math you see, five times four plus three...
Concordia's opposite and offspring orbit distantly,
The justified and ancient orbs, so friendly and free...

Longer the silence, clearer the image, subtler the message.

But alas, no sun for my solar calculator, what to do?
Take the sacred path, seven times three plus two.
Self-emancipated from my own fake black iron bars.
Like Hearse and Humvee, we ride in death-trap cars.

Beyond the unthinking faith, the constant illogic,
Certain in the seasons, weathered pyschologic,
Evidence in nature, feature of the creature robotic.

Endless the noise, foggier the truth, louder the broadcast.

Together, infinity and beyond, complete.
Eight times two plus seven. Ain't it sweet!
No time for ghost traffic, running red lights,
Freedom to enslave, enslaved for our rights.

Verified history now vilified mystery, who cares?
Another brain to train, drooling obedient stares...
Reality of fantasy, distract, depress, disable, impair...

Instantly deaf, completely blind, lost within my own mind.

free as the sum of twenty three!

---dedicated to the KLF, and the dwarf planet Eris

© 2015 FarisGreybear

Author's Note

This was a real challenge to compose, but i tried very hard to weave discord through klf in a mathematical way, in a congruent, albeit chaotic fashion! It helps if the KLF is playing when you read it! :P

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Added on March 6, 2015
Last Updated on March 6, 2015



Raceland, KY

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