A Poem by Fay Slimm






The day going home dull light
gathered skyways for seeping dusk
to take over night patrol 

and crimson's dusty coverlet 
to hide sunset's diaphanous muster    

when wonder came into view.


A wink of stars mistily shone
as birds approached from southwest,
white drifting specks on

horizon's crest murmured hoots         
while wavering indistinct skeins wrung       

countless cries of urge to roost.


Each dot became a bundle
of goose, vigour of muscle suddenly   
swooping in riot of noise

feathery myriads of arching
necks steadily beating with instinct's

eye to find security.


With clamour of playground
at break-time I became dazzled with
glorious din of vast sound

as press of geese-thickness
droned in relentless refusal to stop

before line-dropping in droves.


Soon eerie silence as beaks
closed on numberless heads bent
under warm primers after

                 cease of wild chattering                       
   as mystique surrounds avian need 

for crowded sleep composure. 

© 2020 Fay Slimm

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When most people write about a skein of geese, it's usually from a far-off perspective, like geese are flapping figures . . . the group being the main idea. The reason I love your depiction is becuz you show geese more up close & personal -- each one being an entity, instead of the group as a configuration. As always, you come up with a ton of unique details to tell a familiar story (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Days Ago

Fay Slimm

5 Days Ago

So glad you like the details of subjects who breath and live as part of a gaggling unit yet are indi.. read more
Reminds me so much this scene of what I have witnessed first hand, many times on the river. The movement of many geese is enthralling to watch, but the noise is something else. Your lines are rich in interesting language and have an artist's flair. A painting in words if there ever was one. Add a sunset to the overall picture and you have it all. A splendid and well crafted work Fay.


Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Fay Slimm

3 Weeks Ago

A big thank you for your kind and interesting review Chris - we have nature in common I am sure - a.. read more

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Added on November 6, 2020
Last Updated on November 6, 2020


Fay Slimm
Fay Slimm

Camborne, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Hi from Fay Slimm, I have been writing poetry since childhood and have always enjoyed writing nature poems along with romantic odes to the glorious place where I live alongside the sea in Cornwall U.. more..

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A Poem by Fay Slimm

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