From me to you

From me to you

A Poem by Richard Man

Advice to anyone thinking about falling in love


From me to you:

Advice to anyone thinking about falling in love.


You cannot think about it.

You cannot lay in bed alone and dream.

You cannot pad, wolf-like, down side-walks, hunting.

Or stir intricate patterns in your mid-morning latte

And plan it.

That’s pure fantasy.


Love is not out there like a pot-hole,

A cliff or a treasure chest to be wary of

Lest you  fall in or off or over it.

It isn’t supposed to be...

Either a lottery  

Or your destiny. Love just is.


Get on with living that’s what love’s about.


When you’re ready to give,


In the blink of an eye,

During the micro-second between a lub and a dup.

There's a pause where there's no future tense.

And the now lasts longer than all of history.

Smile and

Quite simply and freely give.

Dive deeply with no pretense, 

Naked of all deception, into each other’s pool,

And open the lock-gates that divide you.

Share the rush.


And get on with loving that’s what life’s about.

© 2013 Richard Man

Author's Note

Richard Man
This is the third re-write since it's been here

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Nice and yes I agree, though when you have done nothing but given and been used and abused for it the idea of doing it again without at least some hesitation is rather absurd. Not looking for love and just getting on with things, though, is the best way to go, though, we can dream, and we can wish, and we can write about love .... at least from a safe distance. :) Nice write, deep and with a lot of meaning.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Carolann Dowsett

7 Years Ago

Well I think my path has been slightly different from yours so I will hesitate for as long as it tak.. read more
Richard Man

7 Years Ago

Fair deal. Take your time. Once bitten twice shy. Like falling of a horse.
Carolann Dowsett

7 Years Ago

True :) But if it had been once bitten I'd probably be ok but when you've been attacked numerous tim.. read more


Finding love is hitting on 100 girls, getting dates with ten of them, having sex with five of them, breaking up with all of them then meeting the sweetest girl in the world at the laundromat.

Posted 6 Years Ago

so true how many look for love thinking to find it in a bar or some obscure just is....enjoyed your advice..good read

Posted 6 Years Ago

oh, yes

Posted 6 Years Ago

I agree, love is not something you stumble across. You may turn around one day and find it there for you in another's eyes.. Chances are it has been there for some time, you just weren't paying attention. Love has to be nurtured and grown in any relationship. To find it, you have to be willing to open up and give it.

I really like the message here within the words. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Good words to live by...Ive only been married once so I don't have much experience in the love department ha..being married at only nineteen. I enjoyed...SyberRose

Posted 6 Years Ago

I never gave so much thought to the art of love. It either happened or not.I must say most of the time it ended badly though.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Hmm I very much agree.

Posted 6 Years Ago

"Love is not out there like a pot-hole,

A cliff or a treasure chest to be wary of

Lest you fall in or off or over it.

It isn’t supposed to be...

Either a lottery

Or your destiny. Love just is.

Get on with living that’s what love’s about."

GODDAMN. You're so right.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Love is never this way. Poets always romanticize love. It's never pretty. It always end in despair. Either way, a good right.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Richard Man

7 Years Ago

Oh you are soooo dooooom laden. Open up, Open heart,Open eyes, open arms Open mind, open mouth and .. read more
Geon Quuin

7 Years Ago

I always open my flies. I make her spread her legs wide. I like it when she opens her mouth. I like .. read more

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Richard Man
Richard Man

Bodmin, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Teacher, actor (street, stage, film and voice, impro and scripted), security guard , detective, mathematician, writer (obviously), poet, restaurateur. I speak quite a lot of french and a bit less Span.. more..

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