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Red Light

Red Light

A Poem by VilleVitte

I see hundreds of lights,
the street of my very known childhood,
the memories of my memories,
the presence of the same place,
the past of the same place,
some things do not change,
the inside has changed,
yet has not lost the inner good,
inner nature is still intact,
it never wanted to change,
it has developed through conciousness,
shaped for years by unconciousness,
I see the red light of my birthday,
it is still a process,
people come and leave,
images blur yet still are there,
the will to perservere is here,
it is fighting all the time,
it is not giving in to this world,
it is aware, more with every moment,
developing, catalysed through senses,
they shape the psyche,
they shape the body,
it is the chemistry of life,
life changes without sleeping,
silence is a powerful aspect,
positivity of the body increases,
activity of the mind,
there is always an exchange,
every energy is directed or misdirected,
it is depending of the focus,
concentration is an arrow,
sharp or blunt,
it is depending of the will how shaped it will be,
it is depending of the initiation what will happen,
how it might unfold,
mind shows the body how to coordinate,
despite physical limitations, 
a lot can be done,
despite circumstances much can change,
everything can impress the Influence,
influence creates wonders,
which were not meant to be,
shows how impossible,
becomes possible,
the red light is a sign,
it is a reference, which cannot remain, unseen.

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© 2020 VilleVitte

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Hi, I really really like this! I love how you tie together the beginning, middle and the end in a reference to the lights, particularly the red light. I also adore your style of writing, it's beautifully poetic. The poem kind of reminds me of the Law of Attraction, and I really like that! If I had to give some pointers, they would only be small ones, and they're just ideas, but what if you mentioned the red light one more time towards the second half of the poem, as well as the end? I think it might be a cool repetition, especially if you could tie it into the lines about 'energy'.
Honestly though, I can't think of much serious criticism - I really enjoyed this poem as a whole and I think you're a very talented writer.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Hello Night,

first of all, I am positively surprised and thankful for your time, ener.. read more

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1 Review
Added on March 19, 2020
Last Updated on March 20, 2020



Gdańsk, Poland

Greetings everyone, I am a person who discovered within a few years ago passions as poetry, drawing, painting, music. It helps me to understand myself better, develop as a person and perhaps e.. more..