Ritter Critter Literature, Tales of White Tails

Ritter Critter Literature, Tales of White Tails

A Poem by FarisGreybear

3-15-15 A.D., Ritter Park, Huntingon, WV, by Faris Greybear

First the Seven in unison, venison followin' Sun…
Above the mouth of Eden, where Davis Crick run.

The concrete mixture over the permanent fixture.
Campus fountain dry, lives lost long ago to the sky.
And two spotted fawns, at the tennis court ponds...

We are...Marshall, they cry champagne supernova.
At that dead end where you can't get ova' to Kenova.
Frozen are chosen, like stranded Marines in Korea.
Further to the east than Black Gnat beast or Berea.

Lovin' the peace in the trees where does little occur.
Observin' and recordin' more Ritter Critter Literature.

Then over hump hill at last, the rabbit did run past.
Witness, the white cat, those green eyes huntin' fast.
And beyon' L'il Garner, scrawny, sad, solitary fawn.
Where sacred flames of spirit so constantly spawn.

Two spotted horses starin’, south of heart cemetery,
Past forked Sycamore, bark peelin’ white preliminary,
The Pine punches like a pike, turned across the road.

The Rockhouse will be soon seen,
Seven more deer, following Sun…

Oh, the Sycamores, thicker’n the hair on a dog’s back.
Weavin’ like Cullowhee basket, off the beaten track.
One n’ three west down Injun Run, dubya hollar boun’.
“E. K.” rail ridin’ with Huey, Ole Jesse’s still around’.

So over hill, round bend, across the cratered obstacle,
Persistent perseverance of my personal boondoggle,
Finally atop flat woods, new haven home to race land,
Methodical, know Sun prodigal, the mind does boggle!

Wool hails bales, just tales of white tails, river’s up!
So watch ye’ self, it’s dangerous to yer health,
Just a livin’ wild, like God’s only child, mode stealth.
‘cept it’s free, they feed and clothe me, the river’s up!

So forget the smart phone, and a-googlin’ scripture,
Observe and record more Ritter Critter Literature.

© 2015 FarisGreybear

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Added on March 17, 2015
Last Updated on March 17, 2015



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