A Poem by Fearless Sunshine

a first draft of a poem about her. this poem was unplanned, it just sort of happened

i am not on fire 
the touch of your love doesn't set my heart aflame 
i'm not constantly swallowing butterflies that fly around my stomach 
and i don't feel electricity when your lips touch mine 
sparks flying and dancing across our skin
i do not feel this exhilarating excitement
a rush through my veins that cannot be suppressed

instead i feel calm
and comfortable
at peace in your arms
your lips swallow me up in a sense of home 
i could drown in the echoes of your laugh
your touch keeps me warm in the cold months 
your eyes, light up the overwhelming dark

i'll never feel that rush but i do feel that heat 
not in a whoosh of a match being struck
a spark into an encompassing flame 
but a flicker into a warm glow 
that engulfs my very soul and keeps me safe

and safe isn't boring
it's this sense of calm
the peaceful rise and fall of your chest
your legs brushed up against mine under the covers
tracing the invisible constellations of your freckles
intertwined with you
safe and calm and warm

© 2017 Fearless Sunshine

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Added on April 16, 2017
Last Updated on April 16, 2017
Tags: love, romantic love, romance, lesbian, lgbt


Fearless Sunshine
Fearless Sunshine

Boston, MA

She/her or they/them pronouns. I love to read and I'm giving writing a go. ~ I like reading, writing, film, and dancing. My ukulele is my third arm and I love to play music. My favor.. more..